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DIY Christmas Gifts That Kids Can Make

DIY Christmas Gifts That Kids Can Make

There really is something special about receiving a homemade gift from a child. If you have an independent kiddo who likes to create things on their own we have you covered. There are so many options out there of gifts for kids to create their own. If you are looking for the perfect gift for that special someone that came from your child you’ve come to the right place. Below is a list of 18 DIY Christmas gifts. There are options for kids of all ages on this list!

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Enjoy our list of the Best homemade Christmas gifts from kids!

Tie Dye Bookmark

This DIY Tie Dye Bookmark is a great gift for that tween in your life to make for that special someone who loves to read! No crafting skills are required for this unique and practical handmade Christmas gift. The best part about it is your tween can do this project almost all without supervision. You probably want to help or at least monitor them with the spray varnish. 

Paper Pulp Pendants 

Paper Pulp Pendants are so simple and inexpensive to make, they can make all of their friends one! Your tween will be able to complete this project mostly on their own. You may need to help on poking the hole but let them get as creative as they’d like mixing colors and using their best friends’ favorite colors! 

Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs are all the rage nowadays. You can’t go wrong giving one of these this Christmas season. Great for your kids to make for their friends or family. Only a few simple supplies are needed. Don’t have heart silicone trays? Not to worry any silicone tray will do the trick! These would pair perfectly in a jar with a spa theme.

Hand Drawn Fabric Bag

A Hand Drawn Fabric Bag is a great DIY Christmas gift for older kids to make for a loved one. This tutorial will teach them basic sewing skills. However, if you have smaller children, you could just buy a blank from the craft store and allow them to decorate that one.

Hershey Kiss Christmas Trees

These Hershey Christmas Trees are so adorable, so easy, and oh so delicious. Great for young kids or tweens to make for their teacher or friend this holiday season. Younger children would need help with the hot glue gun and cutting the strips of paper, but a great DIY gift for anyone! 

Hot Chocolate Reindeer

Hot Chocolate Reindeer make a perfect gift for your child’s friends or classmates. Super simple to put together and inexpensive. Easy enough for your young ones to put together mostly themselves. My favorite part is that these are budget friendly and are great gifts for just about anyone. You could also pair it with a festive mug.

Waterless Snow Globes

What an adorable DIY Christmas gift to make with your kiddo this year. Waterless Snow Globes are so fun to make and very easy so your kids can help or even make it on their own! These make awesome gifts for teachers and family members as a nice keepsake.

Snowman Ornament

Easy to make and adorable, your kids will love putting together these Snowman Ornaments this year. A perfect ornament for that special someone. These ornaments also make great additions to the top of a gift. Only a few simple supplies are required and zero crafting experience is necessary. Great for a tween to make on their own and younger kids can make with a little help. 

Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees

Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees are a perfect DIY Christmas gift for your child’s grandparents or teacher this holiday season. With some help, your kiddos will love decorating and personalizing popsicle trees. Add whatever details you’d like using the supplies you already have on hand.

Pinecone Christmas Tree

I LOVE these Pinecone Christmas Trees. They are so festive and so cute they would look great on your holiday table this season. Minimal supplies needed to put together these trees. Tweens would be great at making these trees. Younger kids would need a little supervision, because after all they are prickly on the ends.

Popsicle Stick Gingerbread House

If you love Gingerbread Houses but hate the mess, these Popsicle Stick Gingerbread Houses are a perfect DIY gift for your child to make this year. These are great for kids of all ages. Prep the sticks with paint and put them together for even younger kids to be able to decorate with stickers, glitter, and decorations. Add some twine to the back to turn them into an ornament for your tree or a grandparents’ tree. 

Christmas Cookies in a Jar

Who doesn’t love Christmas cookies? Christmas Cookies in a Jar makes the perfect gift for anyone. Using different ribbons helps to jazz up the outside. I would recommend printing the recipe on a card or gift tag and attach it.

Handprint Fingerprint Tree Art

Handprint Fingerprint Tree Art makes the perfect DIY gift for your kids to give to their loved ones this year. Even older kids enjoy making their own version.

Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders

I love practical gifts. These Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders are no exception. You can make any shape you would like, as long as you have a cookie cutter for it. They can be used as ornaments through the holiday season, then hang in a tree outside so the birds can feed.

Kid Made Dish Towels

Kid Made Dish Towels are so simple and are great for any age. Younger kids might need help tracing the shape on contact paper but after you put it on the towel, your kids can do it on their own! Grandparents and teachers will love this little keepsake.

Homemade Trivets 

Homemade Trivets are a great DIY Christmas gift that your tween can make on their own, younger kids will need a little help. Personalize with any color you’d like, but they say chunky yarn works the best, and you have a perfect practical gift this holiday season. 

No Sew Fleece Scarf

This scarf is SO adorable and so simple to make. No crafting skills or sewing required. All you need for this No Sew Fleece Scarf is fleece, a circle pattern, and some scissors. These would be perfect for kids to make for their classmates, using a variety of fabric.

We hope that our list has inspired you or better yet your child to make a perfect gift for that special someone this holiday season.

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