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18 Star Crafts for Toddlers

18 Star Crafts for Toddlers

These star crafts for toddlers offer hours of fun! Whether you are teaching them about constellations or trying to find activities for holidays, these are the best for younger kids! 

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Enjoy our list of the Best Star Crafts for Toddlers!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Star Garland

Use old newspapers or magazine clippings to cut out the stars and have the littles one paint each one! When you are finished, you can glue the twine to the back, string it with yarn and punch holes, or follow the tutorial and sew them together like she did! These are cute and decorative when they hang! 

Glitter Star Ornaments

If you have a Crayola Sparkle station, these are super easy to make! If you don’t, you could easily recreate this craft with glitter, glue, and star cutouts

Star Tie Dye Design

While this craft will take a little bit of your help, when you guys are finished you can both have super cute tie dyed shirts with a star in the middle! The supplies are minimal but they do recommend buying a kit, which could be used again in the future to make more shirts, socks, etc. 

Easy Star Wand Tutorial

These play wands are super simple to make! Basically they are layered felt stars glued to a wooden dowel. The tutorial shows them as a patriotic wand, but you can use any color you would like so it fits the occasion!

Apple Star Natural Ornaments

Making Christmas ornaments just got a whole lot more exciting! They are using dehydrated apple and orange slices with the star being in the middle. The core naturally creates this shape. When you are finished, hang with twine for a rustic addition to the Christmas tree. 

Winter Window Stars

With a few sheets of paper and a simple folding technique, you can make all sorts of stars to hang in the window. The theme is blue and white for winter, but switch it up if you just need an everyday activity through the year. 

Patriotic Star Printed Placement Craft

Tots love this easy star craft! All you need is a sheet of paper, glue, and a star shaped cookie cutter. They will trace the inside of the cutter to make the star shape. You can even add a little sparkle of glitter while its wet. 

Easy 4th of July Craft: Patriotic Stars Painting

Here’s another easy craft, using the same cookie cutter technique. However, this time we are using paint on a paper plate! Even though they are making these for July 4th, swap the paints to your toddlers favorite color to make it more fun. 

How to Make Popsicle Stick Star

Teach little ones how to make stars by gluing popsicle sticks into place. Then smear a little glue and dip or sprinkle on some glitter! If you are making these during the holidays, add a ribbon for an easy Christmas ornament. 

Stained Glass Star Suncatcher

Suncatchers are so much fun to make and even prettier once they are catching the rays in the window. Use scissors to cut a star out of contact paper, and out of another piece of paper for the border. Have kids stick on tissue paper to the center. Best of all, it’s not a messy craft! 

Paper Plate Star Twirler 

These star twirlers will remind you of party decorations once you finished, except much cheaper to make! All you need is a paper plate, scissors, paint or markers, and a few star cutouts! 

Constellation Craft For Kids

If your little ones are really into space (or you are teaching them), this craft is a hit! Use star stickers to make a pattern on a black sheet of paper. Then let them connect the dots to the constellation with a piece of chalk. 

Galaxy Playdough Kids Will Love

This Playdough is pretty, colorful, and non toxic! You probably already have the ingredients at home to make a batch. Plus they can play for hours and even the next day as long as it’s stored properly! 

Moon Paper Plate Craft

Toddlers will need a little help to freehand this design on a paper plate, but it’s the perfect opportunity to talk about shapes! Once the moon is colored in, you will attach a single star with a piece of yarn and they can hang it in their room. 

Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Craft

Your little ones are the star of the show today! They can customize their own star anyway they would like. This is a great craft in a classroom setting, because it’s easy, fun, and only minimal supplies are required. 

Name – in – The – Stars Constellation Art

This artwork will definitely deserve a spot on the fridge! They will paint their paper plate to look like a galaxy, add some stars with their names in the middle. I love the sponge painting technique they use! 

Spinning Star Mobile Craft With Template

While this craft is Hannakkuh inspired, you could use it throughout the year. Teach the younger ones about the holiday and what the star means, or just let them be mesmerized while it twirls. You can also use this time to explain that stars can be a different shape from what they are used to seeing.

Star Person Craft

This little guy is cute and fun to make! His body is star shaped and has large googly eyes. The arms and legs are folded strips of paper so they have the stair step look. Then glue additional stars for his hands and feet! 

Star Fairy Wands

Earlier we talked about how to make a paper wand, but this one is the real thing! These are beautiful and will hold up during play time for days to come. To make the actual star, you melt pony beads in the oven using a star shaped cookie cutter. Depending on the color of beads, that is what makes the star’s color! They even added jewels when they were finished! 

We hope you enjoy all of these fun but simple star crafts for toddlers! Be sure to save this for later as there are crafts to be made year round! 


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