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10+ Easy Santa Claus Crafts for Toddlers!

Looking for Santa Crafts for Toddlers? 

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Keep reading as I have put together over 15 ideas to keep you and your toddler busy through the month of December. Many of these crafts will teach important toddler skills like fine motor skills, cutting, drawing and even some academic skills like counting.

When it comes to toddler crafts I like to KEEP IT SIMPLE, as toddlers don’t have a very long attention span and I prefer crafts that they can complete without myself creating the whole craft!  Toddlers love to get messy and create so we often do a lot of different Santa Crafts over the month of December, so I try to keep the cost of crafts minimal.

Creating Santa crafts together with your toddler will create lasting memories as you spend time together during the holidays! Plus you get to create fun Santa decorations to display around your house for the whole holiday season, and most of all inspire kids to get messy and be creative which is so important for their brains development.

Enjoy our list of the Best Santa Craft Ideas for Toddlers!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Christmas Sensory Shaker Bottle

Toddlers love sensory play and this sensory shaker bottle allows them to have a sensory experience without the mess.

Using a recycled water bottle you can create a shaker using rice and other fun holiday items. Kids love the sound that the rice makes when it shakes.

Shaker bottle against red and green plaid background with text on pin reading "diy christmas sensory shaker"
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Preschool Christmas Hats

These printable preschool Christmas hats are perfect for any holiday concerts.

Simply print and allow the kids to make their Santa hat unique as they can add stickers, drawings or embellishments.

Free Printable Preschool Christmas Hats - Santa Hat headbands shown (one colored by a child and one in full color)
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Paper Plate Santa

These fun paper plate Santa’s are easy to make and not messy as they dont use paint.

Crayons are the best bet for toddlers as then you don’t have to wait for paint to dry, and you can glue on the cotton ball beard right away.

paper plate santa, rudolph and snowman
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Paper Tube Santa

Create these fun Santa’s out of paper tubes and create either table decor or an ornament. You can make multiple of these in only a few minutes making it a perfect toddler craft.

Use the free template to print the pieces on red paper then cut out, or print on white and have the kids color the pieces in themselves.

how to make a santa claus with a paper tube
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Santa Hat Craft Kit

Create a simple triangle out of painted red popsicle sticks and add a cotton ball to the top to complete Santa’s hat.

how to make a santa claus with a paper tube
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Christmas Coloring Cards

Simple handmade Christmas cards that you can print and let your toddler color and design.

Add a touch of creativity to your Christmas cards this year with these Christmas coloring cards, a printer, and some art supplies!
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Mix and Match Santa

This template allows you to make a cute Santa puppet but also gives the option to add your child’s face instead and make this a Santa photo craft.

Kids will find it super funny to add a beard and hat to their photo to transform into Santa.

Mix and Match Paper Santa Craft (with Printable Santa Template)
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Rocking Santa

Santa’s in the spirit rocking around the Christmas tree with this easy wobbling Santa. Parents will have to do some cutting and tracing ahead of time to make the craft easier for toddlers.

This paper Santa rocks from side to side once you are complete and would be a great Christmas card to give out!

rocking santa claus craft with paper
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Santa Bookmark

Santa is coming to town with this delightful book mark that toddlers can create and give to grandparents. This DIY bookmark will require teachers or parents to trace and cut out all of Santa’s clothing using cardstock and the template but then toddlers can have a blast dressing Santa from head to toe.

This is a great craft to help kids learn about body parts and the order of getting dressed.

santa claus bookmark craft for kids
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Popsicle Stick Santa

Perfect for toddlers as you simply glue multiple popsicle sticks together and then add on some fun decorations like pom poms, googly eyes and felt to create Santa’s face.

Don’t forget to give Santa the perfect red hat to keep his head warm in the North Pole!

Popsicle stick santa craft for kids
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Santa Salt Dough Handprints

Cherish the memory of precious little hands while making these cute Santa Salt Dough ornaments that you can add to your tree. I have made these with both my kids for their first Christmas and I love looking at them every year on the tree and comparing how much they have grown.

These are easy to make and require little ingredients but do take a little bit of time to bake, so I often plan this project over two days: one to create and one to paint and decorate.

Salt dough Santa handprint ornament and easy salt dough recipe. Salt dough ornaments are an easy christmas craft for kids.
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Santa’s Glitter Beard Craft

Toddlers and Babies love touch and feel activities so this Santa beard is perfect. This craft is inspired by the book Have Yourself a Hairy Little Christmas, where the elves are helping Santa try out new beards.

Create his face using cardstock then add some cotton balls and glitter to make his beard SPARKLE!

Santa's Glitter Beard Craft
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Santa Advent Calendar

Use this build your own advent calendar as a way to practice fine motor skills, and counting skills as you add one cotton ball every day to Santa’s beard, counting down until Santa’s arrival on the 25th of December. 

Santa advent calendar to count down the 25 days until Christmas
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Bonus Santa Activities for Toddlers

Christmas Bowling

While Santa Crafts are fun for toddlers, DIY Santa games can be the perfect family activity to celebrate the holidays. This craft will need to be created by parents using old plastic water bottles, some paint and some felt to make these cute Christmas themed bowling pins.

Toddlers will love to play this fun bowling game using a tennis ball to try and knock down Santa, the Elf and the Snowman in this holiday inspired activity. 

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Doing all this crafting and bowling can be tiring and make the kids hungry! So why not get them involved in helping you make Santa Hats as a fun family snack. Santa hats are made of strawberries, banana and whip cream, so not only are they a fun snack for toddlers they also sneak in some fruit which we all know can be tough to do at that age.

These Santa Crafts are perfect for at home or any toddler or preschool classroom. Plus we have added a bonus Santa inspired snack and Santa bowling to ensure that you keep your toddler busy during the holiday season as we know it can be an exciting time but also a long time to wait until Santa’s arrival!


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