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150+ Strong but Elegant Baby Girl Names

So you are expecting a brand new baby girl. You’re looking for a strong name but one with elegance. I have cherry picked over 150 girl names that are classy, but still strong and have deep meanings. 

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Strong and elegant have different meanings to different people. Strong doesn’t necessarily have to reflect physical and mental strength but something greater! When I think of elegance, I think of lady-like, royalty, and proper etiquette. You know, sometimes you just hear someone’s name and think “oh, that’s fancy.” These are all things I had in mind as I was choosing names.

Best Elegant yet Strong Girl Names:

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Amara (grace) Latin Amari (eternal) Hebrew – Some consider Amari as the masculine form, but with a different meaning we wanted to include it just in case.

Annabeth (full of grace, my God is an oath) English – alternative to Annabel

Arielle (lion of God) Hebrew – you may recognize this name from the Little Mermaid.

Brigitte (strong) Irish – a classic name that was popular in the 1950s.

Caterina (pure) Italian –  this is the Italian variation of Katherine. Italians consider this name an elegant twist. 

Cora (beloved, maiden) French, Greek – originally old fashioned, but has made a comeback with a more modern and contemporary feel.

Diana (divine) Latin – popularly associated with Princess Diana.

Eleanor (bright, shining one) French, Greek – variation of Hellen and Ellen.

Evelyn (desired) English, French, German – derived from the French name Aveline. Other variations include Evalyn, Evelin, and Eveline.

Francesca (free) Latin – the more classic version would be Frances

Ilsa (noble, pledged to God) German, Spanish, Dutch – the German variation is Elizabeth

Judith (praised) Hebrew  – some may choose Judy as a nickname

Rosaline (tender, soft) English – Rose is a common nickname

Simone (God had heard) Greek, French 

Tally (gentle dew from Heaven) Hebrew – derivative from Talia

Strong and Elegant Baby Girls Names A – J

Ada (nobility) German

Adela (noble, serene) German

Adelaide (nobility) Old German 

Adele (noble) German

Alessandra (defender of mankind) Greek 

Alessia (defending warrior) Italian

Alexandra (one who comes to save warriors) Greek

Alexandria (defender of the people) Greek 

Amarilla (shiny, sparkling) Greek

Ambrosia (immortality) Greek

Angelica (messenger of God) Latin

Anita (gracious, merciful) Hebrew

Annabelle (loving) French

Annalisa (graced with God’s bounty) Latin

Annamaria (bitter grace) German

Annette (gracious, merciful) French

Antoinette (highly praiseworthy) French

Ariella (lion of God) Hebrew 

Audrey (noble, strength) English

Audrina (noble strength) English

Aurelia (the golden one) Latin

Bea (bringer of happiness) American

Beatrice (she who brings happiness, blessed) Latin

Belisama (strong, bright) Gaul 

Belle (beautiful) Spanish 

Bianca (fair) Italian 

Blythe (joyus) Old English 

Bree (power) Irish

Briana (noble, honorable) Old English

Camilla (the perfect one) Arabic

Carina (dear little one) Italian

Carla (warrior) German

Caroline (free, beautiful woman) Latin

Cassandra (to excel, to shine) Greek

Catiana (blessed, pure, holy) French

Celine (heavenly) Latin 

Charlotte (little and womanly) French 

Claire (clear, bright) French

Clarice (famous, clear, bright) English

Clementine (merciful) French, Latin

Colette (people of victory) French

Cordelia (heart) Latin

Cosette (people of victory) French

Daisy (day’s eye) English

Dawn (sunrise) English

Delilah (delicate) Hebrew, Arabic

Diane (divine) French

Dinah (judged, vindicated) Hebrew

Donatella (gift) Italian 

Edith (blessed) English

Elizabeth (God’s oath) Hebrew 

Eloise (famous warrior) French 

Emma (universal) Germanic

Erica (mighty) Swedish, Nordic

Erinna (hero) Greek

Esme (beloved) French

Estella (star) Latin

Eva (life) Latin, Hebrew

Evangeline (messenger of good news) Greek

Evelina (desired) Latin

Felicity (good fortune, happy) Latin

Fiona (fair) Scottish

Florence (blooming, flourishing) Latin

Floriana (blooming, flourishing) Latin

Freja (lady) Old Norse

Gabela (confident woman) Canadian 

Giovanna (gracious gift from God) Hebrew 

Grace (God’s grace) Latin 

Gracie (blessing) Latin

Gwyneth (happiness) Welsh 

Harriet (home ruler) English, French

Helena (torch; shining light) Greek

Hera (protectress) Greek

Hildegard (warrior) German

Ingrid (beautiful) Scandinavian

Irene (peace) Greek

Isabel (God is my oath) Spanish

Jara (fierce) Slavic

Jasira (bold, courageous) Arabic, Muslim

Jasmine (gift from God) Persian 

Jemima (dove) Hebrew

Jenica (God’s gracious gift) Romanian

Strong But Elegant Baby Girl Names K – Z

Katherine (pure) Greek 

Kendra (born of fire) Old English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, and Gaelic

Lauren (wisdom) French 

Lenna (strength of a lion) Old German

Leola (loyal as a lion) Italian, Latin

Liliana (innocence, purity, beauty) Latin 

Lorna (victory) Scottish 

Louise (warrior) Old German 

Lucia (light) Spanish, Italian

Lucille (of the light) French 

Lucinda (bringer of light) Latin 

Lydia (beautiful one) Greek 

Margot (child of light) Persian, Irish, Latin

Maria (love) Egyptian

Mary (beloved) Egyptian

Marilyn (beloved) English

Matilda (battle maiden) German 

Meja (strength) Swedish

Meredith (great ruler) Welsh 

Mildred (gentle strength) Old English

Mirabella (wonderful) Latin 

Nancy (grace) English

Naomi (pleasantness) Hebrew

Natasha (born on Christmas day) Russian

Nicole (people of victory) French, Greek

Noelle (noel) French

Nora (light) French 

Ophelia (aid, benefit) Greek

Patsy (noble) English

Persephone (bringer of destruction) Greek 

Petra (rock) Greek

Phoebe (radiant, shining one) Greek

Ramon (wise protector) Spanish, Old German 

Ramona (Spanish), meaning “council of protection”.

Rebecca (captivating) Hebrew

Reese (fiery, ardent) Welsh

Renata (born again) Latin 

Reina (queen) Spanish

Rhianna (great queen) Welsh 

Romie (she who gathers) Swedish

Rosalind (pretty rose) Latin

Rosalie (rose) French, German, Dutch 

Rosea (she who discovers the soul of others) Swedish

Ruby (precious gemstone) Latin precious gemstone”.

Ruth (friend) Hebrew

Salma (safe) Arabic

Samara (protected by God) Arabic 

Sandra (defender of the people) Greek, English

Sasha (defender of mankind) Slavic, Greek 

Serafina (fiery) Italian 

Shanti (peace) Hindi, Sanskrit

Sonia (wisdom) Greek, Russian 

Sophia, Sophie (wisdom) Greek 

Stella (star) Latin .

Suri (red rose) Persian 

Tabitha (beauty, grace) Hebrew 

Valentina (healthy, strong) Latin 

Valeria (strong, brave, health) Latin 

Veronica (she who brings victory) Greek, Latin 

Victoria (victory) Latin 

Vivienne (alive) Latin 

Wilda (to strive) German 

Wilhelmina (fierce protector) Teutonic 

Willa (resolute protection) German 

Wilma (protection) German

Winifred (blessed peacemaker) Welsh 

Wynette (blessed peacemaking) Welsh 

Xenia (hospitable, welcoming) Greek

Xiomara (ready for battle) Spanish 

Zella (lacking nothing, one who knows the way) African 

With so many wonderful names that are strong but elegant, I don’t know how you will ever choose! One thing is for sure is that your precious bundle of joy will be such a blessing regardless of what her name is!

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