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13 Paper Plate Crafts for Toddlers

Doing crafts with paper plates is one of the easiest art activities you can do with your toddler. Most families already have paper plates, be it a leftover from a party or from a picnic. Instead of throwing it or placing it on a “just in case” pile, why not be creative with your children and make some really cute crafts while creating fun memories together?

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This list of paper plate crafts for toddlers will help you get some ideas on what you can do with just simple materials and a guide from an online DIY art project. Your toddler will start to get familiar with doing arts and have their creativity side stimulated.

Enjoy our list of the Best Paper Plate Craft Ideas for Toddlers!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Color Blending Paper Plate Lion

This is an easy one to start with because there is not too much detail. With the help of a plain paper plate, a paintbrush, craft paint (orange and yellow), black and red markers, and a scissor, you and your toddler can make a paper plate lion.

After you draw the eyes, nose, and lips, your child can go wild painting on the plate with a mix of orange and yellow paint. Once it’s dry, cut the edges of the plate for the final touch. 


Paper Plate Strawberry Craft

Let’s take it up a notch because the next one is a super cutie and requires more help from you. You will be needing a paper plate, red paint, a pencil, a scissor, a paintbrush, green and pink construction paper, a black marker, and a glue stick.

You have to cut the paper plate in the right shape first, then let your toddler paint it red while you cut out leaves from the green paper. Once the red paper plate is dry, assist your child in gluing the leaves, drawing black spots, and pretty eyes matched with a happy smile.


Sheep Paper Plate Craft

These adorable sheep made of paper plates are really exciting to make and I’m sure your toddler will find them cute too! The design looks complicated, but the craft actually comes with a printable template, which helps a lot.

Gather the materials which include paper plates, gray or black paint, white card stock, pink card stock, white poster paint pen, scissors, a paintbrush, glue stick, double-sided tape, and printed sheep craft.


Polar Bear Paper Plate Craft

If your child is going through an arctic phase, perhaps this next activity is something they will find interesting. Make a polar bear by only using a paper plate, glue, a scissor, googly eyes, white tissue paper, a black marker, and a black pom-pom (optional).

You will have to assist in cutting the paper and the plate for safety reasons. The black pom-pom will be used as a nose, but if you don’t have one, you can simply use a black marker and draw the nose. 


Paper Plate Ringtail Possum

Possums are not very popular animals, there are not many children’s books about them or TV shows, but they are still pretty cool and worth getting to know. When you make this craft, you can tell some facts about possums to your toddler.

There are two ways to arrange this possum craft in two; standing on a tree branch or hanging on a tree branch.

Raid the craft drawer and pick up gray, pink, and white-colored construction paper, paper plates, paint (gray and white), a paintbrush, a cotton ball, a glue stick, and print the template.

It’s best if you prepare and cut up the pieces needed first before letting your young kid start on anything. In this way, you can put away the sharp scissor and only use safe materials.


Finding Nemo Paper Plate Hat

This next one is super cute and very useful. Perhaps your toddler is currently into Nemo or any marine animals. Creating this paper plate craft will get them very excited because they can also wear it. If Halloween is coming up or your toddler’s birthday is coming soon, this will be a good hat for a themed party. 

You will be needing a few items; paper plates, acrylic paint (orange, white, black, yellow, blue), paintbrushes, construction papers (black, white, purple), a pair of scissors, a stapler, craft glue, elastics, hole punchers, and googly eyes.

Cut out the shapes needed then let your toddler paint it the way they want, with your guidance of course to make sure it will come out great. Once that’s dry, you can add the eyes and punch holes where you can attach the elastics.


Easy Paper Plate Flower

Another easy yet fun project. You only need five materials, this includes paper plates, paint (any bright colors your children want), paintbrushes, a pair of scissors, and glue.

Be safe and cut the paper plate yourself. You can then hand over the plates to your kids and instruct them to add any colors they prefer. Once that’s dry, it’s time for you to cut the edges. Finally, it’s time to glue the “petals” and the middle of the flower together.


Ladybug Paper Plate

This ladybug craft looks challenging, but it’s actually pretty easy and exciting to make. Gather the following; paper plate, red paint, a paintbrush, construction paper (black, red, white), scissors, tape, black pipe cleaners, glue, and 2 ½ inches large circle hole puncher. 

While your toddler is painting the plate red, you can get busy by cutting different sizes of round shapes from black and white paper. When the paint is dry, help your child attach the parts together. 


Paper Plate Pig Twirler

If your toddler loves pigs, this next activity is just perfect! Once this adorable craft is done, you can hang it on your child’s ceiling in their bedroom. Grab two paper plates, pink paint, a paintbrush, black marker, wiggly eyes, ribbon, scissors, glue, and tape.

Your toddler can paint the paper while you figure out which parts go together because the twirly part can be tricky. Once that’s done, your two can have fun together drawing the pig’s nose, lips, ears, and feet.


Paper Plat Rocking Elephant

Since you have a pig twirler, might as well make another 3D craft out of paper plates. This time, you are making a rocking elephant with your child.

Head to the craft drawer and get a paper plate, paint (gray pink, yellow, green), black markers, scissors, cutters, pencils, and other craft materials such as gems and glitters.

You actually only need gray paint since the other colors can be done with crayons. Draw on the back part of the elephant a rectangle as a marker to not paint over it. Use crayons or coloring pens to design it instead of paint. You will have to draw an elephant on your own, that might take time, so remember to do that before you even start hyping up with your toddler.


Paper Plate Dragon

Dragons are popular in any kid’s childhood. They are magical, powerful, and very cool characters. This dragon puppy craft is super unique but pretty easy to make.

Make sure you have a paper plate, scissors, pen, stapler or tape, paint (watercolor could work), paper scraps, googly eyes, and a craft stick.

Get things beforehand and identify the pieces. When that’s ready, the rest of the job has to be done by your toddler. The final step would be helping them to staple the parts together and attaching the popsicle stick to their dragon puppet.


Paper Plate Penguin Snow Globe

If winter is coming, this next craft is a really cool activity to make. You probably have to stay indoors pretty often, which means you have plenty of time to be creative with your young children. 

What you will be needing for this craft are craft paint, silver glitter, clear baggies, paintbrushes, glue, and paper plates. 

Your toddler will have to start by painting the paper plates accordingly. You will need to step up when it’s time to add glue and the clear plastic, which will serve as the “snow globe” illusion. 


Paper Plate Caterpillar

Making this craft should only take an hour or two, it’s perfect if you are just passing time or ensuring that your toddlers are entertained until dinner time. For materials, make sure you have paper plates, scissors, markers (in different colors), glue, wiggly eyes, cardstock (in any color), and a stapler.

The only part you really need to help with is when cutting out the shape for the head of the caterpillar and stapling it on the body. Once it’s all done, you can also add a popsicle stick so it’s easier for your kids to hold their lovely caterpillar.



Doing arts with your toddler can be a lot of work in the beginning, but once you get the grove of it and understand what things interest your child, you will have an easier time next time. You must encourage your child to be creative. Make sure that you are adding not only physical activities to your growing kid’s daily agenda, but also something that challenges their brain and helps them learn basic things such as the name of colors, animals, and shapes.


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