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27 Underrated Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandpa

Christmas is right around the corner. Have you got a grandpa that deserves a pretty special gift but struggling to come up with the perfect one? No worries, we’ve got you covered. We’ve come up with a list of ideas, subscriptions and Etsy gifts to help you out. 

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The Best Gift Ideas For Grandpas for Christmas

Electric Blanket 

Keep grandpa warm this winter with an electric blanket. With 10 heating levels and a timer that goes from 1 to 12 hours you won’t have to worry about him being cold. Available in multiple sizes, from a throw size all the way to a king size! 


Warm your grandpa’s toes this holiday season with a new pair of anti-slip slippers. With indoor/outdoor soles the grip is perfect for wet tiles and will not scratch the floor. Available in 5 different colors and multiple sizes. 

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If your grandpa goes to your outdoor sporting events, loves to get his daily walk in, or simply gets cold indoors, hand warmers are a perfect Christmas gift for him this year. These USB hand warmers are the gift that keeps on giving with their rechargeable batteries. With three speeds, they can warm up quickly and last for up to 15 hours. They come in four different color options. 

Electric Blower

Light weight, compact, and cordless, the perfect gift for your outdoor loving grandpa is this electric blower. A great way to clean up leaves, sidewalks, patios and decks. 

Coffee Mug with Warmer

This warmer allows you to heat your coffee from 140-150 degrees. Three different temperature settings keeping your coffee warm for three and a half hours. Available in six different colors and three different sizes, you’ll be sure to find the perfect mug and mug warmer for your grandpa this Christmas. 

Tackle Box 

Waterproof and airtight, this tackle box is just what your grandpa needs this holiday. Available in five configurations you can choose the one that’s right for his needs. Adjustable dividers allow him to choose the perfect layout for his lures and weights.

Legacy Journal

Help Grandpa keep track of his legacy with this memory keepsake journal. This legacy journal includes specific sections and writing prompts to help him record the most special times in his life for his whole family to enjoy. 

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Amazon Alexa 

With this Amazon Alexa, your grandpa can listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and play music throughout his home. With smart technology you can help your grandpa attach his other home devices to his Alexa to make his home more comfortable. 

Digital Photo Frame 

Your grandpa can stay connected to you and your family members with this digital photo frame. Near or far you and the members of your family can share your memories instantly using the Frameo app. 

My Ancestry 

Gramps will love the gift of his family tree and learning more about his family roots.

Personalized Family Calendar 

A great way for grandpa to keep track of family birthdays with this personalized family calendar. Easy to hang and assemble. 

Bird Feeder 

Bring the joy of birds to your grandpa this Christmas with the gift of a bird feeder. Easy to fill and hang and comes equipped with an inclined roof to protect the birds from the rain and sun.  

Smart Watch 

Help your Grandpa get his steps in with a smart watch. With a waterproof touch screen, your grandpa can even shower and swim with his watch on. Multiple color options are available. 

Golf Club

This golf club is a great way to get grandpa outside. Perfect for bucket golf or hitting balls in the backyard or at a park. 

BBQ Set 

Grandpa loves to grill? Then he will love this BBQ grill set this Christmas. Super strong and durable, these tools are made from professional grade stainless steel and are heat resistant. 

Tile Mate

Give the gift of finding things this Christmas with this tile mate. Perfect for locating keys or phones. 


Puzzles have many benefits such as improving memory and mood among other things. Not only will he enjoy putting it together, but you could also find one of a memorable place that he could frame when finished.

Subscription Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandpas

If you want a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year, a subscription box is a great idea! 

Grandbox Care Package

Show grandpa how much you love him with a monthly subscription box filled with his favorite items! 

Games World of Puzzles Magazine

Puzzles are a great way to strengthen and improve memory skills. A subscription to a magazine of puzzles never goes out of style. ! 


The Teabox is the perfect subscription gift for your Grandpa if he is a tea connoisseur.

Food Journey Around the World

If your Grandpa loves to travel but just can’t for whatever reason, you can still gift him with a delicious experience with this food journey around the world subscription. This is also great for the foodie who likes to try new things.

Jackie’s Chocolate

For the gramps with the sweet tooth, Jackie’s chocolate subscription box is perfect for him. So many options, even sugar free! 

Personalized Etsy Gifts for Grandpa for Christmas

Looking for something a little more personal? A personalized gift from Etsy would be a great option! 

Personalized Wooden Cutting Board

He will love this personalized cutting board that is available in multiple types of wood. Isn’t the saying so perfect for grandpas?

Personalized Grandpa Mug

Personalize size, color, and number of grandchildren with this adorable custom mug

Personalized Key Chain

This stainless steel key chain is a thoughtful and practical gif for Grandpa this year. Choose to add a charm with a name on it to personalize it! 

Personalized Story Book

A great gift from those younger grandkids this year at Christmas. Grandpa will treasure this personalized story book for years to come. 

Personalized Screw Driver

If you’ve got a grandpa that is handy then this gift is a great option for him! Select to customize one to four sides of this adorable screw driver. 

We hope that our list of ideas has helped you pick out the perfect Christmas gift for that special grandpa in your life.