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19 Fun and Festive Christmas Treats for Toddlers

Toddlers love to help when it comes to making Christmas goodies, but not all recipes are fitting for little hands. Today that changes! Not only will they love biting into these fun and festive Christmas treats, but they are simple enough that little ones can pitch in! 

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As a child, some of my favorite memories were helping my mom in the kitchen. Now that I am a mom myself, I see how much more work it is to let the kiddos help. Most of the time there are extra messes to clean and they need constant supervision. But when you make simple holiday treats letting them help is not nearly as stressful!

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Enjoy our list of the Best Christmas Treat Ideas for Toddlers!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Easy Brownie Christmas Trees Recipe

Mix up your favorite store-bought brownie mix and turn them into Christmas trees. Cut them into triangles once they are finished baking and let the kids pipe the frosting on and decorate with sprinkles. 

Christmas Pretzels

They make some of the best holiday snacks and you can give them as gifts. The pretzels are so dainty (and Pinterest-worthy) with the sprinkles and decorations in the middle.

You can make these as simple or as complex as you like. Place the pretzel rings on a baking sheet, then pipe the melted chocolate in the middle. Adding the embellishments is the best part! 

Decorated Grinch Cookies

After you watch the classic movies, extend the fun by making these cookies! You can pipe the Grinch face on with icing, or just let the kids pipe the icing and add sprinkles.

Short on time? Buy pre-made soft sugar cookies, slice them into rectangles, then decorate. 

Christmas Ritz Cracker Cookies

These are probably some of my favorite holiday goodies! Slather the crackers with peanut butter and top with another Ritz.

Dip into milk and white chocolate, then finish them off with more chocolate decorations and sprinkles. 

Reindeer Cookies

Making cookies like these is simple for younger kids.

Let them smear chocolate onto a graham cracker. Then they add the reindeer face and place two Teddy Grahams for antlers.

Christmas Trail Mix

Crank the Christmas music up as the kids make their own holiday trail mix. No fancy techniques are involved.

Simply add all of the ingredients to a bowl and mix. To make serving easier, portion out in plastic bags for later. 

Christmas Rice Krispies Treats Wreath

This wreath is a must-make! It’s absolutely beautiful sitting on your dessert table, but easy enough that little ones can help.

Basically, you make a traditional batch, add green food coloring, then transfer it to a bundt pan for the wreath shape. Easy peezy! 

Seuss Green Hot Chocolate Bombs

These Dr. Seuss Green Hot Chocolate Bombs are perfect for a Grinch party! They are a little more intricate to make, so kids will need more help from parents.

Just wait until you see their face when they dissolve in a warm glass of milk! 

No-Bake Avalanche Cookies

When you are running low on time (and patience) you need a quick no-bake option!

Ready in just 15 minutes and they are made with only 5 ingredients. 

Reindeer Christmas Rice Krispie Treats Recipe

It’s amazing what you can turn the average Rice Krispie into. After you’ve mixed the ingredients and cut them into triangles the kids can go to town decorating.

For the antlers use store-bought chocolate-dipped pretzels (the easy way) or dip your own. Candies are used for the face, but you could also pipe it with frosting. 

Gingerbread Cookie Recipe | Fun & Festive

Capture the holiday atmosphere with this recipe for gingerbread cookies. They’re crisp on the outside, chewy in the middle + perfect for decorating.

Stock up on Christmas cookie cutters so your family can make different shapes! 

Easy Meringue Recipe For Cookies Or Pops

This recipe is perfect, especially for younger kids. Once you have the meringue mixed and in a piping bag, they can pipe whatever they would like!

You can use this recipe to make cookies or pops. For the pops, you will need popsicle or lollipop sticks, and the recipe itself only calls for 3 ingredients! 

Christmas Tree Cake Dip

Warning, this dip is delicious and addicting! It’s also super easy to make.

All you need is Christmas tree cakes, cool whip, vanilla, and sprinkles. Once the cakes are cut into pieces, the kids can do the rest!  

Candy Cane Reindeer Pops

Reindeer peppermint pops are super cute and fun to make. Lay out mini candy canes on a baking sheet. Spoon or pipe melted chocolate to fill the center.

Before the chocolate dries, add the candies for the face. Once they have set just attach the stick with a tad more melted chocolate. 

Paintbrush Cookies

These are a two for one and can count for craft time! After you guys bake the cookies and they cool, you’ll make “paint” from egg yolks!

How cool is that? Have endless fun when you use different cookie cutters for the shapes. Technically you could make these year-round if you want! 

Reindeer Chow: Christmas Chex Muddy Buddies

Make Christmas Eve magical! After you finish and the kids have a few handfuls, let them sprinkle some in the yard for the reindeer!

You’ll need Chex cereal, chocolate chips, butter, peanut butter, powdered sugar, and holiday m&ms. This chow is ready in just a few minutes! 

Christmas Pretzel Kisses: Quick, Easy, & Delicious

Sweet and salty always make the best combo! Have toddlers lay out the pretzels on a baking sheet topped with a Hershey’s kiss.

Bake for a couple of minutes. Then once they are out, top with an m&m. 

Easy Rudolph Red Nose Treats | Christmas Donut Holes

Turn a simple donut hole into a festive treat with pretzels, icing, and candy eyes! Kids will have a blast decorating.

This recipe is easy and perfect when you are watching holiday movies! You could also send these to school. 

Candy Cane Cookies

Even if the kids aren’t in love with the peppermint flavor, these cookies are still fun to make. You can show them off at a holiday party where guests will go crazy.

The only downside is the dough has to be chilled for 4 hours so when you twist it together it stays.


I am so excited to make these Christmas treats with our kids! They are easy, fun, and festive!


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