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11 Marvelous Mermaid Crafts for Kids!

Have you ever wondered where mermaids originated from? One of the earliest legends goes like this:

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The goddess Atargatis dove into a lake to take the form of a fish around 1000 BC. The gods there didn’t want her to give up her great beauty so only her bottom half turned into a fish.

And now we can enjoy mermaids in their present forms and depictions- the ones that have captivated adults and kids alike! These easy diy mermaid crafts are perfect for toddlers and kids, have fun coloring, painting and getting crafty with your little ones!

Enjoy our list of the Best Mermaid Craft Ideas for Kids!

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Mermaid Printable Water Painting

These designs are so adorable and don’t require too many materials. This activity comes with a printable template. Once that’s ready, all you have to prepare are paper, glue, watercolor, watercolor paper, a paintbrush, and scissors, and then you are ready to create this craft together. 

This project is done once the mermaids are all put together. You can extend the fun by allowing your child to paint and color a blank piece of paper which will be used as a background to glue the mermaids on.

Swimming Mermaid Paper Craft

A very cute and fun craft to make using a printer, white cardstock, scissors, cutting mat, Exacto knife, and markers. Play some under the sea song to set the mood. Print the template and help your children cut them into proper shapes and sizes.

There are three printable options, and one of them is blank or mermaids without color yet, this means your toddlers can add color that they prefer for their mermaids.

Finally, it’s time to make the background, so the mermaids can swim. This project could take a few hours to an entire day to make depending on which template you choose.

Cardboard Tube Mermaid

This carboard tube design is very easy to make, with an outcome that is so charming. One cardboard roll is equivalent to one mermaid. You can use empty toilet rolls or buy craft tube rolls. Apart from that, you should also prepare craft paint, colored cardstock paper, coloring pens, googly eyes, scissors, a stapler, and glue.

You may also use other crafting materials such as glitter and pipe cleaner (to use as hair). Help your kid cut the pieces and staple them together. When ready, your child can add colors, glitter, and other features according to their liking.

Photo Mermaid Craft

If your toddler has been asking if they can be a mermaid, well, this craft will make that wish come true. Prepare photos of your kids with their faces. Gather some colored paper, scissors, glue, markers, and a printer.

After you print the template, cut the pieces and start gluing the photo to other parts. Then add some colors and other accessories as they wish. There can even be other marine creatures such as fishes, octopuses, and sharks.

To add more fun to it, using a hole puncher, create some holes and strings on the top to make the mermaids swim (or fly!).

Toilet Roll Mermaid and Hula Girl

If your family is heading to Hawaii for a vacation or just came home, your children are probably still in the beach and ocean vibe. These matching mermaid and hula girl craft is going to make them remember this holiday for a long time.

Make sure you have empty toilet rolls, construction papers in various colors, glue, coloring pens, scissors, glitter glue pens, craft paint, and a paintbrush. I recommend you have a few toilet rolls ready in case your kids have to start all over.

This is a perfect activity to do during the weekend because it’s very detailed. It might take all day or even a few days. Since it’s a matching craft, your kids can let them talk with each other and have fun conversations and go on adventures.


Mermaid Fin Hair Clip

This next design is so pretty and something that your toddler could actually wear daily. It requires a plain hair clip (can be any size as you wish), sequins in mermaid colors (blue, green, purple), toothpick, blue craft foam, glue, scissors, white paper, pencil, hot glue, and a printer.

You will have to print the template first, then let your kid design the fin the way they like it. This is a little challenging craft to make. To ensure that your toddlers will stick to it, it’s best to make one together.

Once the design is ready, it’s time to attach the fin to the hair clip. Let it dry before trying it on to avoid the sequins from falling out. If it turns out great, you and your child can make more pieces featuring different patterns.

Mermaid School Supplies

This project is a great one to do if your kids are in school and will be using pens. But if that’s not the case, don’t worry, these items can also be used at home as toothbrush holders, drawing notebooks, and craft pens.

You will need some clean and empty tin cans (without the sharp top/lid area), white printer paper, embroidery thread, ruler, scissors, scrapbook paper, hole punch, glue, and glitter paint. 

It might take time to make the notebook and you definitely have to help your kid. But once it’s ready, it will be so fun to add the “fins” on the front cover. 

In the end, your child will have a mermaid-inspired drawing notebook, pen holders, and pens.

Mason Jar Aquarium

Create a fun little aquarium with your kids using a mason jar, food coloring, water, mermaid figures, aquarium gravel, glitter, glycerin, plastic aquarium plants, and other water creatures.

The only challenging part here is making the plants stand, but with enough gravel, it should not be a problem. When it’s finished, your child can place it on their bedroom window or even by the garden.

Mermaid Tail Craft

This is probably one of the coolest and most awaited crafts on this list – making a mermaid tail! But before you show it to your kid, you should know that this is about a 5-inch tail, this means that your toddler cannot wear it.

However, if you make multiple pieces, you can string them together. It will be a great banner-like and hang it on the door frame or on your toddler’s bed’s headboard.

You need glittered cardstock in light pink, light blue, and light green. You must also prepare plain cardstock in those colors, ½ in circle punch, wavy craft sticks, mini craft sticks, craft paint, a foam paintbrush, and hot glue. 

Safety first. The hot glue will be needed for the majority part of the activity. You should be the only one to use the hot glue and don’t let your child near it to avoid any accidents.

Mermaid Wand

This craft will be a great one to make to match your child’s costume. It can also be done as a feature for a mermaid-themed birthday party.

All you need to prepare are wooden star wands, paint (color of your preference), a paintbrush, seashells craft (you can use real shells, but they might be too heavy), glue, sequins, hot glue, ribbons, and scissors. 

Paint the star wand and the seashells first and let them dry. When it’s ready, you can help your toddler add the seashells and plenty of sequins. Finally, attach the ribbons as the finishing touch. The end result should give you a unique and fantastic wand.

Paper plate Mermaid Twirler

Another fun design that can be added to your toddler’s ocean-themed bedroom is a mermaid twirler.  Gather your materials which includes a few paper plates (one plate per mermaid), a printer (and template), paint, coloring pens, scissor, a paintbrush, glue stick, string, and stapler. 

Print the template first, then let your children paint the mermaid as they wish. You will have to assist your kids in cutting the paper plates and stapling all the prices together for safety.

When the design is ready and done, it’s time to find the best place to hang the beautiful mermaid twirlers.

These mermaid crafts for toddlers are so fun to create and will definitely make your child happy. We all know that toddlers are pumped with energy every day. They don’t have to keep watching the Little Mermaid daily, instead, they can spend their time being imaginative and artistic.

Activities like these are a great way to encourage them to be creative and express their own personality in such a colorful way. You even get to spend time with your kids and see them be visionary and clever. Remember to take photos during and after doing these activities because they grow up so fast.


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