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200+ Cute Modern Baby Girl Names

200+ Cute Modern Baby Girl Names

When you are expecting a baby girl, times are exciting and choosing a name can be really tough because there are so many choices! I have taken some of the guesswork out of it for you! This collection holds over 200 cute modern baby girl names. 

I’ve also listed out their meaning and origin to make it a little easier if you wanted to choose a baby girl name with more meaning. 

Best Cute and Modern Baby Girl Names:

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Amelia (work) Latin

Aniston (Agnes town) English

Belle (beautiful) French

Brenna (sword) American

Delaney (dark challenger) Irish

Elodie (wealthy, riches) French

Juniper (young) Latin

Lorelei (temptress) German

Luna (moon) Latin

Mila (gracious; dear) Slavic, Russian

Nova (new) Latin

Rayne (abundant blessings from above) English

Stella (star) Latin

Tessa (to reap, to gather) Greek

Yana (he answers) Hebrew

Modern Girl Names That Start With A

Abby (joy of the Father) English

Adele (noble, kind) German

Adelyn (noble, nobility) French

Aimee (beloved) French

Akila (intelligent, logical) Arabic

Alana (awakening) Irish

Aliana (my God has answered) Hebrew

Amara (grace, immortal, tribe) Igbo, Sanskrit, Arabic

Amber (jewel) English

Annabelle (gracious, merciful) English

Aria (solo melody) Italian

Athena (goddess of wisdom) Greek

Aurora (dawn) Latin

Ava (life; bird; water, island) Hebrew, Latin or Germanic

Avery (ruler of the elves) English

Ayla (oak tree, halo, moonlight) Hebrew, Turkish 

Modern Girl Names That Start With B

Bailee (bailiff, steward) English

Baylee (bailiff, steward) English

Baylor (delivery person) English

Becca (short form of Rebecca) English

Bella (beautiful, God is my oath) Italian

Bianca (white) Italian

Blair (battlefield, plain) Scottish

Blakely (pale blonde one, dark) English

Brighton (beautiful town) English

Bristol (site of the bridge) English

Brook (small stream) English

Brooklynn (broken land, pretty brook) American 

Modern Girl Names That Start With C

Cameron (crooked nose) Scottish

Camila (young ceremonial attendant) Latin, Spanish

Caroline (free man) French

Charlotte (free man) French

Chloe (verdant and blooming) Greek

Claire (bright, clear) French

Clarissa (light, famous) German

Cleo (glory) Greek

Cora (heart, maiden) Greek

Coraline (heart, maiden) American

Cynthia (of the moon) Greek

Modern Girl Names That Start With D

Dakotah (the allies, considered a friend) Native American, Sioux

Daphne (laurel tree) Greek

Dara (pearl of wisdom; oak tree) Hebrew, Slavic, Irish

Darla (dear, loved one) English

Delilah (delicate) Hebrew, Arabic

Della (of the nobility) English

Delta (4th letter of the Greek alphabet) Greek

Demi (half) Greek

Destiny (one’s fate) Latin

Deven (poet) Irish

Dixie (I have spoken; tenth) Latin, French

Dotty (gift of God) Greek

Modern Girl Names That Start With E

Eden (paradise) Hebrew

Elena (form of Helen) Greek

Ella (young girl) Spanish

Ellie (bright shining one) English

Ellory (cheerful) English

Ember (spark, burning low) English

Emerson (son of Emery) German

Emery (industrious) German

Emma (universal) German

Ensley (one’s own meadow) English

Esme (beloved) French

Eve (life) Hebrew

Evelyn (beautiful bird) English

Everly, Everleigh, Everlee (wild boar in woodland clearing) English

Evie (life) Hebrew

Modern Girl Names That Start With F

Faye, Fay, Fae (fairy) English

Flora (flower) Latin

Freya (a noble woman) Norse

Fallon (of a ruling family) Irish

Faith (faith) English

Farah (joy) Arabic

Modern Girl Names That Start With G

Gemma (precious stone) Italian

Georgia (farmer) English

Gina (queen) Italian

Ginny (virginal) English, Latin

Grace (charm) Latin

Gracie (grace of God) English

Greta (a pearl) German

Gwen (white circle) Welsh

Modern Girl Names That Start With H

Hadley (from Hadda’s field) English

Hannah (grace) Hebrew

Harley (from the hares’ wood) English

Harper (harp player) English

Haven (safe place) English

Haylee (from the hay clearing) English

Hazel (the hazelnut tree) English

Holland (land on the ridge) American

Huntlie (from the hunt field) English

Modern Girl Names That Start With I

Iliana (my God has answered) Hebrew

Imani (faith) Swahili 

Indie, Indy, Indee (independant, Indian) American

Iris (colorful, rainbow) Greek

Isabel (pledged to God) Spanish

Isabella (God is my oath) Italian

Isla (island) Scottish, Spanish

Ivory (white as elephant tusks) English

Ivy (faithfulness) English

Izzy (God is my oath) American

Modern Girl Names That Start With J

Jade (stone of the side) Spanish

Jane (gracious) English

Jemma (precious stone) English

Jewel (represents preciousness) English

Josephine (Jehovah increases) French

Josie (Jehovah increases) English

Jules (youthful) French

Juliette (little Julia) French

June (derived from the goddess Juno) Latin

Modern Girl Names That Start With K

Kaitlyn (pure) Irish

Kalei (flowers, child) Hawaiian

Kamilla (young ceremonial attendant) Hungarian

Kara (wild stormy one) Irish, Latin, Norse

Karsyn (christian) American

Kassidy (curly-haired) Irish

Keegan (son of Egan) Irish

Kendra (knowing) English

Kennedy (misshapen head) Irish

Kenzi (descendant of the handsome man) Scottish

Kiara (dark) Irish

Kimber (Cyneburga’s meadow) American

Kinley (fair haired viking) Irish

Klaire (bright, clear) French

Kori (lamb) African

Kylee (boomerang; narrow channel) Noongar, Scottish

Modern Girl Names That Start With L

Lana (light) Slavic

Lani (bright shining one) French, Scottish

Layla (night) Arabic

Leah (weary) Hebrew

Lexi (defending men) Greek

Lila (lilac tree) Persian

Lily (lily flower) English

Liv (cover, shield; life) Scandinavian 

Lucy (light) English, Latin

Lula (famous warrior) Italian 

Lyla (night) Arabic

Modern Girl Names That Start With M

Madeline (high tower) English

Mae (bitter or pearl) English

Mara (bitter) Hebrew

Maebel (loveable) English

Maisie (pearl) English

Maya (water) Hebrew, Spanish, Greek

Melody (song tune) English

Mia (mine, bitter) Italian, Scandinavian

Minnie (of the mind, intellect) Latin

Mira (admirable; peace; female ruler; ocean) Latin, Slavic, Arabic, Sanskrit

Modern Girl Names That Start With N

Naomi (pleasantness) Hebrew

Natalia (birthday [of the Lord]) Latin

Natalie (birthday of the Lord) French

Neveah (heaven spelled backwards) American

Nina (little girl) Spanish

Noe (rest) Greek, Latin, Hebrew

Noelle (born on Christmas day) French

Nora (honor) Irish

Modern Girl Names That Start With O

Oaklee (oak clearing) English

Olive (olive tree) English, Latin

Olivia (ancestor’s descendant) English

Opal (gem) Sanskrit

Ophelia (help) Greek

Modern Girl Names That Start With P

Page (attendant) French

Paisley (church) Scottish

Palmer (holy land pilgrim) English

Penelope (weaver) Greek 

Peyton (fighting-man’s estate) English

Polly (bitter) English

Poppy (red flower) Latin

Modern Girl Names That Start With Q

Quinn (descendant of Conn) Irish

Modern Girl Names That Start With R

Rai (next child) Japanese

Reese (passion, enthusiasm) Welsh

Remi (oarsman) French

Roxanne (dawn) Persian

Ruby (deep red precious stone) Latin

Rue (regret) English, Greek

Ryleigh (rye clearing; courageous) English, Irish

Modern Girl Names That Start With S

Sadie (princess) English

Sage (wise) Latin

Sara (princess) Hebrew

Savannah (flat tropic grassland) Spanish

Scarlett (red) English

Sky (atmosphere seen from Earth) Scandinavian

Sophia (wisdom) Greek

Sydney (Saint Denis) French

Modern Girl Names That Start With T

Tara (rocky hill) Irish

Tegan (fair) Welsh

Temperance (moderation, self-control) English

Tina (follower of Christ) Latin

Trinity (triad) Latin

Modern Girl Names That Start With V

Valentina (strength, health) Latin

Valerie (strength, health) French

Victoria (victory) Latin

Violet (purple) Latin

Vada, Veda (knowledge, rule) English, Sanskrit, German

Vera (faith) Russian

Modern Girl Names That Start With W

Willow (willow tree) English

Winnie (holy peacemaking, gentle friend) English

Wren (small bird) English

Modern Girl Names That Start With Y

Yael (to ascend) Hebrew

Yara (friend, helper) Arabic

Yasmine (jasmine flower) Arabic

Modern Girl Names That Start With Z

Zara (blooming flower; God remembers) Hebrew, Arabic

Zoey (life) Greek

Okay, so I thought I was making it easier for you by rounding up the best cute and modern names for baby girls, but these are so great it may make the decision harder! Either way, enjoy this exciting time and I’m positive that whatever name you choose for your new baby will be great!

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