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23 Fun and Unique DIY Easter Basket Ideas for Teens

Easter is right around the corner and if you’re struggling with putting the perfect basket together for your teen, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve divided the ideas into two sections, Easter basket stuffer ideas and a selection of themed basket ideas. We hope that these ideas help you put together the perfect basket for the special teen of yours this Easter season. 

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Plus, we have added some unique items that go beyond the typical candy, toiletries, and gift cards!

DIY Easter Basket Ideas For Teens

Gamer Throw Pillow Cover

A perfect gift for your gaming teen. This gamer throw pillow cover is great for those who lose stuff easily. Your teen can store their controllers in the cover or take a nap on it! 

Easter Building Block

With four Easter themed characters included these Easter building blocks are a great addition to a teen Easter basket. Fun to put together and even more fun to use as bedroom decor! 

Gaming Socks

Have a gaming teen in your life? Then these gaming socks are an affordable Easter basket filler and are available in a variety of styles and colors. 

Floral Headbands for Girls

These floral headbands are so trendy and are adjustable to fit your own unique head shape. There are also tie dye and two-tone options. Your teen will love these headbands. 

The You Are Awesome Journal

Practical and positive, this you are awesome journal is a great way to boost your teen’s self confidence and a good way to get them off the screens for a little bit.

Character Sheet Masks

Character sheet masks make a perfect Easter basket stuffer for your teen. It’s great for a spa day with their friends or by themselves. You could also incorporate a DIY spa day into a fun mother-daughter date idea.

Word Search Puzzle Book

If you have a teen that loves word searches, then this spring word search puzzle book is perfect for this basket this year. Eighty challenging word searches that will keep them puzzling for hours. 

Personalized Bracelets for Teen

This inspirational personalized bracelet is perfect for that teen girl in your life that needs a little encouragement and motivation. Such a thoughtful and unique Easter basket stuffer. 

Chocolate Bunny Easter Shirt

This chocolate bunny Easter shirt is a perfect basket stuffer for that jokester of yours! Ten color options to choose from, you really can’t go wrong with this one! 

Storm Cloud: A Weather Predicting Instrument

A unique addition to your teen’s Easter basket this year is this cool storm cloud weather predicting instrument. They can watch their cloud respond to the changes in the atmosphere.   

Mini Pottery Studio

If you’ve got a teen that loves to craft, then we’ve got the perfect Easter basket idea for you. Mini pottery is super trendy and oh so adorable. This mini pottery studio set includes 10 projects that are ready to create and can be personalized based on their room decor.

Pillow Slippers

Pillow slippers are cute, comfy, trendy and affordable. Available in 19 different colors perfect for your boy or girl! Lightweight and comfortable, you can’t go wrong with these slippers! 

Super Mario Light-Up Alarm Clock

Have a Mario fan? This Super Mario alarm clock is a great idea for your teen’s Easter basket. Compact, practical, and maybe they will even start waking up on time for school by themselves!

Storybook DIY Kit

Your teen can light up their favorite book nook with this adorable storybook kit. Choose from five different scenes, great for any boy or girl that is an avid reader or bookworm. 

Easter Basket Themed Ideas


Have an avid teen camper or outdoors person? Then a camping/outdoor themed basket would be a perfect Easter surprise for them. This resource gives you plenty of ideas to choose from to make the perfect outdoors basket. 

Gamer Basket

A gamer themed basket would be a perfect option for that gamer teen of yours. Fill it with their favorite drinks and snacks and top it off with a gift card to their favorite place to buy games from! 

Homemade Treats Basket

What teen doesn’t love to snack? That’s why a homemade treats basket is a great option. Fill it with their favorite homemade goodies. This ideas is inexpensive and easy to put together! There are tons of treat ideas to choose from!

Spa Themed Basket

Give your teen a complete head to toe spa experience with a DIY spa themed basket. Fill it with all of their favorite scents. Or get really creative and make some homemade sprays and lotions! 

Workout Basket

If your teen loves to workout, then this workout themed Easter basket is perfect for them! Add a new water bottle, protein bars, and some healthy snacks to create the perfect basket for those who love moving their bodies!

Baking/Cookie Decorating

This baking Easter basket is such a practical and delicious basket idea for your child that loves to bake. A great idea to get you and your teen baking together. 

Game Night

If you ask me, there’s nothing better than a family game night with your teens. Fill their basket with some new games and their favorite snacks and drinks to create the perfect family game night. 

Movie Night 

A close second to family game night for me is a family movie night. Super simple and cost effective to put together. The whole family will benefit from this basket. Grab their favorite snacks, some popcorn and drinks and you’ve got yourself a fantastic family movie night. 

Girl Gear Teen Easter Gift Basket

From lip balm to bath bombs you can’t go wrong with this girl gear teen Easter basket. Pamper your teen girl this year with this adorable basket full of amazing goodies. 

We know that getting the right gift for your teen can be challenging. We hope our list of Easter basket stuffers and themed Easter basket ideas has made your basket planning a little easier this year. Even the pickiest of teens will be happy with one of these items or themed baskets from our list!

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