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Transportation Crafts for Toddlers

You can’t deny that now your toddler is starting to talk, look at images in children’s books, and watch TV shows, it’s only a matter of time before they start obsessing with transportation. Be it a car, boat, submarine, or airplane. Every kid goes through this phase. As a parent, take advantage of it and use their curiosity.

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When a child is as young as a toddler, they have a lot of energy, and it’s a great time to stimulate the creative side of their brain. Use this phase to educate your child about transportation; types of transportation, what they look like, and the sounds they make.

You can do this by diving into creating some transportation crafts that are suitable for toddlers. Don’t worry if you are not creative yourself, many DIY crafts that are easy to make and come with printable templates.

Enjoy our list of the Best Transportation Craft Ideas for Toddlers!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Paper Craft Car

This is an amazing project to start with. It’s easy yet fun to make. All you need are white art paper, kitchen sponges, craft paint (any colors your child wants), scissors, glue, black and white paper, and print the free template.

It’s best if you cut all the pieces first so you can put away the scissors. When ready, let your kid paint the three cars, and wait until it’s dry. You can then assist your toddler in gluing the car and its wheel together.


Hot Air Balloon Craft

If you have some washi tape in your craft drawer, you can put them into use by making a hot air balloon with your toddler. Before you start, make sure that you also have cardstock paper (blue, white, brown), white paint, a wooden clothespin, a large pom-pom, a paper plate, markers, scissors, and glue.

The more washi tape patterns you have, the better. It could be one with glitter, animals, shapes, what have you. This design is actually a good one to make as a front cover of an invitation such as birthday parties, especially if your kid has a themed party coming up.


Popsicle Stick Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks are probably one of the most loved children’s movie featuring transportation. They are cool, fun, and very talented! If your toddler loves them, I’m sure they will find this next activity exciting.

Gather the materials needed which include: jumbo popsicle sticks, regular-sized popsicle sticks, craft paint (whatever color you like), paint brushes, glue, cardstock paper (any color you prefer), and scissors.

This will take a little while to finish. Make sure you take a break with your child and have some snacks, to avoid them losing any interest in the project.


Pool Noddle Boats

This next transportation craft for toddlers is very interesting. It’s a fun one to make, especially in the summer season, because it includes water. The supplies you need are foam sheets (any color), pool noodles, straws, hole punch, and scissors.  

After you gather your materials, cut out the shapes needed so you can make the boats with your child. Making multiple boats will be ideal, you can then set them all off on a tub with water or if you have a swimming pool. On the swimming pool if you have one. 


Build a Truck Craft Foam

Another truck craft, it’s really popular among toddlers, so this next project will be very interesting. You and your child actually not going to make a “finish” design. This is because you will be cutting different shapes, when you put them together you don’t need a glue.

This means that you can pull the parts apart and make another truck. But of course, in the end, if your kid wants to make a truck that is permanent, make sure you have glue ready. You only need two materials; foam craft in different colors and a scissor.

Cut all the shapes first, before you start “building a truck”, without complete materials such as wheels, front machine, and body, you won’t have too many options to use for the transportation.


Egg Carton Helicopter

If you have empty egg cartons, instead of throwing them away, perhaps you can have a little fun with your child. The rest of the materials needed are white paper, a scissor, and markers (in various colors).

Once you put the pieces together, you can make this helicopter fun which many toddlers will surely find amusing! To give you a bit more idea, this project is quite similar to the “egg drop” science project.


Egg Carton Glider

This is another egg-carton-craft-based that features flying. However, this time, you won’t be needing the actual egg holders but the carton lid. Apart from that, you also need a pencil or markers, a scissor, craft paint (at least 3 colors), a coin (penny or dime), and tape.

The most challenging part is cutting the carton lid, and the glider cut out – that part must solely be done by you. After that, your toddler will be in charge and paint the glider in any color and design they prefer. Finally, it’s time to add the coin in the middle, which will play a big part to ensure that the glider will fly smoothly..

If you decide to make multiple pieces, you can add a string on top of each glider and hang it on your child’s ceiling – a really fun bedroom decoration that you made together.


Balloon-Powered Sponge Boat

The balloon-powered sponge boat is another fun summer activity that only requires simple materials. You need a balloon, a kitchen sponge (the thicker, the better), plastic tubing, a ruler, scissors, a pencil, a knife, and a tub or pool with water.

Using the knife and scissors must be done by you, then you can let your child blow up the balloon and put it through the sponge. It might take a while to get the balloon and plastic tubing through the sponge, but you will get there!

To make it a bit more fun, make a few pieces then you can host a race between you and your toddler or do this at a party as a game between the participants. You will surely get everyone feeling competitive and laughing at the same time. 


Cardboard Tube Cars

Does your toddler enjoy racing? Make sure you have plenty of cardboard tubes or empty toilet rolls because the game is on! Prepare those plus washable paint (various colors), wood wheels, wooden dowels, paper hole punch, wood glue, and stickers (decorate those cars like a real racer). 

You will have to help your child in putting the pieces together, especially to ensure that the holes align and the wheels are even. They can be as creative as they want and add as many stickers as they wish.

If single cars became less interesting, you can suggest putting them together with a string and making a tube train. The great thing about this craft is how your kid can keep it and play it again in the future.


Disney Pixar Cars Stick Crafts

Surely, your toddler has seen the movie Cars by now, right? If not yet, perhaps watch it first before making this next project because it will definitely get them excited and feeling creative. 

Check if you have the needed requirements which include construction papers (black, white, blue), popsicle sticks (in different colors), glue, hot glue, markers (various colors), and scissors.

When gluing the sticks together, make sure you’re the one doing it for safety reasons. Your kid can be in charge of gluing the eyes and drawing silly or funny faces. If you have some string laying around, you can hot glue the strings. Now, your child will have a nice and colorful Disney Pixar Cars banner – a perfect addition for a party-themed celebration.


Simple Airplane Craft

For those looking for a quick but fun transportation-inspired craft to make, this airplane art is a perfect choice. You should have a wooden clothespin, popsicle sticks, craft foam, a pom pom, hot glue, and craft paint (any colors).

Let your toddler paint the popsicle sticks and clothespin while you cut the other pieces required. Take over when it’s time to hot glue the parts together and wait until it’s dry. 


Bicycle Craft 

You only need four items to make this art and that includes cardboard hoops, possible sticks,  (big and small), craft paint, glue, and other art decorations such as glitter, stickers, and ribbons. 

This project allows your toddler to be in charge for the most part and you only need to help when gluing the parts together. When it’s all dry and ready, you can use a string so the bicycles can be hung somewhere or glue a magnet at the back and place them on the fridge door.



Now that you have a list of creative, colorful, and interesting transportation crafts for toddlers, it’s time to encourage them to be imaginative when it comes to colors, shapes, and well, transportation.

Start with the easy ones, and when you can tell which one your child likes the most, you can pump it up a little bit and try the more challenging designs. If you don’t have lots of craft materials, you can start with basic ones such as craft paper, glue, popsicle sticks, and even paper plates.


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