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How To Make A (practical) New Dad Survival Kit {with a free printable gift tag!}

How To Make A (practical) New Dad Survival Kit {with a free printable gift tag!}

Help Him Get Ready For Fatherhood With These Essentials For New Dads

Us moms do have a super tough job- childbirth, breastfeeding and mom guilt, oh my! But sometimes I think we forget about dads.

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Their world is going to be rocked too. It’s not just moms who have their worlds turned upside down.

Becoming a parent is joyous, beautiful, messy and downright crazy.

Sleepless nights affect dads too, along with the never ending diaper changes and worrying about your precious newborn. So!

Dads need some love too, and that’s why a daddy survival kit is just perfect 🙂

In all honesty, I’m feeling pretty guilty even writing this post. My husband and I share three kids and I never once thought of getting him something like this. If I could rewind I definitely would because we are a TEAM- one hundred percent! So whether this is for your husband or you’re here as a friend or relative- new dad deserves this and will thank you for it 🤍

Feel free to mix and match these ideas of what to put in a new dad survival kit– whatever makes the most sense for the dad you’re buying for. This would also make a great new dad hospital gift 🙂

Here’s what you need:


Grab yourself a basket that’s long with low sides (like this one) or one with higher sides (like this one) depending on how much stuff you want to put into it.

You can also try to tailor this to the new daddy you’re making it for and do something unique like a toolbox or a bucket.

New Dad Mug

This New Dad mug is pretty cute for any new dads established in 2020!


Coffee For That New Mug 🙂

Death Wish Coffee seems appropriate for new parents.

Or a coffee lover’s selection for those with a Keurig!


Snacking after a new baby is born is ESSENTIAL to mental health- seriously, have some tasty treats on hand (healthy and not!)

You can grab an ultimate snack package that has an assortment like this one or try a few different things.

Peanut butter filled pretzels, Power Up trail mix, or some good old fashioned salted nuts 🙂

Ear Plugs

I am a mom and use ear plugs every single night- if I didn’t, I don’t think I would ever sleep.

So if you’re both wanting to use ear plugs, make sure you are taking turns so that someone CAN hear the baby!

These ear plugs are for high fidelity for musicians have over 4000 positive ratings.

Tylenol or Advil

No sleep and baby cries can equal a head ache- grab a huge bulk bottle of Tylenol to make a point.


Does the dad you’re buying for have a favorite drink? Grab a small version and add it to your basket.


Comfy socks or slippers are a must have when you have a newborn in the house- there will be lots of rocking and pacing with baby. Make sure he’s nice and comfortable for those middle of the night rocking sessions!

These slippers have memory foam and are easily slipped on.

Dad and Baby Matching Shirts

This set is specifically for a baby boy.

This one says Dada and Mini for either gender.

Or this set says “But first, coffee” for dad and “But first, milk” for baby. Super cute!


Chocolate and snacks are two different things- chocolate does something that regular snacks just can’t do. It comforts you on a different level.

Grab him some comforting chocolate for those dire moments.

New Dad Survival Kit Printable Gift Tag

Click on the image to download and print out for your gift basket. Make sure to change the print size to card so that it doesn’t cover the whole page!

I Don’t Want To Put This Together- Can I Buy A Pre-Made Kit?

Yes, you can grab a super cute handmade new dad kit from Etsy.

Or, PrezzyBox has a new dad kit that’s a bit more funny than practical which is good too!

What do you put in a survival kit for a new dad?

Honestly, this is completely up to you and the guy you’re putting it together for.

Some funny items (like Febreeze for those stinky moments or disposable gloves for the toxic waste clean up) and some practical items (favorite snacks, booze, coffee, comfy slippers) make for an awesome new dad kit but it’s really up to you!

Looking for more new parent gift ideas?

New Dad Survival Kit

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