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15+ Animal Crafts for Toddlers!

Looking for fun and simple animal crafts to make with your toddlers? You are definitely in the right place. These are great if you are studying different types of animals or if you just want something to keep that little hands busy and entertained. 

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The crafts we choose for this list require minimal supplies, most of which you already have on hand or can easily improvise. Some may require a little help but for the most part, these animal crafts are age-appropriate and help to channel creativity. 

Animals are just the cutest anyway so we never have a problem with boredom when it comes to using this craft list.

Enjoy our list of the Best Animal Craft Ideas for Toddlers!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Easy Preschool Squirrel Craft

Toddlers will love making these cute little squirrels! By using brads, the tails and the acorns move so they are a little more realistic. The tutorial recommends coloring, but you could swap the crayons for markers and let them paint the printable instead. 

Craft Stick Farm Animals

These oversized popsicle sticks make the most adorable farm animals you have ever seen! The only other supplies you’ll need are paint, wiggle eyes, and either felt or paper. If you can do the cutting for them, the rest they can handle on their own. 

Toilet Paper Roll Animals

You can get five different templates for the animals including a unicorn! This is a simple paper craft where toddlers simply color the pieces and then glue them onto a toilet paper roll. For several hours of fun, complete all 5! 

Handprint Giraffe

Experience the zoo without leaving home as kids can create these giraffes out of paper handprints! Use paper for the spots or pom poms, and a couple of googley eyes. This is perfect if you are preparing to go to the zoo or are learning about safari animals. 

Sheep Craft For Toddlers

I love that the sheep’s body is painted with pom poms! You could also use cotton balls, or a sponge if that’s what you have around the house. Cut out the legs and head from black sheets of paper, then glue on the eyes! 

Lion Footprint Craft

Dip their little fit in yellow paint to create the lion’s body. Then let your toddlers use their fingers to paint the man. You can use a marker to draw on the face if it’s easier or use a little paint instead. 

Fork Painted Polar Bear

Who would have thought kids could paint polar bears using a plastic fork? How neat! Besides the white paint, you need a couple of pieces of paper to make the rest of the face. Mom, they will need your help cutting these out and gluing them in place. 

Popsicle Stick Barn – Old MacDonald Kid Craft

Learn more about animals on the farm when they create this bark scene. The barn is made from popsicle sticks and raffia is used for the hay. You could also use strips of paper because you already have that at home. Give them an assortment of farm animal stickers and let them get to work! 

Ocean Thumbprint Animals

Let toddlers make ocean animals using just their thumbprints and paint! Everything from jellyfish to turtles, the options are endless. Add the end you can add tiny details with a fine pen or marker for their face and eyes. 

Cute Handprint Hedgehog Craft For Kids

It doesn’t have to be the fall season to make these adorable forest critters! There’s a template provided for the hedgehog’s body, or you can free-hand it. Make their prickly spines by tracing your toddler’s hand. All that’s left is to glue to eyes on and you are ready to display! 

Animal Track Stamps

Use different sponges to make animal tracks of all kinds! To make things funner, take a nature walk and see if you can spot tracks around your house or out on the trails, then head back home to recreate them. 

Dr. Seuss Inspired – Paper Plate Fox Craft For Kids

Before you make these paper plate foxes, read Fox in Socks by Dr. Suess as an added activity. To make the craft, you’ll need a paper plate, orange tissue paper, cardstock, googley eyes, glue, and scissors. Once you have everything cut, it will be easy for toddlers to finish making these themselves.

Paper Plate Snake Craft Using Bubble Wrap

Have extra bubble wrap laying around from your most recent Amazon orders? Use it along with some paint to create these green snakes. If you would rather paint other animals instead, use swap out the paint color and use a different animal template. 

Cute Llama Paper Bag Puppet Craft

Toddlers fall in love with these sweet and sassy llamas. A template is provided that you print out and then trace onto different colored paper. Be sure to check out the llama llama series of books to read along while they are crafting. 

Tp Roll Peacock Craft

These peacocks are super cute once they are finished. Let the little ones experiment with different colored feathers to make a unique version. You can draw, paint, or use paper for the face. If you are studying a zoo unit, this is a great craft to incorporate. Plus they are such beautiful animals that are often forgotten about. 

Popsicle Stick Penguin Craft

Use up some of your popsicle sticks by making penguins! You can make these year-round, but if you decide to take on this one in the fall or winter, you can also turn it into a Christmas tree ornament. Pair this craft with the polar bear one when talking or learning about arctic animals.

Making animal crafts with toddlers is so much fun because most are very interested in learning about different types of animals. We love watching movies and adding in reading resources when possible, which is easy when it comes to animals. You can also give them a choice on the type of animal they would like to craft such as farm animals, ocean animals, or woodland. Even though crafting is really fun, it’s a great way for kids to learn without it seeming overwhelming or like a chore. 


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