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Quick and Easy Dinner Ideas for Families {healthy and fast!}

It’s that time again… dinner time! You didn’t plan for it and the kids are asking “what’s for dinner?” Don’t despair! These recipes are ACTUALLY easy, healthy and quick to whip up. They are family and budget friendly.

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I hope you find something you and your family will love for supper that you can add to your weekly menu!

1. Easy Chicken Fried Rice

This recipe from Taste of Home is described as “satisfying and fast.” With chicken and eggs for protein and some frozen veggies, you’re looking at a wonderful meal tonight.

2. Kid Friendly Quinoa Bites (pizza flavored!)

Suburban Simplicity has created a pizza alternative that is so fun and simple!

With protein packed quinoa, melty cheese and tasty pepperoni, you can have these fun bites for supper tonight. Serve them with your favorite side and you have winner.

3. Oven Baked Burger Cups

Mason Fit has created a healthy cheese burger! With beef, cheese and some classic cheese burger condiments, you will have these made wicked fast and they are delicious.

Serve them with oven baked fries for a healthier version of a cheese burger and fries.

4. Spaghetti and Meatball Skillet

Is your family getting sick of spaghetti yet? We’re not quite there but we do have spaghetti a LOT. Taste of Home has a recipe that’ll get you excited for spaghetti again!

Packed with protein from the meatballs and beans plus the added healthiness of artichoke hearts, you really can’t go wrong with this recipe.

5. Lazy Lasagna

Okay, I’m real excited about this one because who has time to make full on lasagna with 4 kids (not me, that’s who!)

The Lazy Dish has made this mouthwatering recipe with just three ingredients! That’s wild. Frozen ravioli, cheese and pasta sauce are all that you need.

6. Burrito Casserole

Life Made Simple has made a flavorful and spicy casserole that can be served with warm tortillas or nacho chips.

Although there is more slicing and dicing in the recipe, it’s worth it because that’s the hardest part! The rest is layering and baking.

And the end result- a delicious and healthy casserole everyone in the fam will love.

7. One Pot Tuscan Chicken Pasta

Easy, healthy, cheesy, garlicky goodness from I Food Real. This recipe is truly one pot and ready in under 30 minutes!

Chicken, spinach and peppers add a healthy flair while the parmesan cheese and garlic kick up the taste.

8. Black Bean and Corn Enchilada Casserole

Love Bakes Good Cakes has hit all the points for an easy and yummy Mexican dish.

This recipe packs a protein punch and will please even the quinoa haters! A delicious Mexican inspired casserole that is so healthy and tasty.

9. Veggie Fried Rice

Even though this recipe from Stylish Cravings is for veggie fried rice, you can definitely toss in an egg or some chicken for some extra protein!

Because this is made with precooked rice and frozen veggies… it really doesn’t get any easier!

10. 5 Minute Instant Pot Chili Mac

Temecula Blogs has made a super quick and tasty meal- it’s ready in under 15 minutes using your instant pot!

Beef, noodles, cheese and tomatoes- yum.

11. Mexican Mini Lasagnas

Okay so not only is this recipe easy but it’s also FUN! Vegging on the Mountain has created this neat recipe using wonton papers.

Once everything is prepped, it’s all about making each mini lasagna quickly. They really come together with your favorite toppings- sour cream, salsa, guac. Mmmm.

12. One Pot Turkey Parmesan Pasta

It’s possible to have a filling and healthy meal for dinner- even on busy weeknights! One pot recipes are the secret.

Check out the recipe from Money Wise Moms, it looks amazing!

13. Sneaky Ground Beef and Mushroom Tacos

Need your kids to eat some more veggies? Sneak some mushrooms into taco night with this recipe! They’ll never notice.

14. Change Your Life Chicken

This recipe from The Lazy Genius Collective is one to save for sure because it’s so easy to switch up the combinations of veggies and spices- you can have a different meal each time you make it!

Healthy home baked chicken and veggies on one pan with no extra dishes. Done. Deal!

15. Easy Lo Mein

In just 15 minutes, you can have Lo Mein that is so much healthier than take out! Noodles always go over well with kids.

16. Mexican Chicken and Rice Dinner

With staples from your pantry and only one pan, this Mexican recipe is ready in under 30 minutes.

Topped with ooey gooey cheese, your whole family will love this!

17. Easy Turkey Salisbury Steaks

These Salisbury Turkey Steaks from Recipes Food And Cooking come together really quickly with the help of Campbell’s soups.

The roasted potatoes, thick gravy and sharp cheddar make for one tasty meal!

18. Guacamole Tacos with Southwestern Salsa

19. Easy Beef Enchilada Casserole

20. Homemade Pizza Pockets

21. Vegetarian Zucchini Boats

22. Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken

23. Chicken Hummus and Naan Wraps

The Rising Spoon has added a twist to a classic chicken wrap by using naan bread!

With hummus, feta, veggies and a red wine vinaigrette you’ll have a hit you can whip up again and again.

24. Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry

Savory Tooth has created a classic Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry and it’s ready in 25 minutes.

This makes for an incredibly quick and healthy meal for any day of the week.

25. Kid Friendly Pasta Salad

There is something so refreshing and healthy about a good pasta salad! My kids love anything with noodles, hopefully yours do too!

The dressing for this pasta salad is wildy simple- lemon juice, olive oil and salt! But you could use any dressing you like.

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