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14 Caterpillar Crafts for Toddlers

Caterpillar crafts are so much fun to make! You can create these crafts with your toddler to celebrate spring, when talking about butterflies, or just for entertainment! We all know the famous Hungry Caterpillar book, which would go great with any of these activities.

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Cute Caterpillar Coloring Pages for Kids

While these may look like your standard coloring pages you can always jazz them up with your leftover craft supplies. Let the little ones paint or color part of the scene, then use jewels or pom-poms to make the caterpillars stand out. I love this activity because you can use anything you have on hand to get creative. 

Thumbprint Caterpillar

Toddlers will dip their little thumbs in green paint to make the caterpillar’s body. Then you will need just a little red for its head. Have them color the leaf printable then draw on the legs! This craft is simple and doesn’t take much time at all! 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Footprint Craft

This is such a cute keepsake! Dip their feet into different shades of green paint to make the body. Then the head will be made from red paint. You can even let them paint the sunshine and grass with the leftover supplies.

Paper Plate Caterpillars

To make two caterpillars, you’ll need just one plate. The best to use are those cheap little white plates with the rippled edges. Once you have the plate cut into two sections, kids can color and decorate. Then you’ll cut a circle out of the middle of the plate for the head and attach pipe cleaners for the antennas. This is another simple craft that doesn’t take long to create. To get ahead of things you pre-cut the caterpillars, which is a good idea if you are in a classroom setting.

Cupcake Liner The Very Hungry Caterpillar Craft

The concept of this craft is so cool! You’ll use cupcake liners to make the caterpillar first. As you read the story and come to the part of the butterfly, show toddlers how to rearrange the liners into a butterfly shape. Then use a popsicle stick for the middle (body).

Very Hungry Caterpillar Sensory Bin

Even though this is a sensory bin activity I had to include in! You will fill a clear tub with green lentils, dried peas, and chickpeas. Place a few small bowls in the shape of a caterpillar. Then toddlers use a measuring spoon to fill the back bowls with green and the front one with red for the head. I would definitely use this craft alongside of the book. 

Easy Pom Pom Caterpillar Craft

While this one is super simple, these little caterpillars sure look cute with their googly eyes! For the leaf, you will fold a sheet of green paper and cut it out. The tutorial uses a hole puncher to make holes, so it looks like the caterpillar is eating. Then glue the pom-poms together and attach the eyes. 

Cute Caterpillar Craft (With Free Template!)

All you’ll need here is the downloadable template, paper, scissors,glue, and a popsicle stick. Once you have the pieces cut out, kids can glue them together and attach it to the stick. Use different colored paper so they can make a variety of little caterpillars! 

Pom Pom Caterpillar Craft

Instead of gluing the caterpillar onto a leaf, this time kids can tote these around! They are made with larger pom-poms and have pipe cleaners for legs. These are really cute and toddlers like the idea they can carry around their “artwork”.

Coiled Cardboard Tube Caterpillar

Kids may need a little help with this one, but it’s great for recycling toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Once you paint the outside whatever color you choose, you’ll cut the tube so you can pull it apart. Similar to a slinky. Then you attach a really big pom pom for its head along with 2 eyes. The legs are made out of smaller pom-poms and are glued to the roll.

Egg Carton Caterpillar

Ready to use some of those egg cartons you’ve been holding on to? You’ll cut one carton down the center, so technically you will make two caterpillars. Then paint the bodies with shades of green. The first egg holder will be red. Glue on the eyes or paint them if you don;t have the other kind on hand. Make the antennas from pipe cleaners, and ta-da! 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Craft Using Sponge Painting

Have some old cheap sponges you aren’t using? Cut circles out of those and allow toddlers to dip them into paint to make a caterpillar! If you want something a little less messy you can use the circular sponge brushes that have the handle they can hold on to. 

3D Paper Caterpillar Craft with Template

When you look at the pictures of this craft, it may look a little intimidating, but it’s super easy and fun. Younger kids will probably need a little help. One thing I love is that the template has dotted lines to follow for cutting, so print out some extra so the kids can get a little extra practice in. Once all the pieces are cut, fold those over and attach to the flaps. This is what gives the 3d look. If your little one is into bugs and insects, this craft can be used for a shelf sitter year round! 

Very Hungry Caterpillar Pipe Cleaner Craft

This is not your standard pipe cleaner craft! Do your kids eat those applesauces that come in pouches with the larger lids? Save those! The caterpillar’s body is made by stringing those lids on a pipe cleaner (the green ones), then two red ones are added for the head. Once the pipe cleaner is tied off, glue a couple of eyes on. Then you simply twist another pipe cleaner around the top for the antennas. I love this craft, so creative and useful if you have those caps on hand! 

After reading about all of these toddler caterpillar crafts, you may be dreaming of them in your sleep! We hope you enjoy this collection and can make more than one activity!


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