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14 Simple and Summery Sun Crafts for Toddlers

14 Simple and Summery Sun Crafts for Toddlers

The sun is surely one of the first things that your toddler learns the moment they start to learn about many things. From seeing it in books, hearing about it from children’s songs, and from daily exposure and conversation around them.

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To start teaching your kid about the sun, this compilation of sun crafts for toddlers is filled with exciting, fun, and very colorful designs. With your help, together you can make such adorable arts, and your toddler can learn how to count, get familiar with different colors, and more.

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Enjoy our list of the Best Sun Craft Ideas for Toddlers!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Coffee Filter Sun

A very easy activity to start with, all you need are a white basket coffee filter, construction paper, colored pencils, crayons, and a glue stick. You don’t even need a scissor, so this craft is completely safe to make.

The children will be in total control and you don’t need to do that much at all except assist them in how and where to add the rays of the massive and beautiful sun.

Easy Coffee Filter Sun Craft
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Counting Sun Ray Craft

Have you been brainstorming on how to start teaching your toddler how to count in such a stimulating way? Gather craft foam or construction paper in the color of yellow and orange, scissor, and white paper. If you want this to be a permanent design, get a glue as well.

Cut the sun’s main core or shape and rays, then instruct your kid to place the core in the middle and add the rays slowly. Count every ray that your child will place, and in the end, ask them how many rays the sun they just made has.

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Sunshine Play Dough

Let’s turn up this fun sun craft activity a notch. You can make your own playdough, but that might take a while. If you don’t have the time, you can simply get a ready-to-use yellow play dough, sequins in orange, gold, and yellow, make sure to have drinking straws, buttons, foil, craft sticks, and glitters too.

The playdough itself will be the main part of the sun, then your toddler can add the rays from craft sticks, and place any extra features in the middle of the sun such as buttons, foil strips, glitters and more.

sunshine play dough recipe
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Sunny Monoprints

This is a great activity during the summer season or when it’s about to come. Children participating can make at least six different designs inspired by the sun. To make this craft possible, it requires white paper, tempera paint (yellow and orange), a paintbrush, and Q-tips.

As a parent, you should start by creating a sample. Then show your kids how creative they can be. They can add zigzags, squares, smileys, and other patterns.

Place all the designs on a string and let it dry. This is a fantastic way to celebrate the summer solstice as well.

Sunny Summer Monoprints
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Paper Fan Sun

With the use of only three materials; 5 pieces of yellow construction paper, glue or tape, and a scissor, you and your toddler can make a paper fan sun craft. This one comes with a printable template that you can add in the middle of the sun.

While you fold and put the paper together, your kid can shade the printed template of yellow or other colors if they wish. When the fan is ready, let your child place the cute template in the middle.

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Tie-Dyed Sunshine Ornament

Is there anyone who doesn’t like a good tie-dye craft? For this project, you need the following items: coffee filters, scissors, a paintbrush, craft paint, and a bowl of water.

If your toddler is too young to paint, you can let them use markers instead. You can have multiple coffee filters, this will allow your child to design any pattern they want. Let the finished product dry under the sun.

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Sun Catcher Craft

Do you live in a region where summer often brings rain? Perhaps this exciting sun catcher craft will help bring you a more sunny and clear sky this summer. You’ll need a few items such as contact paper, construction paper, print two sun catcher templates, yellow and orange tissue paper, strings, and scissors.

This is very suitable for toddlers because there is no specific way to design the sun catcher, your kids can go wild with patterns and designs. Use the string to hang the sun catcher by the window. Since it’s made of paper, make sure to hang it indoors.

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God’s Eye Sun Weaving

You only need four materials to make this charming and colorful sun weaving craft. This is an outdoor version of the sun catcher we just discussed above. Since it doesn’t require the use of scissors, this is a safe activity for toddlers.

Prepare four craft sticks (you can use plain or ones that are in orange and yellow color), yarn (yellow, purple, and orange), and glue. If you are using plain craft sticks, you will be needing orange and yellow paint.

Weaving the yarn is a bit more complicated, help your toddler to avoid them getting frustrated. Once it’s all ready and done, hang it by the garden, balcony, window, or porch.

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Outer Space Sun

Another very simple and easy to make with toddlers yet will get them excited and creative. This craft requires a few items.

So, raid your craft cabinet or drawers and pick up yellow and orange craft sticks, glue, yellow felt paper, card paper bits (yellow, red, orange), a paper punch, glitter glue (glue, gold, silver), blue card paper, tape, and a circular object as a pattern.

You probably have to assist your kid when gluing the stick, but once that’s dry, let them add the bits and pieces to the sun and its rays.

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Cupcake Liner Sun Craft

If you find yourself with a crazy amount of yellow buttons, this project is the place to use those. Aside from yellow buttons, gather yellow cupcake liner, googly eyes, glue, an orange marker or crayon, and blue construction paper.

Once you paste the cupcake liner and it’s dry, you can start instructing your toddler to place the googly eyes, rays made of buttons, and finally, allow them to draw a cheerful smile.

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Summer Sun Alphabet

This next craft is such an awesome way to teach the alphabet to your growing toddler. Prepare a paper plate, yellow marker, clothespin, and permanent marker.

Allow the little one to color the paper plate yellow while you write letters in uppercase on the clothespin. When the paper plate is ready, you can start writing the lowercase version of the letters on the edge of the plate.

Finally, match the clothespin by letter on the paper plate and place it over. Play the game by saying a letter, and your child must point to the written one. Reveal the uppercase and lowercase version of each letter when they get the answer right.

Summer Sun Busy Bag (Alphabet and Number Practice)
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Handprint Sun

One of the best art projects to make is the ones that you can keep. This handprint sun design will give you a lifelong reminder of how tiny your children’s hands are at some point in their life. 

You will need yellow, orange, and red paint, then you must also get a few pieces of white paper, markers or crayons, glue, and a scissor. 

Allow your kids to paint their palms orange, yellow, and red then make a print on the white paper. They will need to make about 8 different prints. After washing their hands, come back to the table, and cut a circular shape from the white paper.

While the kids are painting and drawing the sun’s face, you can spend your time cutting the handprints. Once everything is done, glue the handprints around the sun as rays.

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Paper Plate Sun And Rainbow Craft

Add more colors to your sun craft by including a colorful rainbow. Make sure that you have a paper plate, yellow paint, construction paper (orange and yellow), tissue paper in rainbow colors, glue, scissor, and a marker.

If you have two toddlers, you will only need one paper plate.

Cut the paper plate in half and let your children paint it yellow while you cut the rays out of the construction paper. Wait for the paper plate to dry before proceeding. Allow your kids to glue the rays and the rainbow tissue paper. For the final step, they can draw fun and happy faces on each of their suns.

Paper Plate Rainbow Craft Idea for Kids
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Thermocol Styrofoam Plate Sun

This little project only requires you to help cut the plate’s edge and transform it into rays. Once done, your toddler can paint the middle yellow and the rays orange. Wait until all the paint is dry before drawing the eyes, nose, and a cute smile in the middle.

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When the weather is not cooperative, these projects are a great way to spend your time with your children indoors and at the same time create designs that are inspired by the bright yet shy today – the sun.

These sun crafts for toddlers will challenge your children to be creative, imaginative, and probably even improve their counting and naming colors. While getting busy with these activities, play the catchy Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun song.


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