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16 Cute Unicorn Crafts for Kids

Is there anything more magical than unicorns? Bring the magic to life when you make these unicorn crafts for kids! Most are fairly simple and have supply lists that are inexpensive. Before you start making anything, check your craft stash so you can use what you have on hand! 

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Enjoy our list of the Best Unicorn Craft Ideas for Kids!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Paper Plate Unicorn Mask

They made these masks out of paper plates and sticks. Attach a large popsicle stick to the back so kids can hold on to them. These would make great photo props for a unicorn party! Since they are simple to make you can even have craft time during the party and let the little ones make their masks. 

Super Easy Paper Plate Unicorn

For this unicorn craft, the body is created from the rimmed portion of the plate. Then you can draw the feet with a marker and decorate the tail. The face is made from cardstock, then glued on the top. This activity is best suited for younger children. 

Rainbow Unicorn Fluffy Slime

It only takes 5 minutes to make fluffy slime that is full of unicorn colors! You’ll need glue, water, borax, shaving cream, and a few different food colorings. If you don’t want to use borax, the tutorials list out substitutions. 

DIY Unicorn Ornaments

Kids will have so much fun making these sparkly Christmas ornaments! They make the horn from modeling clay, where you twist two ropes together. The options are endless when it comes to colors on the inside. Simply use your favorite glitter and floor cleaner to swirl it around. You can decorate the tops of their heads with stickers, pom-poms, jewels or other embellishments. Smaller children may need a little help, but upper elementary students can make these by themselves.

Unicorn Toilet Paper Roll Craft

For these to be made out of toilet paper rolls, they sure are cute! Paint the roll white if it’s not already. Then use bright colored ribbon and curl it for the hair. Attach a few paper or foam flowers with hot glue for the crown. Draw the face and eyelashes using markers. 

Handprint Unicorn Craft For Kids

These little keepsakes are perfect for toddlers. Use the template for the unicorn’s face. Trace their hands and cut them out for the body. Then glue everything together for a simple but sweet unicorn craft. 

Paper Plate Unicorn Face Craft

Here’s another easy craft for younger kids. Use a whole paper plate for the unicorn. Choose different colored pieces of yarn for its hair. You’ll attach a piece of gold glitter cardstock for the horn. Then glue a couple of googly eyes in the center and finish by drawing the face. 

Unicorn Ring Craft

You can definitely use these for a unicorn party for those around 4 and 5 years old. The actual ring part is made from a pipe cleaner. The rest of the unicorn is created from different colored paper. If you use regular glue, it may take a while to dry. So, to expedite the process, I recommend adding a dab of hot glue. 

Unicorn Mini Canvas

I love that kids can keep this little craft in their room once they finish. Grab a couple of the mini square canvas’. Then glue paper or artificial flowers on the top. The ears and horn are made from craft foam, but you could also use paper. Depending on where you purchase the canvas, it may come with a mini display stand that they can keep it on. 

Cute and Playful Unicorn Puppets

Little kids will stay busy for hours once they get these finger puppets made! Across the bottom of the cardstock, you will cut out circles, which is where they will put their fingers through. Then it’s just a matter of gluing the other paper pieces together. Yarn will be used for the hair and tail, the more colors the better! 

DIY Unicorn Necklace Kids Craft

While the supply list is a little more involved with this craft, little girls will love making these with their best friends! They will fill little glass bottles with layers of fine glitter and attach them to a necklace. Such a cute gift idea as well! 

Magical Unicorn Stones

Rock painting is so much fun and it’s actually pretty easy to create a unicorn without expert drawing skills. You need a few flat rocks, if you can’t find these at home, you can pick up a few from the craft store. Once they are painted white with acrylic paint, you’ll tie together and glue a bundle of yarn for the hair. All that’s left is to paint the face, and they are ready to be displayed! 

Watercolor Salt Painting Unicorn Craft for Kids

Kids of all ages can enjoy salt painting! Once you print out the template, you’ll cover the unicorn in glue. Pour salt over the glue so it’s covered well. Then they can use watercolors to finish their masterpiece!

Unicorn Bookmark Craft

This paper craft is cute and simple. It’s great for kids who are already reading books by themselves. Once you have the template downloaded and cut, just glue everything together and attach it to the popsicle stick. 

DIY Unicorn Dreamcatchers 

I’m in love with these dream catchers! Even though they are DIY, they are so beautiful and can be used for room or party decor. You’ll cover a small embroidery hoop with yarn and make a zig-zag pattern through the middle. At the bottom, you tie different yarns and ribbon to hang down. Cover the tops with flowers, ears, and a glitter horn for the final masterpiece! 

DIY Unicorn Notebook

For those who are obsessed with unicorns and are headed back to school, they can decorate their own notebooks. All you have to do is glue the ears and horn towards the top. Then use flower stickers, artificial flowers, or felt flowers for embellishments. These also make cute little gifts for friends that are also inexpensive to make.

We hope we have added a little bit of magic back into your crafting time with this big list of unicorn crafts for kids! Can’t wait to see which is your favorite!


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