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15 Handprint Crafts For Toddlers

One of my favorite types of crafts to make with toddlers is using their handprints! Not only are they super simple, but they make such a great keepsake. There’s nothing like digging out an old piece of art work several years later just to see how tiny their hands and fingers were! 

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While most think of the keepsakes being great for the holiday season, you can repurpose the activities below year round. Meaning you can always turn them in the birthday card or presents by placing them in a simple frame. 

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Enjoy our list of the Best Handprint Craft Ideas for Toddlers!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Handprint Campfire Craft

If your family loves the outdoors and camping, then you will definitely want to make these little campfires. Download the free print log template. Once you have those cut out and pasted on a piece of paper, trace your toddler’s hand. The flames will be their handprints in yellow, red, and orange. 

Handprint Chicken Craft

It doesn’t matter if it’s Spring crafts you are looking for, or if you are studying farm animals. Kids will love dipping their hands in paint and transforming them into chickens. You can also use just their thumbprints to make baby chicks that are super cute. For the face, just use a marker to draw it on.

DIY Garden Stepping Stones

Making these stones is going to take a little more time and a few more supplies, but make an awesome keepsake. The tutorial also includes instructions for adding other elements to the stones like mosaic tiles. I love ‌ that you can literally keep this forever! This is also the perfect idea for those who want to add a personal touch to their new home. 

Ice Cream Handprint Craft

The big eyes that come in the free template make these ice cream cones the cutest! The cones are made from cream-colored pieces of paper, then you draw on the waffle pattern using a marker. Trace their handprints and glue them on for the scoops! This is a great summer activity.

Octopus Handprint Craft

Little ones are going to be so excited to create an octopus out of their handprint! This is a great craft to make if you are heading on vacation soon, studying sea animals, or are planning a trip to the aquarium. All you need is paper, scissors, and glue – so it’s simple too!

Cactus Handprint Craft

Since succulents and mini cacti are all the rage right now, why not turn a little handprint into a not so prickly cactus! The bottom of the pots fold up to write cut messages like “Lookin’ Sharp” and “I’m Stuck on You”. Besides paper, you will need some glue, pom-poms, and googly eyes. 

Dinosaur Handprint Craft

Boys and girls who are obsessed with dinosaurs are going to fall in love with this one. The handprints are used for the backs. Then they can decorate them by coloring or with pom-poms. The tutorial includes a dino template that you can print out and trace. This craft would also go well with a dino themed party! 

Handprint Sunflower Craft

Sunflowers have never been more beautiful until you make a keepsake out of them. The handprints will be glued on for the petals. Green paper is used to make the leaves, and a green popsicle stick for the stem – so they can actually hold on to it. 

Handprint Butterfly Craft

You can easily use the supplies you have on hand to make butterfly handprints. The cut-outs will be for the wings. Toddlers will decorate the body (a popsicle stick) using pom-poms. You will need a pipe cleaner for the antennas. Then glue on the googly eyes! They can decorate the wings anyway they would like. 

Little Monster Handprint Keepsake

These little monsters would be a not so spooky option around Halloween! You can also incorporate this one into a monster birthday party and let each child have a turn making their own. You’ll need some paint and a sheet of paper. Then draw a few eyes at the end with a marker. 

FRI-YAY Handprint French Fries Craft

Who’s ready to celebrate the end of the week? Me! You can use this craft any time of the year because let’s face it, Fridays are definitely worth celebrating. The cutouts will be the french fries, then you will make a red carton to glue them into. 

Handprint Flower Craft Idea

If you are looking for a craft that is simple enough for toddlers to do by themselves, go with these flowers. Simply trace their hands and cut them out. Then they can assemble the flower. You may want to curl the pipe cleaner that is used on the leaves ahead of time or teach them how to do it. 

Handprint Forky Craft From Toy Story 4

This is probably one of my favorites because you can pair it with a movie night! Turn Forkie into a keepsake by tracing their hands, except it’s going to open like a card. Add the googly eyes to the front and draw a mouth using a red marker. So simple but definitely exciting when they can anticipate the movie as well! 

Snowflake Handprints

Prep your area because this one may get a little messy! Kids will cover their hands in white paint and place them in different directions on paper to make snowflakes! They can decorate with additional paint or use winter themed stickers as an easier option. 

Hands and Hearts: An Andy Warhol Inspired Craft

You may think that this craft is a little too fancy, but it’s actually really easy! The outcome will definitely have you wanting to display this somewhere in your home (other than the refrigerator!). If you are homeschooling or a classroom teacher, you can add in some art education. However, if you are making these for fun at home, just make a few different versions so you can hang them all together. 

The next time you are looking for easy crafts to do with toddlers, refer back to these handprint crafts! Super simple, fun, and entertaining! 


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