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Best Stocking Stuffers For Your Husband: 45 Ideas He’ll Love

Best Stocking Stuffers For Your Husband: 45 Ideas He’ll Love

What Do You Put In A Man’s Stocking?

Christmas is just around the corner so it’s time to start thinking of some amazing stocking stuffers for the whole family, including your husband! You may be wondering what you should put in a man’s stocking? Not to worry, here you will find some amazing stocking stuffer ideas that your husband is sure to love! 

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Best under $10

Great stocking stuffers don’t have to be expensive to be fun, practical, or thoughtful. That’s why we found these great stocking stuffers for $10 or less.

Whiskey Stones 

Does your husband enjoy a good stiff drink? If so, these whiskey stones are a perfect stocking stuffer for him.  He can chill his favorite adult beverage without watering it down. You might also include an airplane bottle of his favorite liquor with this gift. 

RFID Wallet 

Help your husband protect his identity and financial information when he is on the go with a brand new RFID wallet

Rubix Cube 

Just because he is a grown-up doesn’t mean your husband won’t enjoy a toy in his stocking this year. This Rubix cube even comes with a stand so he can put it on his desk at work. 

Best Under $15 

Here are some amazing stocking stuffers that any husband would enjoy finding stuffed in his holiday sock, and at under $15 they are a great value too! 

 Screen Cleaning Balls 

           Help your husband keep his device screens clean and fingerprint free with these amazing screen cleaning balls. They come in sets of three so you can keep one for yourself too! 

Stainless Steel Can and Bottle Cooler

            He can keep his favorite bottled or canned beverages icy cold no matter what the temperature is with one of these stainless steel can and bottle coolers. There are lots of colors to choose from and it will fit perfectly inside of his Christmas stocking. 

Beanie Cap

             Keep your husband toasty warm in style this Christmas with one of these warm beanie caps in his stocking. They come in lots of colors so you can find the perfect match for him. 

Best Under $20

Still reasonably priced at $20 or less, these stocking stuffers will bring a smile to your husband’s face on Christmas morning. 

Stocking Stuffer Rock

The sweet sentiment engraved on this highly polished rock will let your husband know they are always in your heart, and it’s small enough to carry around in his pocket too.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker 

Does your husband love to sing in the shower? Then help him out with this Bluetooth shower speaker that he can use in the shower or out by the pool. Don’t be fooled by its small size, this compact speaker packs a punch and it will fit perfectly in his stocking too. 

           Cold Therapy Muscle Massage Ball 

           Help your husband relieve his aches and pains by putting this cold therapy      muscle massage ball in his Christmas stocking this year. Keep it in the freezer and it will        be ready whenever muscle pains plague him…he may even let you give it a try too! 

Best Under $30

Here are a few amazing stocking stuffers that your husband is sure to love that still won’t break the bank at just under $30. 

Massage Ball Kit 

Help your husband to relieve post workout knots, or even just to relax after a tough day at work with this massage ball kit. The kit comes with six different balls with varying textures and strengths to relieve muscle tension all over the body. 

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Does the blue light from computers or even gaming platforms cause your husband eye strain? If it does, he might enjoy finding these blue light blocking glasses inside of his stocking on Christmas morning. 

Minimalist Wrist Watch 

Maybe your husband wants a watch but he simply wants to know the date and time, and not necessarily how many steps he has taken or that someone sent a text message to his phone. If this sounds like your husband then surprise him with this very nice plain old wristwatch!

Best funny stocking stuffers for men

           Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh on Christmas morning? Slip a couple of these funny stocking stuffers into your husband’s stocking and have the whole family laughing together. 

Motion Activated Toilet Light

           Make that middle-of-the-night potty run a little more fun with this motion-activated toilet light. Now he won’t have to turn the bathroom light on and wake you up!

Instant Therapy Putty 

           This Instant Therapy Putty is good for a Christmas morning laugh, and it’s really relaxing to play with as well. Put some in your husband’s stocking and he can use it to melt the stress away after a long day at work. 

Mix and Match Insult Book

Sure there are those that say cursing is a form of ignorance, but there are others who appreciate it for the creative outlet that it can be. If your husband falls into the latter category the mix and match insult book is the perfect stocking stuffer for him. 

Best techy 

Does your husband love all things tech? If so, these stocking stuffer ideas might be some of his favorite gifts this year!

Universal Dust Cleaner 

          Sometimes there is dust and gunk in your keyboard or gaming console that you just can’t reach, but this universal dust cleaner can. 

Echo Auto

Does your husband enjoy being connected all of the time, even on his drive into work? Then he might appreciate an Echo Auto tucked away inside of his Christmas stocking this year. 

Emergency Tech Kit 

Your honey will never be without the tools he needs to keep his electronics up and running even when he is on the go with this emergency tech kit that he can easily slip into his pocket. 

Best handyman

Does your husband enjoy getting his hands dirty and fixing things around the house?  If so, then these stocking stuffers might make the perfect stocking stuffer for him. 

18 in 1 Snowflake Multi-tool

This stainless steel multi-tool has 18 different tools in 1. They can use it as a screwdriver, bottle opener, and so much more. This tool is small enough to fit in a pocket or they can slip it on a keychain and have a toolbox at their fingertips. 

Magno Grip Wristband

If the handyman in your life is tired of accidentally dropping screws and nails while working on a project, then this magnetic wristband is the perfect stocking stuffer for him. 

Rechargeable Work Light 

Help your handyman light up even the darkest spaced with this rechargeable LED work light stuffed inside of his stocking. The base of the light is magnetic so it can be hands-free as well. 

Best Tactical 

           Is your husband tactically minded? Always prepared for whatever situation might arise? If so, he will enjoy finding these tactical gifts in his stocking this year. 

Military Tactical Pen

       This military-grade tactical pen can be used for all of his writing needs, but it can also be used to break glass in an emergency, and in the worst-case scenario for self-defense purposes. 

Gearlight Tactical Flashlight 

          You can’t be tacti-cool if you can’t see what’s going on in the dark so slip one of these tactical flashlights into your husband’s stocking this year and since they come in a two-pack keep one for your purse or pocket

Nite Ize Gear Ties 

           Your husband never knows when he might need a zip tie and these are brightly colored and reusable. Slip a couple of these gear ties in his stocking this year and they will definitely find their way to his toolbox. 

Best Well Groomed

For the husband who takes extra care with his appearance to make sure he looks his very best here are some stocking stuffers he might enjoy. 

Beard Balm

Does your husband have a beard that he is proud of? If so, he may really enjoy finding this beard balm in his stocking Christmas morning. 

Charcoal Face Mask

Face masks are no longer just for the ladies, in fact, they are an essential part of the well-groomed man’s weekly skincare routine so slip one into your husband’s stocking this year. 

Moisturizer with Sunscreen

Moisturizer with sunscreen is another great stocking stuffer for the well-groomed husband. This moisturizer comes with an SPF of 30 and a tingly feeling eucalyptus scent to protect your husband’s skin no matter what his plans are that day. 

Best Practical 

Practical gifts often get more use and appreciation than other gifts do, so it’s never a bad idea to throw a few practical items in your husband’s stocking…you never know when they might come in handy. 

Tile Mate 

Does your husband have a habit of misplacing his keys, coffee cup, cell phone, or wallet? If so, slip a Tile Mate inside of his stocking so he can keep track of all of his belongings. 

Wool Socks

You can’t find a more practical stocking stuffer than socks and underwear, so put a pair of these warm woolen socks in your husband’s stocking so he can keep his feet warm all winter long. 

Electric Toothbrush 

An electric toothbrush is another excellent practical stocking stuffer for your husband this year. You can’t be in good health without a healthy smile so give your husband a brand new electric toothbrush for his amazing smile.  

Best Chef

Does your husband enjoy whipping up gourmet meals in the kitchen or grilling up a storm on the weekends? If so, he might really appreciate these chef-inspired stocking stuffers. 

Digital Meat Thermometer

A digital meat thermometer is a perfect stocking stuffer for the husband who loves to cook. He will no longer have to worry whether or not his meat is perfectly cooked because this handy thermometer will let him know for sure. 

Vegetable Peeler

Whether your husband is a home chef or a professional a vegetable peeler is always appreciated, and the perfect size to fit inside of a stocking. 

Funny Chef Apron 

Give your cooking husband a fun chef apron like this one in his stocking this year. His clothes will be protected while he whips up something delicious, and the fun saying will bring a smile to both of your faces. 

Best Outdoorsman

For the guy who prefers to spend more time outdoors than in, check out these great stocking stuffers. 

Life Straw

The Life Straw is the perfect gift for any outdoorsman so that they can have a safe drink of water no matter where their adventures may take them.  

Waterproof Stuff Sack

The waterproof stuff sack is a great gift for the outdoorsman. Sacks like this one can hold all kinds of outdoor gear and you don’t have to worry about it getting wet either! 

Camping Multi-tool