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70 Early Signs of Pregnancy {weird, very early pregnancy symptoms}

70 Early Signs of Pregnancy {weird, very early pregnancy symptoms}

What are some uncommon signs of early pregnancy?

If you’re wondering if you’re pregnant and have started scouring the internet for every single pregnancy symptom you can find-

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We’re going to go through every single symptom from common to rare.

But first, I wanted to go over a basic timeline of conception and pregnancy because I felt like I still had trouble understanding even with my third pregnancy!

Ovulation—> If fertilization occurs, you are already considered 2 weeks pregnant.

Fertilization —> 5 minutes to 5 days after intercourse.

Implantation—> 5-15 days after conception.

Pregnancy symptoms—> 2-4 weeks after intercourse.

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1. Missed period

This is the most obvious sign of pregnancy and one that can’t be mistaken (unless you have really high stress levels or there is something else going on.)

When you’re expecting your period, miss it and there is a chance you could be pregnant, you probably are.

Reasons you might not get your period aside from pregnancy:

  • Stress
  • Low body weight
  • Obesity
  • PCSO (polycystic ovarian syndrome)
  • Birth control
  • Chronic diseases
  • Thyroid issues


2. Tender breasts

Tender breasts usually start 1-2 weeks after conception. This can be confusing because tender breasts can also be a PMS symptom. The difference is that if you’re pregnant, the tenderness will last after your missed period.

3. Nausea

Have you been feeling a bit “off” lately? Queasy just looking at or thinking of certain things?

I knew I was pregnant with my son incredibly early because all of sudden I could smell cigarette smoke a mile away and the tiniest whiff made me nauseous.

Morning sickness usually starts early in the first trimester and goes away between weeks 12-14. There are a few women who may experience nausea into the second and third trimesters but that’s rare.

If you’re experiencing morning sickness, check out these proven remedies!

4. Fatigue

If you’re having a hard time getting up in the morning and crashing early, you might be pregnant! Fatigue in the first trimester can be crippling- it’s actually pretty shocking and you won’t understand until you’ve experienced it!

With my second pregnancy, I actually had days where I didn’t know if I could make it through, I was so tired! But, like clockwork, at the start of the second trimester I got a lot more energy.

A friend of mine told me she fell asleep dead in the middle of the floor when she was pregnant with her 4th while her other 3 kids were playing loudly around her.

It’ll take you down!

5. Increased urination

If you’re finding yourself in the bathroom more often, it may be a sign of pregnancy! Increased urination happens around week 4, or when you’d be missing your period.

6. Mild cramping

Mild cramping will likely happen throughout the beginning of your pregnancy as your uterus grows. They’re most likely to happen in the first trimester.

Abnormal cramps will be persistent and severe. Never hesitate to call your doctor if you’re worried.

7. Mild spotting

If you were expecting your period but only had very mild spotting and it didn’t turn into your period, you might have experienced implantation bleeding.

This happens 6-12 days past ovulation or 8-9 days after conception with a successful pregnancy.

8. Bloating

It can be frustrating trying to determine pregnancy symptoms from menstrual symptoms because they’re similar.

If you’re adding bloating with a missed period, though… that’s cause for some raised eye brows 🙂

Bloating happens during early pregnancy because of hormone changes which can slow your digestive system down.

9. Motion sickness

Have you been fine riding in the passenger seat… until now? If you’re noticing motion sickness that wasn’t there before, it can certainly be a sign of pregnancy.

If you were prone to motion sickness before pregnancy, it’s likely it will still affect during pregnancy.

pro tip- use Seabands to soothe motion sickness and morning sickness.

10. Mood swings

Have you broken down into tears over something and then later thought “well, that was silly, why was I crying over that?

Mood swings can occur as early as 6 weeks and can last for the first trimester.

This happens cause of all those lovely extra hormones you’re getting!

11. Temperature changes

Your basal body temperature may be higher in the morning if you’re pregnant. Tracking your basal body temperature is a good way to plan or avoid pregnancy.

Your BBT will rise during ovulation. If it stays elevated past the 3 days of ovulation, it probably means you’re pregnant.

12. High blood pressure

Sometimes you can get high blood pressure early in pregnancy. Reasons for this include:

  • First time pregnancy
  • Carrying multiples
  • Age (over 35)
  • In vitro or IVF
  • Being overweight

13. Heart burn

If you’re having horrible heartburn out of nowhere, it may be a pregnancy sign! Digestive changes and hormones can throw a lot of things out of whack in early pregnancy.

14. Faster heartbeat

Feeling a faster flutter in your chest? Early pregnancy can raise your heartbeat by 15-20 beats per minute.

15. Breast and nipple changes

If your boobs feel heavy and it hurts to put your bra on, you might be pregnant! Or, it could be PMS.

There was quite a difference for me between PMS and pregnancy though. With each of my pregnancies, sore breasts were way more intense with pregnancy than during PMS!

16. Acne

What is this teenage break out crap 🙁 Acne is pretty good sign you might be pregnant- blame all the raging hormones!

17. Weight gain

Your favorite jeans are feeling a little… snug. Is it bloating or weight gain? You probably won’t gain much more than 1-4 pounds in the first trimester, so… it’s a toss up lol.

18. Pregnancy glow

There aren’t hard rules around the timeline of a pregnancy glow, although most experience it in the second trimester.

The reason you might get a pregnancy glow is because of hormone fluctuations, increased blood flow and increased oil in your skin.

19. Period like pains

If you’re pregnant, your womb, muscles and ligaments will already be changing. This can cause mild period like pains and cramps in the first trimester.

20. Constipation

Having trouble with number 2? Your body produces progesterone in early pregnancy which can slow down your digestive system and cause constipation.

21. Diarrhea

On the flip side of having trouble it might actually be a little too easy for you to go! Diarrhea can happen because of hormone shifts, diet changes or added stress.

22. Change in cervical mucus

Noticing a bit more wetness in your underwear could be a sign that you have a little one on board! A bit of extra discharge is normal but some women might not even notice.

23. Sleeplessness

Having trouble sleeping in the first trimester is pretty normal- you’re going to be visiting the bathroom more often and your hormones will be partying like crazy. This can cause insomnia in early pregnancy.

24. Vivid dreams

Having new intense or vivid dreams can be a sign of pregnancy. This is because of all the hormones raging around which in turn affects your sleep patterns.

25. Headaches

Fatigue and eye strain can cause headaches in the first trimester. Blood volume can also play a role in the headaches you’re experiencing!

26. Dizzy

Dizziness might happen because of the increased blood pressure in the first trimester. If you keep getting dizzy slow down!

27. Backache

Being stressed and having extra hormones kicking around can mess with your back.

28. Achy joints

Achy joints happen from… you guessed it! The extra hormones. This can affect all your joints, unfortunately.

29. Leg cramps

According to Clear Blue, “You may get cramps in your legs or feet in the first trimester, and sometimes later in your pregnancy. This is due to changes in the way your body processes calcium.”

30. Sour or metallic taste

Who knew there was a cool term for that weird taste in your mouth? It’s called dysgeusia and it causes a change in your sense in taste.

It’s common in the first trimester so if you’re tasting something metallic in the morning… you might have a baby on board.

31. Bleeding gums

The extra hormones in early pregnancy can make your gums more sensitive to plaque which causes sensitive gums and bleeding. source

This happened to me with all 3 pregnancies- it’s a weird experience and not much fun.

32. Food tasting wrong

This is also caused by dysgeusia and is common in the first trimester.

33. Excess saliva

There is a cool name for this one too- ptyalism. It’s common in the first trimester but should ease up going into the second. source

34. Smell sensitivity

Suddenly you think you might have the weirdest superpower- super…smell??

If you’re smelling things that others aren’t or smelling them on a high level and they’re bothering you, you might be pregnant 🙂

35. Stuffy or runny nose

Because your body is making more blood and hormones, it can cause the mucus membranes in your nose to swell and become stuffed up, dry out and bleed easily. source

36. Nose bleeds

Never had a nose bleed until now? It’s the same reason for stuffed noses during pregnancy- swollen mucus membranes.

37. Dry mouth

This might happen because when you’re pregnant, you need a lot more water to help baby develop. It might also be from the extra hormones wreaking havoc on your oral health.

38. Not hungry

If you’ve lost your appetite, it could be a sign! Food aversions, heightened sense of smell and nausea can all play a part in your small appetite.

39. More hungry or thirsty

You might also be more hungry or thirsty than before! This is because growing baby needs water and you might be experiencing food cravings early.

40. Hot flashes

Hot flashes are common in the first trimester because of the extra blood and increased blood pressure.

41. Grumpy, teary, over sensitive

Crying at commercials? Upset cause your SO wasn’t “listening right?” You could be pregnant. I was an emotional wreck at the beginning of all of my pregnancies!

42. Implantation pain

Some women feel this, others done. It’s like a sharp, stabbing cramp and usually subsides quickly. Then there may be dull, achy cramps after.

43. Itching

Hormones can be blamed for a lot of things, even itching! Itching can come from stretching skin as your pregnancy progresses.

44. Baby brain

Research on baby brain is mixed– there isn’t enough evidence to say it’s a sure thing. But ask any pregnant momma or postpartum mom and you’ll know- it’s real enough!

45. Light headed

Increased blood volume and higher blood pressure in the first trimester can cause you to feel light headed. Take it easy when you need to!

46. Burping

Burping might be caused by the extra progesterone in pregnancy.

It slows down your whole digestive system which can lead to a build up of excess gas causing burping (or wind.)

47. Hair loss

Hair thinning can happen from stress or shock. The first trimester can throw your body for a loop which can cause hair loss. Don’t worry though, it will come back!

48. Change in sex drive

All that extra blood can be a good thing- it can cause extra lubrication in the vagina as well as more sensitivity which can drive your libido up for the first and second trimesters.

49. Lack of hair growth

Your hair hasn’t stopped growing- estrogen has made it thicker and and prevents normal hair loss. Things will even out after pregnancy.

50. Thrush

During pregnancy, the vagina has a better environment for thrush to thrive. If you have itching, burning or a thick discharge- contact your doctor!

51. Shiny hair

Shiny hair happens because of all the excess hormones. You probably won’t notice really shiny or thick hair until week 20 but some moms notice it earlier!

52. Color sensitivity

This study is really interesting- it goes over why you might be more sensitive to certain colors in early pregnancy.

They think that it might be that pregnant women are drawn to “ripe” colors like yellows and reds and more repulsed by bluish colors which can signify rotten.

53. Shortness of breath

The hormone progesterone can cause you to breathe more which looks like shortness of breath. This

54. Gagging at weird things

If sites, smells or sounds are making you gag that normally wouldn’t, you could be pregnant 🙂

55. Difficulty brushing teeth

Did you cut your morning brushing session short but a lot? Difficulty brushing your teeth is a pretty good sign you might be pregnant!

A friend of mine told me she pretty much expected to have a cavity filled after each pregnancy because she just couldn’t brush her teeth without gagging.

56. Veiny boobs

With your breasts changing size and your body increasing blood volume, your breasts may look veiny if you’re pregnant!

57. Coffee aversion

You love coffee! You drink it every morning! But now…? Nope, won’t be drinking that 🙁 Coffee aversion can be caused by general food aversions or your body’s intuition to stop drinking caffeine.

58. Leg cramps

Waking up to horrendous leg cramps can be a sign of pregnancy.

I got them so bad with each pregnancy but it wasn’t until my second one that I discovered magnesium supplements. Magnesium will help with muscle cramps- check with your doctor about taking a supplement!

59. Darkening of skin

If you’re noticing darker patches of skin on your cheeks, upper lip or nose- you may have melasma. This is called “pregnancy mask” and it’s cause by… you guessed it! Hormones.

60. Strong smelling pee

Are you wrinkling your nose after peeing? The stronger smell can be caused by the extra hCG hormone in your urine. It can also be because of your newly heightened sense of smell!

61. Excess sweating

If you’re getting embarrassingly sweaty and you normally don’t- you may be pregnant. Hormones and high blood pressure at the beginning of pregnancy can cause you to heat up and sweat!

70 early pregnancy signs

62. Brittle nails

Nails chipping and feel brittle? Web MD states that “Changes in nails. Nails may become brittle and may chip more easily during pregnancy. Or, in some cases, they can become stronger. It is not clear why this happens.”

63. UTI

If you’re heading to the bathroom a lot and are thinking it’s another dang urinary tract infection- it might actually be pregnancy. Early pregnancy symptoms can look a lot like a UTI.

Only one way to find out 😉

64. Heavy feeling in stomach

Does your tummy feel full and heavy? It could be from the hormone progesterone which causes bloating and a full feeling- it could be pregnancy!

65. Shivering

If you think you might be pregnant and find yourself shivering in situations you normally wouldn’t be, it could be a sign.

All the extra hormones pumping through your body can cause you to shiver or feel cold.

66. Round ligament pain

Round ligament pain can happen as early as 14 weeks.

It happens because the 2 ligaments that support your growing belly can get tight as your baby grows and cause sharp, stabbing pains if moved too fast.

I had RLP with all 3 pregnancies and just had to take it easy after a certain point.

67. False period

If you had some spotting that seemed like it could have been a period but then stopped, you probably had implantation bleeding.

This is when the egg attaches to the uterine wall. The blood will be pink or brown, not red.

Here’s the difference between implantation bleeding and your period:

68. Extra body hair

Are the hairs below your bellow button looking a little darker? It may be because of the extra estrogen spike from pregnancy!

69. Lightning crotch

This is a sharp shooting pain in your pelvic area.

It’s usually experienced later in pregnancy as a result of baby’s head pushing down but sometimes it can be caused by stimulation of nerve endings in the cervix and vagina.

70. BFP!!!!

This is the most real sign of all! It wasn’t until I was actually trying to conceiving that I learned about the secret underworld of BFP (big fat positive), TTC (trying to conceive) and DPO (days past ovulation.)

Don’t waste your money on the expensive drug store tests- you can order Wondfo test strips from Amazon(which are the same type of strips in the expensive tests) or head to the Dollar Store and get a few tests for a dollar each.

There is also such a thing as a faint positive… if you’re obsessive, like me, you may be searching for that faint line on the test. Be weary of “evap lines.”

This is where you leave the test and the moisture evaporates, leaving a faint line behind.

I never experienced that but a lot of women mention them on forums going over symptoms and photos of tests.

I got very positives with my last two pregnancies very early. My son, I could see a line at 9 or 10 DPO and with my daughter I could see one at 8 DPO.

Common Pregnancy Symptoms Timeline- First Trimester

TimelineSigns & Symptoms
Week 1-4Mild cramping and spotting, sore breasts
Week 2Ovulation, slippery discharge
Week 3Implantation bleeding and cramping
Week 4Fatigue, constipation, bloating, mood swings
Week 5Mood swings, sore breasts, fatigue
Week 6Morning sickness may start, heightened sense of smell, food cravings and aversions
Week 7Frequent urination
Week 8Nausea, breast tenderness, fatigue, frequent urination, mood swings, extra saliva, high blood pressure
Week 9Fatigue, heartburn, constipation, excess gas
Week 10Pregnancy glow, breast and nipple changes
Week 11Acne, weight gain, round ligament pain
Week 12End of the first trimester, beginning of dizzy spells from low blood pressure

How soon can you get symptoms of pregnancy?

It really depends on the woman or pregnancy. The biggest tell tale sign that you’re pregnant is a missed period.

If you want to go a bit deeper though, we need to start at the beginning of conception. If you have indeed conceived, you can expect implantation to happen to happen 6-12 days after ovulation or 8-9 days after conception.

Some women can feel implantation while others won’t notice. I noticed with 2 out of 3 babies- there was an intense stabbing sensation with mild cramps.

With my 3rd baby, I had a CRAZY feeling that I was pregnant immediately. Don’t ask why, don’t ask how. Within a few days of conception I was experiencing a heightened sense of smell, horrible gas and a strong craving for chocolate.

My husband thought I was nuts when I told him but I got a faint positive at 8 days past ovulation. It was wild!

How can I tell if Im pregnant after 1 week?

Pregnancy can be confusing. When you are 1 week pregnant, you haven’t even conceived yet. Conception happens at week 2, sometime during or after ovulation.

If you’ve conceived, the earliest signs you might notice are implantation pain, implantation bleeding, tender or sore breasts and other PMS type symptoms.

Can early pregnancy feel like period?

Yes. Early pregnancy can feel almost exactly like you’re getting your period. You may feel bloated, cramps, gassy.

What color is your urine when you are pregnant?

Your urine can change to a darker shade of yellow than you might be used to if you’re pregnant. This can be because of diet changes, hydration levels or a UTI. Always see your doctor if you’re concerned.

How do you know you’re pregnant without taking a test?

If your experiencing any or most of the usual pregnancy signs: missed period, implantation bleeding or pain, sore breasts, nausea, heightened sense of smell, sensitive gums or fatigue then you may be pregnant.

The only way to know for SURE is to take a test.

If you are getting a negative result and you are SURE you’re pregnant- ask your doctor for a blood test. I had a FALSE NEGATIVE at my DOCTORS OFFICE with a pee test!!

She looked at my like I was crazy when I told her it was wrong. I got a blood test and sure enough- pregnant. Blood tests are way more accurate and can tell you earlier.

What is usually the very first sign of pregnancy?

It depends on the person/pregnancy. Bloating, nausea, sore breasts and implantation bleeding/cramps are all common first symptoms. Your missed period is the biggest sign of all.

What are the 3 signs of pregnancy?

Missed period.

Tender, swollen breasts


What does 2 weeks pregnant feel like?

It’s surprising but 2 weeks pregnant is around the moment of conception. There may not be many signs at this time other than bloating, feeling weird or implantation signs.

Can a pregnancy test be positive at 1 week?

No, this is not possible simply because you can’t have conceived at 1 week. Conception happens at week 2. A positive pregnancy test is usually accurate 12-14 days past ovulation. Your body needs time to build up levels of hCG.

What were your early pregnancy symptoms before missed period?

Let us know in the comments below if you had any weird, early symptoms that other mommas would want to know about!

Good luck on your journey <3

Unheard of pregnancy symptoms

Zanobia klein

Thursday 13th of October 2022

Im having headaches tender breast and also nausea ...but had sex 2 weeks ago can i do a pregnancy test yet

Jenni Madsen

Saturday 29th of October 2022

It goes by DPO (days past ovulation). On a regular 28 day cycle, 14 DPO would be the morning of your next expected period. I have gotten faint positives as early as 11 DPO. Just depends. Take a test! Try one from the Dollar Store, they are cheap and effective.


Sunday 17th of October 2021

I have six children, and each pregnancy was a little different, but I did have some fairly regular symptoms. Most are listed here, but I also had a swollen gland in my armpit with the last two boys, before my missed period. It lasted for awhile into pregnancy, and then went away. Swollen crotch was another one. I don't think it happened every time, but right around the time of my missed period, everything gets a little larger down there. I get round ligament pain from sneezing, even extremely early in pregnancy, but that may have more to do with the number of babies I've had. This one is weird to me, but my chest smells different very early. Idk if it's actually collostrum, but I can smell it, and it drives me nuts trying to figure out where this "buttery" smell is coming from, until I realize it's from pregnancy. Sometimes my tonsils will swell, and often, my gums will too where my wisdom teeth are partially grown in. And brain fog is always an early symptom. I mix up words, lose my train of thought mid-sentence, get very forgetful, and am easily distracted... My best friend always knows I'm pregnant BECAUSE of the brain fog, so the science must be pretty poor to question that one ;)


Friday 9th of July 2021

I have been experiencing this for sometime now. Dry mouth, heartburn, cramps in my legs, sharp pain in my abdomen. Movements in my pelvic. My body temperature is always rising.And today I had my implantation. Light red spots . Still waiting for a missed period.

Esther chidimma nwabuzor

Monday 24th of May 2021

Am having lower abdominal pains n breast heaviness but an Sharp pains at my lower back my stomach fell Fuller ,n heavier ,mood swings tooth ache headache but still confused if turly am pregnant


Saturday 15th of May 2021

I’m not sure exactly but I am having some weird changes like fainting dizziness headaches legs and arms go numb even my face starts tingling shortness of breath sharp stabbing pain in my abdomen I’m spotting pinkish my breasts are sore and tender when I lay on my sides I get sharp pressure pains in my stomach but I believe I’m only two weeks from what I’ve been reading I’m in the process of implantation bleeding now