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20 Baby Girl Names Meaning “Miracle”

For some parents, having children is a miracle regardless of how they were able to “receive” their baby. It’s also common knowledge that the risk in pregnancy up to the delivery day intensifies and going through giving birth successfully and safely both for the mother and the baby can be seen as a miracle.

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Today, people can go through IVF, surrogation, and adoption to be able to have their own little bundle of joy.  Understandably, parents will want to give their baby a name that resonates with the journey parents and the baby have gone through together. Take a look at this list of baby girl names that mean “miracle”.

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A Greek name that originated from the word “althos” which means “healing”. The name Althea means “blessed with healing abilities”. Giving your baby girl this name doesn’t only give the idea of a “miracle” but also resonates with how her arrival in your life made you believe in a miracle.


Angel is a lovely and timeless name. It means “messenger of God”, choosing such a name really represents a miracle and how precious your baby girl is to you. In some countries, Angel is a unisex name such as in the Latin countries.


This name originated in Latin but also has Dutch roots. It means “she who brings happiness”. Further back, Beatrix is a name that came from the word “viator” which means “voyager or traveler”. There are two versions for you to choose from, each has different pronunciation; Beatrix and Beatrice.


Celeste is derived from the Latin word “caelestis” and it means “heavenly” or “miraculous”. Celesta is the name of the Greek God, Hades’ sister This name is a popular choice in France, Spain, Portugal, and all the way to Latin America. 


This is another French name and it carries the meaning “so long hoped for”, “desired”, and “wished”. This is a perfect name for a baby girl that came into your life in such a miraculous way and timing. There is another version and it’s spelt as “Desirae”


Elsa is undeniably one of the most popular names for baby girls at the moment. You don’t have to name your baby girl from a movie character if you don’t want to. Elsa is a German name, and it means “noble”, “blessed”, or “God is my oath”. You can name your daughter Elisabeth (the Nordic spelling or Elizabeth) and give her the nickname Elsa. 


For parents or babies with Italian roots, the name Gianna is a well-loved name. It is derived from a Hebrew word that means “God’s blessing”. You can then use the name “Gia” as a cute nickname.


Another name that has Hebrew origin, Hannah means “grace” or “blessing”. Hannah was the mother of Samuel from the Old Testament. There are a few variations to choose from Hanna, Hannah (which is a cool palindrome), or Hana.


Ingrid is a feminine Scandinavian name with both Norse and German origins. The name means “blessed with beauty” and is derived from the name “Ingiríðr”. Even today, Ingrid is a popular name in the Nordic region.


With American origin, “precious” is what the name Jada means. It also has an attachment to the stone “jade” and the color green, a great choice of name if the parents love this color and want a unique name to give their baby.


In Hebrew, Jane means “God is merciful” or “God is gracious”. Some studies show Jane has a French origin, which is “Jehanne”. The name Jane reached its peak in the 16th century.


A gender-fluid name, Jesse has a Welsh origin and it means “blessed”. Although in Hebrew, it means “gift from God”. It’s a safe option for a gender-neutral world that your baby girl will grow into. If you decided to call her Jessica, you can give her Jesse as a nickname.


If your family or your baby has Indian roots, this name is a popular choice. It means “miracle”, an awesome name to define what your baby means to you while also keeping her in touch with her heritage especially if you live overseas.


What else is a better name to give your baby girl who came into your life as a miracle than to name her “miracle”? It’s straightforward and actually a common name. Choosing this name means that you can call your daughter Mira as a nickname. 


The name Miranda originated from a Latin word and it means “miraculous” or “wonderful to look at”. It has gained attention due to Shapekeare’s play Tempest. Although a traditional name, Miranda is still hanging on as a popular baby girl name in Europe, the Americas, and even Africa and Asia.


Milagros is the Spanish word for miracle. This is a great choice of name especially if you want to pay homage to your or your baby’s Spanish or Latin ancestry. Mila is such a cute nickname for a baby girl too.


A name that originated in France, Mirielle means “miraculous”. However, you should look up the proper pronunciation (which is “meer-ay”) and choose between sticking to it or reading the name in an anglicized version.


With a very diverse origin, Ohanna has Armenian and Hebrew roots and it means “God’s blessing”. However, it also has a Hawaiian sound to it which is super adorable. 


Orella came from a Latin word, and it means “announcement from God” or “divine message”. Nicknames such as “Ory” or “Orly” are both pretty choices. 


A well-like Welsh name, Sian means “God’s gracious gift”. Although known as a boy’s name, some parents would go with Sianne or Sianna to make it more feminine and then choose Sian as a nickname.


As a parent, naming your baby is a vital stage of your life and also very significant. A name is something that your daughter will carry forever, something that will remind her how much you love her.

Do not rush this decision. Take as much time as you need and read as many baby name books or sites as possible. After all, your baby is a blessing for you, the name has to be a perfect way to represent and showcase what means to you.

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