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20 St. Patrick’s Day Crafts to Make and Sell {for quick cash!}

20 St. Patrick’s Day Crafts to Make and Sell {for quick cash!}

Are you looking for some creative St. Patrick’s day crafts that you can make at home and then sell for some quick cash?

If so, then look no further because here you will find a round-up of some adorable St. Patrick’s day crafts that you can sell on Etsy, Facebook, or a local craft show for some extra pocket money! 

Shamrock Sharpie Mug

These shamrock sharpie mugs are easy to make, and you can find everything you need to make them at your local dollar store. Quickly make a batch of these cute St. Patrick’s day mugs to sell at your local craft fair. 

Leprechaun Wreath

This adorable leprechaun wreath can be made in just a few minutes, with a few simple dollar store supplies. You can make up a batch in no time and have them available to sell for the St. Patrick’s day holiday ahead.  

Framed St. Patrick’s Day Sign

This framed St. Patrick’s day sign is quick and easy to make with some inexpensive dollar store frames and your printer. These framed signs are cute and should sell fast so you can make some quick cash. 

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Shamrock Barrettes

These shamrock barrettes are fun to make and offer a way to sneak a little bit of green into your St. Patrick’s day wardrobe. You are sure to sell out of these cute little barrettes and you only need a few items to make them too! 

St. Patrick’s Day Scarf Wreath

These St. Patrick’s Day wreaths are perfect for hanging up on the front door or inside to decorate for the holiday ahead. These wreaths only take minutes to make which means you can turn them into a nice profit. 

Shamrock Mason Jars

These cute St. Patrick’s day mason jars are perfect for decorating a dining room table or a fireplace mantle. These green jars are easy to make and a perfect craft to make and sell for the holiday. 

St. Patrick’s Day Cupcake Liner Trees

A simple craft to make that will look festive and amazing sitting out for the St. Patricks day holiday. All you need are some tree shaped forms and some cupcake liners, and you can have a set of these trees made up in no time. 

Rainbow Tassel Earrings

These rainbow tassel earrings are adorable and a perfect craft to make and sell for the St. Patrick’s day holiday ahead. All you need for these is some embroidery thread, earring hoops, and a little of your time. 

Leprechaun Hat Centerpiece

This adorable leprechaun hat centerpiece is a perfect craft for selling for the holiday. There are so many different arrangements that you can make with just a few simple items to make each centerpiece fabulously unique! 

Clay Pot Leprechaun Hats

These clay pot leprechaun hats are easy to make and adorable too. They are sure to be the hit at any craft show you might be participating in. You can even make them in different sizes to be arranged on a mantle or as a festive table centerpiece. 

Shamrock Wreath 

This adorable shamrock wreath is made by putting three dollar store heart shaped wreath forms together to create a shamrock. These wreaths are quite simple to make and will look great hanging up for the holiday. A great, simple craft to sell that can be displayed on a front door or inside of the home. 

Rainbow Glitter Vase

These rainbow glitter vases are beautiful and colorful. Perfect for storing flowers, other St. Patrick’s day decorations, or even candy! These beautiful vases will be a hit at any craft fair that you participate in. 

St. Patrick’s Day Candle Holder

These St. Patrick’s day candle holders are so easy to make and you can get everything you need to make them at your local dollar store. These adorable leprechaun candle holders will look adorable on a desk, or as part of a holiday centerpiece. 

St. Patrick’s Day Napkin Wreath

This super cute St. Patrick’s day wreath is easy to make and inexpensive too. All you need is a foam wreath base, some napkins from your local dollar store, and a few minutes of your time. The best part of this craft is that it can be made for all holidays and seasons. You can sell holiday wreaths year round! 

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Irish Flag Mason Jars

Help others display their Irish pride with these beautiful Irish flag mason jars. These jars are perfect for displaying shamrocks, flowers, and more as a centerpiece for the table or to place on a fireplace mantle. 

Shamrock Luminary Jars

These gorgeous shamrock luminary jars are the perfect decoration for celebrating St. Patrick’s day. You can put a tea candle inside to light them up, or use them to display all of your gold! An easy craft to sell for the upcoming holiday. 

Shamrock Heart Hair Clips

Help to keep those sneaky pinching leprechauns at bay by whipping up a batch of these adorable shamrock hair clips. Quick to make, easy to sell, and the perfect little bit of green for St. Patrick’s day!

Rainbow Balloon Wreath 

A beautiful way to celebrate St. Patrick’s day with all of the colors of the rainbow. This rainbow balloon wreath is simple to make and will make a colorful addition to anyone’s St. Patrick’s day decor! 

Miniature Pots of Gold

These adorable miniature pots of gold are sure to sell out quickly. They are easy to make and perfect for getting co-workers, classmates, and friends in the St. Patrick’s day spirit. 

Wine Bottle Leprechauns

You can upcycle some old wine bottles to make these adorable leprechauns, and that means that you won’t have to spend much on materials so the money you make by selling them is all profit! These leprechauns are easy to make and will look amazing as a dining room table centerpiece. 

These amazing Saint Patrick’s day crafts will give you the opportunity to show your love for the Irish and a chance to make a little bit of quick cash by selling them. Your friends, neighbors, and co-workers are likely all looking for ways to decorate and celebrate St. Patrick’s day this year!

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts to Make and Sell