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Cramping Plus Other Early Pregnancy Signs

Cramping Plus Other Early Pregnancy Signs

Don’t panic! Here’s the first steps to take after a positive pregnancy test 🙂

If you’ve been scouring the internet and googling “early pregnancy signs” or “am I pregnant?”-

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Welcome. You’re in the right place!

I’ve had 3 babies and with each one I was madly searching for answers as I googled every single sign and twinge. Some are way more obvious than others!

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Before we go into all the early pregnancy signs, it’s important to note that the only sure fire way to know is to take a pregnancy test. I wish had known about these tests with my first baby- they’re less than a dollar per test and work the same as expensive drug store tests!

If it’s long before you’re expected period and you’re absolutely dying to know- make an appointment with your doctor for a blood test. Blood tests pick up a positive pregnancy way before urine tests.

Missed Period

The first obvious sign is a missed period. This only happened to me once, with my first baby, because we weren’t trying or planning… but we also weren’t not not trying lol.

Missing your period means that you’re already 4 weeks pregnant- congrats!

Morning Sickness (nausea)

Morning sickness occurs because of your body producing more hCG as your baby grows. Unfortunately, morning sickness isn’t restricted to the morning. It can strike any time of day! Check out these pregnancy sickness remedies that work wonders!

Implantation Cramping

Implantation occurs 6-12 days after conception. Implantation cramping occurs when the egg implants in your uterine wall. It’s a short, sharp pain in your lower abdomen. Not every woman will get this or notice it.

This sharp pain won’t last but you may have dull cramps for a while after implantation.

Implantation Bleeding

This may or may not happen to you. Implantation bleeding is a lot different than bleeding from your period. The blood will be brown or pink tinged as it isn’t fresh.

This happens from the egg implanting into the wall of your uterus.

Being SO Tired

This level of fatigue is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. It will feel like you just can’t possible stay awake and you’ll be wondering how on Earth you’ll make it through the day!

When my SIL was pregnant with her 4th, she passed out in the middle of the floor while her other kids played around her 🤣

Sore Breasts

Your boobs may feel extra heavy, sore or tender. Some women feel such pain that it’s hard to get a bra on- don’t worry though, it won’t last!

Back Ache

This pregnancy symptom sometimes gets mistaken for a period sign- a dull ache in the back that sometimes feels like the start of your period.

In pregnancy, this is from the hormone relaxin going through your body and loosening all your muscles.

Cervical Mucus

At the start of your pregnancy, cervical mucus will be thin and sticky. As you get further into your pregnancy, it will become thicker and stickier.

Just after implantation, the mucus will be thick, clear and somewhat gummy.

Heightened Sense of Smell

Are you smelling literally everything- sometimes even when it’s far away? You might be pregnant!

Strange Taste In Your Mouth

If you have a funny coppery taste in your mouth, it may be because you’re pregnant. It’s called dysgeusia and occurs from the progesterone hormone.

Pregnancy Acne

Yep… if you’re breaking out, it may be pregnancy! All the extra hormones raging make for raging skin.


Low blood pressure happens in early pregnancy due to the progesterone hormone causing your blood vessels to dilate.

This symptom doesn’t last long but take it easy and sit when you need to!

Hot Flashes

These can occur very early- around 4-6 weeks. They aren’t as common but not unusual to get!


If you’re unsure, grab a pregnancy test or see your doctor. Here’s our giant list of over 70 weird and early pregnancy symptoms if you’re curious!

Please check out the video below for in depth descriptions of all the pregnancy symptoms by a midwife 🙂

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