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Boy Names That Mean Miracle

Boy Names That Mean Miracle

You’ve just been told that you going to have a beautiful baby boy and you are beaming with excitement. Now it’s time to choose a name, but you want to name him something that is meaningful and something he can be proud of as he grows into a stunning young man. 

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While all children are little miracles, sometimes there are situations that are out of our control and make them a little more special. Maybe you had complications during your pregnancy, maybe you were told you would never be a mom, or maybe your baby boy is just the answer to your prayers. 

With all of that being said, it seems appropriate to choose a boy name that means miracle. Surprisingly enough there are quite a few you can pick from, so this decision may be a little more difficult than you thought. 

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If you are of the Christian faith and want to name your son after a biblical figure, Aaron would be a perfect choice. As you may know, he was the older brother of Moses. This is originally a Hebrew name meaning miraculous, but can also be interpreted as a mountain of strength. 


This is a Hebrew name meaning blessed and happy. You can also find it in the Old Testament. A common nickname used by friends and family is Ash. 


Common in the middle east and is becoming more popular, it means God’s gift in Arabic and is a feeling especially portrayed about sons in their culture.


While the name actually has English origins, it means blessing in Latin. The original form was Benedictus. Bennett was the 101st most popular name in 2020 and some say it’s also a cross between Benjamin and Beckett.

There’s also an Italian rendition of Benedetto, but for English, this is often associated with Benedict Arnold which leaves a bad vibe for some. 


There are several meanings of the name, but don’t worry because they are all positive. It’s of a French origin meaning blessing and lucky. Some say it has Latin roots meaning good. Boone also made the top 1000 baby boy names list in 2015, but now is considered a less popular name.


In Welsh, Carwn means blessed love. There’s also a feminine version. While this name may be popular in Europe, it would be unique to the United States and you wouldn’t have to worry about them being in the same class, unless it becomes more popular.


This is a popular surname in Ireland and dates back to the old Gaelic culture when it comes to origins. It was often used for the male heir in the family. 


Depending on the origin, Doron can mean many things including gift from God in Hebrew. It’s popular in Isreal and translates as Dweller. However, in English and Irish origins it means stranger. 


You can probably guess this baby boy’s name is Italian in nature, but it’s also of Greek origin. The translation means blessed from Gods.


You can also spell this name as Guinn which may have a more masculine feel. It’s Welsh for blessed but derived from Celtic. 


Technically this is the spelling derived from Hebrew roots for a boy’s name meaning gift. There are other spellings specifically for girls but are sometimes used as a unisex name. 


While the name Jonathan is derived from Hebrew, eventually it came to mean gift of Jehovah in modern Yonatan. Some use different variations in terms of spelling such as Johnathan and Jonathon and even shorten to Jon for a nickname that still has the same meaning. Often Jon is translated to God is gracious.  


Some parents like to go with a shorter version of Jonathan but don’t really like Johnny. Jonty still means gift of Jehovah, is unique, and is a little less common if that’s what you are looking for. 


Jude is derived from Hebrew which means praised. Other variations include Judas or Judeah. It seems this name has been very popular in the past and peaked in 2020.


Comes from Russian roots and is often associated with several Russian saints. If you have Russian heritage this would be a good choice. 


It’s the 15th most popular boy name and was more popular than that in the 80s and 90s. Matthew means gift of God. Other cultures may use Mateus or Mateo which also translates to God’s blessing but is more popular in South America and Spanish cultures.


Coming from Hebrew origin, Nissan really does mean miracle, but in modern times may also be associated with the popular car and truck industry, and is also thought to be Japanese. 


In German means blessed or happy in life. This name originates from the Yiddish language and can also mean fortunate. Another variation is Zelig and if you are old enough you may remember this popular movie that was set in the 20s and 30s.


It seems this name stems from Theodore and can mean “heart” or gift of God in the Greek culture. You can also find this name in the Bible, as he was one of the 12 apostles. For short, many choose Thad as a nickname or go with Tad instead.


If you would like a more modern version of Theodore but still keep the meaning of a miracle or gift from God, Theo is perfect. Even though it dropped in popularity for the longest time, it sure went up in 2020.


Wyn is popular in Wales, and while the name has Welsh origins meaning blessed, in Wales they may use it as a nickname for someone with fair skin and hair. Dilwyn is another name that means the same thing, and is actually pretty rare even in the Welsh community.

These are the 17 best baby boy names meaning miracle in some shape or form. If you care about the actual origin of the name, there are many here to choose from including Hebrew, Arabic, Welsh, Latin, and more. 

No matter what name you choose for your precious son, he will always be your little miracle baby.

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