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16 DIY Back to School Gift Ideas for Teachers

Kids will be starting school again soon and you will be on the hunt for teacher gifts. I have compiled a huge list of back to school gift ideas for teachers so you don’t have to worry about what to get them. 

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Most of these gifts are easy DIY ideas that you can put together in no time, are somewhat inexpensive, and are perfect for any grade level. 

Adorable DIY Decorative Wood Block Apples

With most schools resuming near the fall season, teachers will love getting these rustic wood apple blocks that they can decorate their class with. You’ll need a few scrap pieces of wood, pain, glue, felt, wooden spools, and a couple of other general crafting supples. Overall they are really easy to make and kids can join in on the fun too. 

Easy DIY Magnetic Cement Planters

I am in love with this plant project. It’s a little more involved because you have to mix cement for the planters, but the end product is so cute! It only takes 15 minutes to make but they look so fancy once you are finished. The tutorial shows 6 on a magnetic board but you can always make as many as you would like. 

DIY No. 2 Pencil Mason Jar Pencil Holder

Once you get the mason jar painted to look like a pencil, you can fill it with Ticonderogas so the teachers will have extra pencils for students. This is a great teacher gift, especially when you need to make quite a few. It’s cheap to make and all you need in paint and a jar! 

Making Wine Cork Succulent Planters

Wrap a ribbon around several wine corks filled with your favorite clippings from succulents to make an easy desk decoration for teachers. You could also use fake succulents if you don’t want to go through the potting process. 

How To Make Easy Essential Oil Teacher Gifts

We all know how hard the teachers have it, so what better way to relieve the stress than with homemade essential oils! When you finish you will have a roll on oil attached to a card by washi tape, and instruction cards to follow along the way. 

Back to School Pencil Holders

Here’s another cute idea for pencil holders using tin cans that are decorated with vibrant colored paper. The paper is attached with glue dots, then embellished with rub on letters. 

DIY Wine Bottle Planter with Thyme

Upcycle your old wine bottles by turning them into vases with fresh thyme or other herbs. While teachers could definitely take these home they could also leave them in the classroom and allow students to help take care of them. You can paint a cute saying on the outside or use a Cricut machine (if you have one) to apply a vinyl decal. 

Back to School Teacher Gift Tag Printable

These bee themed tags are super cute! While you could add them to any gift, the tutorial shows them being tied onto a Burt’s Bees gift set. It’s a small set, so relatively inexpensive and you don’t have to worry about making anything. 

Teacher Survival Kit

Such a simple but oh so meaningful idea! Most teachers pay for supplies throughout the year from their pockets and are never reimbursed. Let’s take some of the stress off by starting the school year off right with a survival kit. You can really add whatever you would like to the basket but this post has some awesome ideas. 

Bright School Year Back to School Easy Teacher Gift

Use these free printable tags to add to highlighters, pens, or makers for an easy gift idea. All you do is print them out, use a hole puncher to make a hole at the top, then tie a ribbon around the card and present. 

First Day of School Teacher Coffee Gift

Print out this cute coffee design on white card stock paper. Then cut it out and glue it together. Use a glue dot to attach a Starbucks or local coffee shop gift card for a simple back to school gift. 

Chalkboard Crayon Wreath

This back to school wreath would be a great teacher gift for those who teach elementary grade levels. You’ll need a wood wreath, about 3 boxes of crayons, ribbon, a small chalkboard, glue, and any other stickers or embellishments you would like to add. 

Meet the Teacher and First Day of School Gift Ideas for Teachers

There are tons of ideas for teacher gifts on this page. Plus most of them include free printable tags that accompany each one. For something simple she includes a bottle of hand sanitizer with a gift tag, another easy idea is a couple of notepads with a pen that includes a cute little note. 

Snack Mix Recipe And S’more Teacher Gift Tag Template

We need s’more teachers like you! How adorable! For the snack mix you combine graham crackers, marshmallows, candy, and chocolate chips in a mason jar. Then attach the free printable gift tag with ribbon. This one is cheap, easy, and great when you have to come up with multiple teacher gifts. 

Cookie Teacher Gift Printable

Assemble these small party gift boxes and attach the printable for an easy gift idea. The label says, “I’m going to be one smart cookie with you as my teacher”. So you know what that means? Place a paper liner in the bottom and fill with cookies! You can make a batch that is homemade, fill with store bought, or use the mini snack packs that are prepackaged. 

School Supplies “Cake” | A Teacher’s Gift She’ll Actually Use

You’ve heard of a diaper cake right? Well same thing except you are going to make the cake out of classroom supplies! I love this idea because we know teachers can all use more supplies. The tutorial uses glue bottles, glue sticks, and boxes of crayons. However, you can use any school related stuff you would like and just follow the same instructions! 

I have to admit some of these back to school teacher gift ideas are so cute, I don’t know if I will only be able to choose one!