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13 Polar Bear Crafts for Toddlers

Polar Bears are super cute animals and very interesting too. Since they live up north, many toddlers don’t get the chance to see them in person. They only get exposed to polar bears through digital screens and children’s books. But this won’t stop growing children who are full of curiosity to find them very amusing.

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It’s vital that you expose your young child to many things and have them ask questions, especially about things they don’t normally see or encounter such as a polar bear. To help you get your kid excited to learn about polar bears, perhaps you can appeal to their creative mind and encourage them to do some crafts together.

In this post, I will show you easy, colorful, and awesome polar bear crafts for toddlers. Don’t worry, these projects include basic materials, you don’t need to head out and buy some fancy art tools and equipment right away.

Enjoy our list of the Best Polar Bear Craft Ideas for Toddlers!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

  1. Easy Polar Bear Craft

This activity is a great one to start with. You only need craft paint (white), pom-pom, reusable plate, glue, cardstock paper (black and another one in different color), wiggly eyes, a scissor, and a black marker.

Your toddler will need your help in cutting the shape of the nose and assisting them in covering the pom-pom with paint properly. Make sure to wait until the paint is dry before attaching the nose, lips, and cheery wiggly eyes.


  1. Handprint Polar Bear

For parents who love creating things that are memorable, this next craft is super adorable. Get the materials needed which include white paint, cardstock paper (blue and cream), a black marker, a paintbrush, and a pair of scissors.

Covering your toddler’s hand with paint can be messy, so be mindful of where they put their hands on. After imprinting on the paper, you can help your child add the cute face and silly feature on their polar bear. You probably want to save this art that will remind you how small your baby’s hand is when making this activity together.


  1. Cardboard Tube Polar Bear

This super adorable project will get your toddler to smile. Collect the things needed; 4 pieces of a cardboard tube or empty toilet rolls, white paper, black marker, crayon or coloring pencil (pink), googly eyes, a scissor, a glue stick, and a craft glue.

Creating the paws will be the hardest part, hence, it’s best to start with that. When that’s ready, let your toddler glue them on the tube and add some more features. You can even give some facts about polar bears while doing this project together.


  1. Polar Bear Masks

The next craft is super cool because your toddler can wear it. It’s perfect if there’s a costume party coming up such as Halloween. It’s also pretty easy to make, if you are short on time to make a costume, this is perfect.

This time you will be needing more items such as a paper plate, tissue paper (white), glue, cardstock paper (white), a plastic cup, acrylic paint (white), a large black pom-pom, a glue gun, a craft knife, stretchy string, and a scissor.

Since this will require a scissor and glue gun, make sure that the adult will be in charge of that to avoid accidents. While you have to cut the holes for the eyes, your kid can be in charge of painting and gluing the tissue paper. 

Wait until the paper plate is dry before attaching the eyes, nose, and drawing the lips. Finally, punch a hole on both sides and attach the stretchy string and try on the mask.


  1. Polar Bear Styro Cup

This next project is also easy and should only take an hour to make, perfect craft to work on if you are just killing a few hours together. You only need a styrofoam cup, cotton pad, wiggly eyes, glue, construction paper (white and black), a black marker, and a scissor.

Cut the shapes required such as head, ears, and arms. Then your toddler can add the shapes to the cup and draw a sweet smile at the end.


  1. Shredded Paper Polar Bear

There are very few winter animals, but they are all worth getting to know. Your toddler is probably going to like the penguin the most, but on this craft, they get to make both a penguin and a polar bear.

For this activity, you need shredded paper, glue, pencil, cardstock paper (any color you want), paper craps in various colors, and a pair of googly eyes. You have to draw an outline that your kid can follow.

Allow your child to glue the shredded paper and help them follow the outline. Be mindful of the glue and don’t use too much to avoid oversoaking the paper. For the final touch, your kid can glue the eyes, nose, and even add some feet.


  1. Paper Plates and Cotton Ball Polar Bear

This is another easy craft yet fun to make. You really just need simple materials such as two paper plates, cotton balls, glue, construction paper (white), wiggly eyes, black pom-pom, black pipe cleaner, and a scissor. 

You don’t actually need to do too much work, simply cut the paper to make ears and glue them on the paper plate. When that’s ready, your toddler will be in charge of filling the paper plate with cotton balls and eventually attaching the eyes, nose, and mouth.


  1. Walking Polar Bear

Make this charming walking polar bear with your child in just a few hours. Gather your materials which include 2 paper plates, a scissor, hole punch, glue, brads, pom-poms (black and white), googly eyes, and white cardstock. 

It’s best if your cut the shapes needed first so you can put away the scissor. When ready, your toddler can glue the head, ears, eyes, nose, and draw nice little lips. Add the tail, and finally, the legs which will be movable.


  1. Polar Bear Ornaments

If Christmas is coming, it’s only natural that you and your toddler will work on some project that features a polar bear. This art can be used as a Christmas tree ornament. You only need a few easy materials; white foam, felt, or paper that will be used for the body. A pair of wiggly eyes, glue, a pencil, string, and either a felt, foam, paper or pom-pom that will serve as the nose (black).

Mark the shapes you need and cut the material chosen for the body. Next, your child can put them together using glue and you’re done! The last thing to do is add the string. However, if you have extra craft materials such as glitter and craft paint, your kid can also add those to the ornament to make the polar bear more festive-looking.


  1. 3D Polar Bear

February 27 is Polar Bear Day, you can celebrate this with your toddler by crafting a colorful and fun project out of four materials. You need white paper, scissors, a black marker or pencil, and a cotton ball.

Draw the shapes needed and cut them properly. Your toddler can step up and draw features such as eyes, ears, nose, lips, and even toes. They can also glue the cotton ball, which will work as an adorable tail. The last thing left to do is to glue the parts together.


  1. Painting a Polar Bear

This charming and sweet polar bear craft is also easy to make but might take longer than the others because you have to wait for the paint to dry. Raid your craft cabinet and pick up cardstock (white), acrylic paint (which and black), watercolor paint (the more color the better), white oil pastel, black marker, paintbrushes, paint palette, pencil, ruler, and cardboard templates.

You have to draw the polar bear first before allowing your child to paint around it. Painting around the polar bear will be a bit challenging too, assist your child to avoid any toddler tantrums from coloring over the cute bear. It might take an entire day for the paint to dry, go prepare some snacks while waiting.


  1. Polar Bear Handprint

This is another handprint project but it’s quite different and significantly easier than the one before. Because instead of using paint, you only need white paper and a pencil to make the handprint.

You also need cardstock (blue and light blue), black marker, pink marker, glue stick, scissors, and snowflakes foam stickers. You need to print some templates and cut the pieces out which will be used for decoration.


  1. Polar Bear and Penguin Headband

This next craft is perfect if your toddlers have a costume party coming up or has to dress up for school as a winter character. You can either make a polar bear or a penguin headband, a great addition to their character.

You actually only need five materials; construction paper (white, orange, and black), scissors, glue, cotton balls, and googly eyes. You can use tape or a stapler, but the stapler can be dangerous.

When the finished product is ready, put the headbands on your children and see if they fit well. If you have tape, you can easily adjust the size without starting from scratch.



These polar bear crafts for toddlers are super cute. Many of them are easy to make and some of them can even be worn or kept and used again next winter. Making these activities doesn’t only allow you to spend time with your toddler, it’s also great for their imagination and learning about polar bears, colors, and shapes.


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