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24 Unique Christmas Gifts For The Dad Who Has Everything

24 Unique Christmas Gifts For The Dad Who Has Everything

When it comes to receiving gifts and tokens of appreciation, it can be SO HARD to find something for dads for Christmas!

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Every time you have a conversation with your dad around gifts for Christmas, the typical response you get is “I don’t need anything” or “I have everything I need”.

What he means by that is don’t buy me stuff I don’t need or maybe he is truly a dad who has everything and is hard to please.

Whatever the case is, Dad deserves some love!

These thoughtful and unique gifts for dads will certainly serve as a solid reminder that you love him no matter what.

We’ve included things that are unique, practical, necessary or just plain old fun!

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Electronic Laser Lexivon Steel Tape Measure

Give your dad this perfect tool for his next project. This two-in-one device conventional tape measure with a 5-meter-long tape combine with a laser rangefinder that boasts of a 30-meter maximum measuring distance.

It is a perfect gift for a dad who does a lot of handy stuff so he can spend less time getting the job done. This anti-fall tape comes with a nice little instruction manual which is fairly comprehensible. The tape is not easily breakable, can be bent freely, and makes measuring much easier. The large digital display will show clearly visible and precise measurements when the tape measure is extended.

He can check horizontals and verticals quickly with the two-spirit levels. The infrared laser line makes it easy to level everything with a measuring range of up to 30m and an accuracy of 0.001m. It has a rechargeable ion battery with a USB battery charger and a battery time of up to one week.

This handheld tool completes every job with absolute precision and would be the best gift for a dad who wants nothing!

Check it out here.

Mini Chip Bag Sealer

For the snacky dad

Does your dad like to snack? This Mini Chip Bag Sealer is a great gift for him! It doesn’t just reseal chip bags, it also reseals vacuum sealing bags, cookie bags, pet food bags, etc.

Tile Pro

For the forgetful dad

The second product on the list is the Tile Pro Bluetooth tracker. This tiny product has a couple of different primary uses.

If your dad is a bit of scatterbrain, which somehow every dad is, then tile pro is a most thoughtful gift for dads so he’ll have no excuses for leaving things behind. Once he attaches this Bluetooth tracker to his wallet, phone, keys or other easy to lose gadgets, it will help to locate them by making the tile ring within a distance of 400 feet.

The design is pretty straight forward and there is a hole in one corner that can be easily attached to any keychain. Tile pro also works with voice-activated AI systems such as Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

It features a replaceable coin battery which can last up to a year from activation. 

I bought this for my dad last Father’s day and he loves it! He’s a farmer and is constantly misplacing his truck keys because he’s switching vehicles all the time.

Check it out here.

NANAMI Wireless Phone Charger 

This IQ certified wireless charging dock is something your dad would want right next to his chair in the living room. He could place his phone on this wireless while watching TV or reading a book.

It provides 10W fast wireless charging and compatible with all latest iPhones, Samsung series, and all Qi-enabled devices like Google Pixel.

It provides different modes of charging and normally charges at 5W standard rate on any Qi-enabled device, up to 10W on any Samsung phone, and goes up to 7.5W with iPhones. It also works on pretty much every device that has wireless charging.

The charger comes with a type-C charging port design equipped with kinds of cables, one USB C-C type, and one USB type-c cable to cater to different phone users. The multifunctional intelligent protect technology provides surge protection, temperature control, and short-circuit protection.

No more excuses for a dead phone with this one, Dad! Grab it here.

Yeti Travel Mug

For the dad on the go

The yeti rambler is one of the most underrated gifts for a dad who wants nothing.

He can fill this 14-ounce stainless steel rambler with his morning brew after-hours nightcap or mid-day fuel. It comes in a wide range of colors with duracoating which prevents scratching, peeling, chipping, and fading.

It is one of the most over-engineered mugs out there with double-wall vacuum insulation which will maintain his drink’s temperature until the last sip. It has a full-loop Triple Grip handle which can fit wider hands with no trouble and it’s not going to slip out of hands while traveling or jogging. Time to say goodbye to damp or frostbit fingers with no sweat design.

This super heavy-duty mug is best for camping, chilly winter nights or hot summer days. Help your dad keep his beer chill with this yeti mug and he will thank you every time he enjoys a cold brew.

The rambler comes with a 5-year warranty which makes the deal even better.

Grab a YETI rambler here.

Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

For the dad who takes pride in his vehicle

A portable vacuum cleaner would be an awesome Christmas gift for a dad who is hygiene conscious to keep his vehicle clean.

This high power corded handheld vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning the car’s interior without any dry or wet messes, pet hair, cigarette ashes, spilled drinks, and much more.

The ergonomic design helps to get in all the nooks and crannies to get rid of crumbs, dirt, hair, or dust. The transparent container is easy to clean and keeps all the secure trash inside.

It comes with 3 all-purpose nozzles, a special filter cleaning brush, a spare HEPA filter, and a nice bag for storage. It features an LED light that illuminates the trash it picking up.

With that being said, this portable car vacuum cleaner is practically indispensable and would be an awesome gift for Dad.

Wood Phone Docking Station

For the dad who misplaces stuff

If your dad is a pro at misplacing things, this eco-friendly phone docking station made out of ash-tree wood is your best pick. It serves as a phone docking station as well as a key, watch, and sunglasses holder to keep all his daily life essentials organized and easy to find. This sophisticated and sturdy docking station comes in an assembled size of 6x10x7.3”.

The surface has non-toxic protective covering which prevents the wood from all kinds of damages. The smooth and robust finishing will protect the cell phone from scratches.

This beautiful stand compliments both classic and modern interior. It is compatible with all smartphones and features separate compartments for glasses, wallets, watches, documents, bracelets, stationery, keys, etc.

This simplistic multi functional docking station and organizer would be an amazing Christmas gift for a dad who wants nothing to help him keep all his on the go essentials nicely organized in one place and next time he won’t have to turn the whole house upside down just to find his car keys!

Get the wood iPhone docking station here!

First Leaf Wine Club Subscription

For the dad who loves wine

For the dad who loves nothing more than a fine glass of wine. If you are looking for a wine club with a ton of varieties, look no further!

First Leaf Wine Club works directly with all types of vineyards. Their winemakers use grapes of the highest quality from their own farms which is really impressive.

They have a monthly subscription and send him six delicious bottles of wine according to his palate with a minimal shipping fee. If your dad doesn’t like a bottle in the package, they will replace it with a bottle of his choice, no questions asked.

In the summertime when he loves cooking on the grill, a glass of wine is a must-have with certain meals.

Get him a month of delicious wines here!

All About My Dad Questionnaire

These All About My Dad printables are easy to download instantly and print yourself. They are great for kids to fill out and end up being so funny! This pack comes with a questionnaire, coloring sheet and portrait space.

Driftaway Coffee Bean Subscription

For the coffee snob dad

If your dad is tired of drinking the same old sludge every single morning, get him a Driftaway Coffee Bean Subscription.

He will find the right brew for his palette with a weekly or monthly Driftaway coffee bean subscription. Driftaway coffee sells all kinds of whole coffee beans personalized to his taste.

The subscription starts with a top-notch tasting kit of four coffee profiles which can be brewed side by side to see the difference in tastes. The tasting kit has something for everyone and comes with four single-origin coffees that cater to four distinct taste profiles.

It has Fruity light roast, Classic medium roast, Balanced light-medium roast, and Bold- medium-dark roast. Coffee can be brewed by any brewer including espresso machine or Moka pot.

Driftaway’s coffee subscription is a great gift for dads because it can be tailored to match his taste preferences and he can take a quiz about his brewing methods, flavor proclivity, and much more. Through this kit, he can enjoy the aroma and delightful taste of freshly roasted coffee and will discover how coffee can taste different based on where it’s been farmed and how they have been roasted.

The packaging is fully compostable which is another plus point. Driftaway releases fresh coffee every month so your dad will never get bored with the same coffee. He is going to love this gift even if he claims to be a dad who wants nothing. 

The Nomadik Adventure Box

If dad is an adventure lover

This adventure box is ideal for dads who are always a prepared type of guy and like hiking, camping and adventurous stuff. Nomadik will send him this goodie box every month with seven products each.

It has freshly launched outdoor gear along with a monthly adventure challenge. Your dad can design a profile to receive specially curated gear based on his interests and needs.

It includes dry bags, multi-tools, hammocks, solar lights, pocket knives, fuel, and much more valued at $70. Each box comes with a different theme to level up your gear for particular outdoor activities.

This box would be an excellent gift for adventurous dad!

Heated Razor

For the dad who loves a close shave

This is a little bit of an obvious gift but it’s worth including.

Shaving is not necessarily what dads look forward to every morning but Gillette’s heated razor will make his shave a better experience.

This heated razor has a small metal blade on it that warms up to either 113 or 122 degrees in less than a second to give your dad unprecedented comfort with every shave stroke.

The four intelligent heat sensors continuously reheat the warming bar to maintain a safe and consistent temperature. It’s a five-blade cartridges razor for incredible comfort and can turn the shave into an experience for his senses.

The aluminum-zinc handle feels heavy in the hand and feels good while shaving. It is chargeable and he will get up to 6 shaves with a single charge which is not bad. The waterproof design makes it perfect to use in the shower or sink.

This heated razor will make his mornings better than ever with the comfort of hot towel shave at home. 

If dad is already set up with a razor, there are also shaving kits available with brushes, shaving balm, shaving cream and pre-shave oil.

Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper

For the dad who appreciates homemade

Sometimes it’s better to think simple and not try to get too complicated about what to get your dad.

The next gift is pretty much inspired by this idea. If your dad likes enjoying light snacks while watch TV, he will get a kick out of this popcorn maker.

The Whirley popcorn popper makes picture-perfect popcorn much like they sell at the movie theater.

This stovetop popper can make 6 qtrs. in less than 3 minutes which is nearly twice as fast as the stainless-steel pot or oven. It comes with a removable lid for easy cleaning and hardwood handle which doesn’t get hot and helps to keep the hands away from steam or heat. It has 4 steam vents that release steam to keep the popcorn fluffy and crispy.

My husband has been popping popcorn with his Whirley Pop since 1999!

Cuisinart Portable Tabletop Grill

Your grill master dad would love this portable grill. He can tote this grill from one tailgate to the next, which makes it a football season must-have. This petit portable Gourmet Tabletop Gas Grill has a grilling cooking surface of 145-square-inch which allows you to cook a significant amount of food. Your dad can cook 8 steaks, 8 burgers, 6-10 chicken breasts, or 4 pounds of fish.

It features 5,500 BTU stainless steel burners with a 16-ounce LP tank. Moreover, it has a porcelain-enameled grate which will last for a longer period. It has an integrated lid lock to keep the lid secure.

This tiny portable tabletop gas grill is briefcase shaped with handle easy to walk around with and easily foldable aluminum legs. There is leg lock incorporated which keeps the entire grilling area completely secure.

This modish portable tabletop grill comes in three pretty colors and could be the most thoughtful gift for dad.

Meat Smoker

If your dad doesn’t have a meat smoker yet, why not get him one! There are some really inexpensive ones on Amazon. Another option is to round up family members and all pitch in for a really good one.

There is so much you can do with a meat smoker, not to mention all the gifts you can get once he has one.

Here are some ideas if he DOES have one already!

Snack Bowl with Storage

How many times have you gone to eat nuts or cherries and looked around for something to put the shells or pits in? This bowl is a genius idea for snack lovers everywhere! I actually just added this to my cart on Amazon for my husband haha. He’s getting one for Christmas!

Monocular Telescope

Does your dad like to camp, bird watch, go hiking or hunting? He’d probably be into this monocular telescope.

Here are the specs:

  • WIDE-ANGLE AND HD VIEW- High quality precision design featuring all glass high end optics, (FMC Superior BAK-4 Green Film Prism), The High Power monocular telescope provides 8X magnification with 42mm objective diameter wide lens, 360ft/1000yards of large field of view, let you have the best view in outdoor adventures.
  • LIFE-WATERPROOF, FOGPROOF, DUST-PROOF, SHOCKPROOF- Nitrogen-filled waterproof, This monocular built in lens dust cover can prevent lens from dust/moisture/debris, make sure you see everything in a clear detail. Its rubber finish has shock resistance, durable external protection makes it usable to withstand the tough weather conditions.
  • High Quality- The 8×42 monocular is made of high quality material. Large BAK-4 Prism and FMC Fully Multi-coated Lens Elements strengthen the key function of a monocular. High light transmittance reaches up to 99.9%. Light reflection and minimal distortion, multi coated optics guarantee superior light transmission and brightness. Low-light-level night vision built-in design help you see things in low light.

Grab it here.

52 in 1 Socket Wrench

This socket wrench has a rotating multi-head, it’s amazing. Even if your dad has a ton of tools, I’d bet he doesn’t have this yet! It makes a great addition to any tool set.

Here are all the cool things it does:

  • 52 in 1 Wrench, Multifunction Wrench, Rotating Multi Head, Hex Sleeve Universal Wrench Set
  • SOCKET COMPATIBILITY – Multi-Tooth Bolts, Hexagonal, 12 Point, Torx, Square Damaged Bolts and Any Size Standard or Metric 8mm, 10mm, 11mm, 13mm (1/2″). Etchings to show the appropriate sizes.
  • Portable This universal wrench with compact design and light weight allows you to carry it with you instead of carrying a set of wrenches of different sizes
  • With a soft, non-slip silicone handle, it is comfortable to grip, ideal for long-lasting work
  • VERSATILE Thick, heavy duty, designed to handle all your projects around the home, business, or work

Check it out here.

Magnetic Levitating Globe

Get dad a cool tech gift with this magnetic levitating globe! The globe floats in midair from the magnets. Once you spin it, it will continue spinning for 20 minutes by itself.

Fidget Pen

This fidget pen is so cool– you can move it to make a variety or shapes like a sword, chair, puppy and many more. Dad won’t get bored at work anymore!

Multi-Plug Wall Outlet

Cut out the middle man with this multi-plug wall outlet! No need to search for adapters to plug things in, this has 2 USB charging ports and a USB C for good measure. Plus 5 outlets for regular plugs!

Here are the specs:

  • 9 IN 1 USB Wall Outlet– You get 4 USB charging ports (1 USB C) and 5 wide-spaced outlets; 3 side design plug extender provides large space; LED night light around the edge of the outlet extender makes life more convenient; removable screw and the plastic prong make it firmly attached to the outlets
  • Smart & Soft Night Light– Dusk-To-Dawn sensor, automatically turns on only when ambient lighting becomes insufficient. The night light is soft, warm and comfortable, great for bedroom, bathroom, nursery, hallway, kitchen and more (PS: If it doesn’t auto turn on when the light is dim or you don’t need the night light, you can touch the Sensor Switch to turn the light ON or OFF)
  • Double Stability & Wide Space– The screw included can be used to secure it on duplex outlet. The plastic prong at the back is for stable purposes also. For USB receptacle and GFCI outlet, the plastic prong needs to be cut off before use. 3-sided design and 1.7 inches large space between 5 sockets make it easier to use for all kinds of equipment

Get it here.

Rechargeable Beanie Flashlight

Dad never has to worry about stumbling around in the dark again with this flashlight beanie. And the best part is that it’s rechargeable!

Portable Espresso Machine

This manual espresso machine is really neat. There are no batteries or power needed. It’s all manual which makes it ideal for camping or traveling.

It makes the perfect espresso every time.

Self Heating Coffee Mug

Dad never has to drink cold coffee again! Nor will he have to burn his mouth on scalding coffee. This self heating mug keeps your preferred drink the exact right temperature!

I really hope you found something perfect for the dad on your list- whether that’s useful or just something he’d really appreciate. Good luck!

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