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19 Fun DIY Valentine’s Cards Kids Can Make

Valentine’s day is coming up quickly! If your kiddo loves to craft then why not have them make DIY Valentine’s Day cards this year for their loved ones and friends. So many fun and adorable options to choose from! All of these cards are affordable and easy to make. Most cards require minimal supplies and no crafting experience necessary. There are options for individual cards as well as printable options that are perfect for a classroom gift. We hope you find what you’re looking for in our list of 19 DIY Valentine’s Day Cards kids can make themselves. Happy Valentine’s Day and happy crafting! 

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Enjoy our Best Homemade Valentine Cards for Kids to Make


Valentine’s Day Owl Craft

This Valentine’s Day owl craft makes a perfect card. It’s easy to make and turns out adorable. All you need to create this cute Owl card is cardstock, and some basic office supplies! This card is perfect for your owl loving friend or family member and comes together in no time. 

Play-Doh Valentine Cards

A perfect DIY card for your child’s classmates. Afterall what kid doesn’t love to play with play-doh? Play-doh cards are so easy. Simply print out the free printable, grab some play-doh, and add a sweet treat to the top. Great option for a quick, easy, and thoughtful gift for the class. 

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Unicorn Valentine Card Craft 

Ready to add a sprinkle of magic to your child’s Valentine’s Day? This Unicorn Valentine Card Craft is just the thing! It’s simple and fun to make! The template included in the post and minimal supplies are needed!

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Magic Erupting Color Reveal Science Valentine’s

Perfect for science lovers. Your kids can create these Magic Erupting Color Reveal Science Valentine’s for their classroom friends this year. Such an unique and easy Valentine idea that your child will love to. Only a few simple materials are required, most you probably already have! 

Llama Valentine Card Craft

This Llama Valentine Card Craft is an absolute delight and packs in a whole lot of fun. Let your kids transform simple pink paper into a lovable llama face! After all, who doesn’t love a Llama! 

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Turtle Valentine Card Craft

Let someone special know they’re “turtley” awesome with this cute turtle Valentine card craft. Personalize it by using any color you’d like! Template included in the post, Your child will love putting this one together. 

Printable Coloring Valentine’s Day Cards

Homemade Valentine’s are the best! These Printable Coloring cards are no exception. Let your child color their own cards or print, pass them out to friends and let them color! Add a small pack of crayons for a perfect classroom Valentine’s day gift this year. 

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Printable Race Car Valentine’s

A heart racing Valentine’s perfect for car loving kiddos. These printable Race Car Valentine’s are such a cute way to tell someone you’re thinking of them. Easy to make and relatively cheap. Simply print out the card included and grab some cars to add to the top! 

Stamped Heart Flower Card

Low on time but still want to make cute Valentine’s this year? These Stamped Heart Flower cards are simple and easy for your kid to create all on their own. You just need a few supplies all of which you can find at your house! Perfect for younger children!

Wool Be My Valentine

This Wool You Be My Valentine card is perfect for preschoolers and so much fun to give to friends. You can use pom poms, cotton balls, dot stickers, or dot markers on it!

3D Heart Gnome Valentine’s 

Love Gnomes? Who doesn’t? A 3D card has never been easier to make and so adorable. Your kids will love making these 3D Heart Gnome Valentine’s

Printable Lego Valentine’s

Add a bit of STEAM fun to this super easy pop up heart card project! We show you the basics and you can decorate and customize as much as you wish!

Easy Heart Pop Up Cards

Pop up cards are so fun and cute, especially when they are easy to make! And are so easy! These Heart Pop Up cards are easy enough for your kiddo to do mostly on their own! 

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Hand Stitched Valentine’s Cards

Adorable and unique, these Hand Stitched Valentine’s Cards are a great way for your child to show their love for their loved ones this Valentine’s season. Only a few materials needed, most of which you likely have on hand already! It’s also a fun activity to keep them busy!

Zoo Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

These are a great option for a last minute Valentine’s Day card. Zoo Printable Cards are so simple. All you need to do is print out the free template, grab some cute zoo animals and attach them to the card. It doesn’t get any easier than that! 

Nature Valentine’s Day Card

If your child loves collecting leaves, then this Nature Valentine’s Day card is a great option for them to make this year. So cute, unique, and thoughtful your kiddo will have a blast creating this masterpiece. Not to mention, it will get them outside for a little bit.

Printable Love Cards

So simple yet so adorable, these Printable Love Cards are perfect for anyone. Your child will love coloring and getting creative making this card. It’s nice because there are three different versions to choose from.

Squishy Valentine’s Day Cards

Squishies are so adorable and oh so popular. Squishy Valentine’s Day cards are just so…well squishy! Print the free printable grab some squishies and your kiddo has a card their friends will surely love! They also have these little toys at the dollar store sometimes.

Excavator Valentine’s Day Card

This Excavator Valentine’s Day card will scoop up all the love this year! So inexpensive to make and only requires a few materials. Your kids will love making this cute card. 


I hope you and your kids found the inspiration you were looking for in our list of 20 DIY Valentine’s Cards for kids. There are so many options to choose from with something for everyone! Try something new this year and get creative!