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50 Exotic Baby Girl Names

50 Exotic Baby Girl Names

Choosing a name is the art of creating a masterpiece that is an even balance of being unique and exotic but also being a name that your child will be happy to call their own. When you name your child, you are giving them an identity for the rest of their life so while you may want to choose Cool and Exotic baby girl names, you need to think hard about the name you decide on as it is a big decision. Feminine names that were unusual and exotic generations ago are coming back to make an appearance. 

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The word exotic is derived from meaning “from a distant foreign country”, so therefore all of the names selected have unique and unusual spelling or meanings. Although exotic girl names may sound or look unique to us they can often have profound meaning or be more common in other cultures and in foreign countries. Celebrities started the trend of choosing unusual names in the early 2000s however choosing an unusual name is gaining popularity thus making it harder to find a name for a baby girl that someone doesn’t already have.

I have researched and come up with a selection of 50 of the best Exotic Female Names and found out their meanings to help you make your decision. 


This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.


Izabella is a name of Spanish and Italian Origin. Izabella is a way to make the name Isabella more unique and the meaning of both is “Pledged to God”. 


Cecilia is a name of Latin Origin. Cecilia has a historical past as it was popular during the Middle Ages as it honored Saint Cecilia. The modern day meaning is derived from a Roman Clan Name meaning blind.


Emerson is a name of German Origin. Emerson has become a popular name starting with the letter E, and is known for being a unisex name. Emerson’s meaning refers to being the son/daughter of Emery.


Amaya is a name of Spanish and Japanese Origin. Each origin gives the name Amaya a different meaning. Amaya in Japanese means mother city, the end, or night rain. While in Spanish Amaya refers to the Spanish Mountains and village of Amaya.


Jayla is a name of Hebrew and Greek Origin and was originally spelled Jaalah. Jayla means to ascend, God will protect and heal. 


Nova is a name of Latin Origin. Nova refers to the astronomical term for a star that is new and increases in brightness and then fades.


Leilani is a name of Hawaiian Origin and one of the most popular names in Hawaii. Leilani refers to the heavenly Hawaiian flower and has a connection to leis (the flower garland worn around one’s neck). It is often referred to as meaning the royal child.


Elise is a name of French Origin, however, in Scandinavian countries, it is pronounced Elisa. Both Elisa and Elise mean pledged to god, and both names are on the upward trend.


Athena is a name of Greek Origin. Athena refers to the daughter of the Greek God Zeus and is named after the city of Athens. Athena is the most commonly used goddess name and is known for being intelligent.


Eden is a name of Hebrew origin and is known to be a unisex name. Eden means a place of pleasure or delight. Eden has biblical roots as it refers to the Garden of Eden which was God’s Gift to Adam and Eve who were the first of humankind. 


Adalyn is a name of Hebrew and German Origin. Adalyn means to be noble. Adalyn is a form of Adelaide and is a variant spelling of Adeline.


Everleigh is a name of English Origin and is a variation of the name Everly. Everleigh is on the rise and “leigh” is seen as a more feminine form. Everleigh has a fierce meaning while being girly and means wild boar. 


Ximena is a name of Spanish Origin and is the feminine version of Ximeno which means son. Ximena means daughter. 


Emery is a name of German origin and is similar to Emily and Emma. Emery means industrious. Traditionally used as a surname, Emery can mean to have brave power.


Cobalt is a name of German Origin. Cobalt refers to being a troublemaker, and also means blue. Cobalt refers to colors in the blue family including azure, teal and aqua.


Affinity is a name of English Origin.  Affinity is a twist on a Puritan virtue name. Affinity means to have a strong attraction or liking to something.


Tiril is a name of Norwegian Origin. Tiril refers to Norwegian poetry as is a common girls name in Norway. Tiril means the heroine of a story or the name of a flower. 


Drusilla is a name of Latin Origin. Drusilla traditionally means fruitful, however it also has a historical past of being the name of a descendent from Cleopatra. It is often shortened to the nickname of Dru.


Lyla is a name of Arabic Origin. Lyla means night, and is a variation of Lila, Laila, Layla, and Leila. 


Delilah is a name of  Hebrew and Arabic Origin. Delilah is linked to a biblical image known for being delicate, and feminine. Delilah often refers to the dahlia flower.


Brielle is a name of French Origin. Brielle is the name of a historic Seaport in the Netherlands and is a short form for Gabrielle. Brielle means hunting grounds.


Kinsley is a name of English Origin.  Kinsley is a classy name that is becoming more popular and means the king’s meadow.


Trinity is a name of Latin Origin. Trinity often refers to items in threes and is known as the triad. 


Willow is a name of English Origin. Willow means nature, grace and elegance and refers to the Old English word of welig which means willow tree.


Jasmine is a name of Persian Origin. Jasmine means to be a gift from God, and can refer to the delicate aromatic flower. Jasmine is a name on the rise since it was used as a Disney Princesses Name in the Early 1990s.


Aabriella is a name of French Origin. Aabriella means to be safe, protected and secure in one’s own environment. Aabriella comes from the original name of Abrielle that has biblical roots.


Nayeli is a name of Indigenious Mexican Origin. Nayeli means I love you.


Bahira is a name of Arabic Origin. Bahira means to be dazzling or bright.


Bibyana is a name of Spanish Origin. Bibyana means to be lively. Bibyana is often spelt Bibiana. 


Ceairra is a name of Irish Origin and is a short form variation of Ciara. Ceairra means little dark one and has celtic roots. Ceairra is not very popular and does not fall in the top 1000 baby girls names.


Aria is a name of Italian and Hebrew Origin. Aria means lioness, and can also   refer to a song or melody in music. The name Aria’s literal meaning is Air. Aria can also be spelt Arya commonly when it has an Indian Origin.


Ottilie is a name of German and French Origin. Ottilie was an important name back in the 1800s but is now rarely used. Ottilie means to be prosperous in battle, and often ends in the nickname Tillie. 


Lux is a name of Latin Origin. Lux is a feminine name that means light, and is spelt Luz in Spanish.


Cendrillon is a name of French Origin. In French the name means Cinderella, however in English its meaning is little ashes. It is the perfect whimsical fantasy inspired feminine name.


Elowen is a name of Cornish origin and stresses the middle syllable “low”. You may choose to spell it Elowyn and Elowynn. Elowen means elm. 


Nemy is a name of African Origin. This feminine name means elegant, energetic and friendly in the language of Mende from West Africa. Its english translation means sweet.


Jubilee is a name of Hebrew Origin. The name Jubilees origin comes from the Hebrew word Yobel which is a trumpet made out of a  ram’s horn and is used in celebration.


Sonora is a name of Mexican Origin. Sonora is an unusual differentiation of the original name Sierra. Sonora means pleasant sounding but also refers to a location in Northwest Mexico.


Saskia is a name of Dutch and German Origin. Saskia means the protector of mankind. This name also has a tie to the arts as Rembrandt’s wife’s name was Saskia.


Mattea is a name of Italian and Hebrew Origin. Mattea means a gift from God. This name is very rare.


Ines is a name of Italian, Portuguese and Croatian Origin. Ines has become a popular name in Portugal as it was the name of in the story of lovers Queen Ines and King Peter of Portugal. Ines means to be pure and innocent.


Fleur is a name of French Origin. Fleur has become a popular name in the Netherlands since it translates to flower and Netherlands is home of the tulip and many other flowers.


Solana is a name of Spanish Origin. Solana means sunshine, and a warm bright possibility. This is a very upbeat and inspiring exotic girl’s name. 


Valeria is a name of Latin Origin. Valeria commonly refers to the meaning of health and strength. Valeria also means to be brave and strong.


Lilou is a name of French Origin. Lilou is a combination of Lily and Louise and refers to the Lily flower.


Irina is a name of Greek and Russian Origin. Irina means Peace and is actually the name of a classic Russian ballet.


Romane is a name of French Origin. Romane is the feminine version of the name Roman and has a literary meaning as it is the french word for a novel.


Hilma is a name of German Origin and is often used in Germany and other Scandinavian countries. Hilma is a short form for Wilhelmina and means protective helmet.


Fiadh is a name of Irish Origin. Fiadh means to be wild, and while it is unique to other parts of the world it is very common in Ireland.


Names are an important part of one’s identity and are often one of the first words that children begin to understand as you are always using their name even when they are really little. How others perceive a name also has a large factor on how much your child will like or love their own name as if they are being picked on they may begin to resent the name you have choosen.

 A parents job is not only to pick a beautiful, pretty, and unique exotic childs name but to select a name that will shape the identity of their child in a positive way. There is a lot more to a name then just the name as there is also a meaning attached to every name.

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