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43 Easy No Bake Halloween Treats

Ever wished you could whip up Halloween treats quicker than a witch’s spell? Your wish is granted! This guide to 43 easy no-bake Halloween treats is perfect for everyone who wants to celebrate in style without breaking a sweat. We’ve got a big list of eerie and adorable snacks that require zero baking skills—perfect for last-minute party planners or busy parents. From ghostly goodies to monstrous munchies, these recipes will cast a spell, they are full of Halloween spirit!

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Halloween Chocolate Bark

Melting candy melts and chocolate is the only “work” you need to do to make this incredible chocolate bark for Halloween.

Gluten Free Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispie Treats

These thick pumpkin spice Rice Krispie bars are nut free, made with real pumpkin, making them a great Halloween school party snack!

Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats with Rolos

These cute pumpkin shaped Rice Krispie treats are a fun no bake option for Halloween! Decorated with Rolo candies and M&M’s they’re a fun and festive option that’s kid and adult approved!

Halloween Pretzels

So adorable and so many options with these Halloween pretzels. These can be dipped and decorated in no time!

Nutter Butter Ghosts

Just 3 ingredients is all that’s needed for these no bake Nutter Butter ghosts! Add a white chocolate coating and “eyes” for a spooky fun treat perfect for Halloween!

Halloween Twinkie Mummies

Easy Twinkie mummies are the perfect no bake Halloween treat. Putting them on sticks makes them simple to eat and are perfect for a spooky party.

Spider Specimen

These spiders are easy to throw together for parties or class treats. They are simply spooky — and delicious!

Oreo Bats

Oreo bats are perfect for making with your kids. They double as a craft and a treat.

Mummy Brownies

Mummy Halloween Brownies are the perfect spooky treat for your Halloween party table. Ready in about 5 minutes!

Ritz Cracker Spiders

These spooky Ritz cracker spiders are a fun and easy Halloween treat that are stuffed with peanut butter. Kids will love helping in the kitchen to make them.

Halloween Pumpkin Oranges

Halloween oranges are fun and easy special treat for parties, class parties or trick or treating if you would rather have a healthier option and candy alternative.

Halloween Fudge

Only three ingredients are needed to make this yummy and festive looking fudge. A perfect no bake treat this Halloween.

Easy Candy Apples 

Halloween candy apples are a sticky and delicious treat made with green apples or any kind of fresh apples you want, on popsicle sticks. Add a few spiders to make them extra spooky.

Oreo Eye Balls

Oreo eye balls are the perfect treat for your spooky Halloween party this year. These truffle Oreos are not only adorable but they are so delicious.

Healthy Candy Corn Bars

These 3 ingredient no bake treats are perfect when you need something fast! You can also make them for any holiday by swapping out the Jell-O for different flavors.

Doughnut Hole Monster Eyeballs

In just 15 minutes and only 4 ingredients you’ll have a perfect and spooky Halloween dessert.

No Churn Halloween Ice Cream

Heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk and white cake mix are all you need to make spooky ice cream. I love that you don’t actually have to have an ice cream maker.

Dirt Pudding Cups

So easy to put together with minimal ingredients. Your guests will love eating dirt this Halloween.

Halloween Charcuterie Board

A spread of store bought Halloween candies, meat, cheese, and veggies is all you need for this easy DIY Halloween charcuterie board.

Monster Rice Krispie Treats

Super cute and delicious, these monster Rice Krispie treats are a fun treat to serve for Halloween.

Healthy Dirt Pudding Cups

Make your own dirt pudding with avocados and a few other ingredients for these yummy and somewhat healthier no bake treats.

Halloween Popcorn Balls

A three ingredient no bake Halloween treat. Halloween popcorn balls are so versatile, dip them in white or dark chocolate and top them with any of your favorite toppings!

No Bake Cheesecake Pumpkin Truffles

These white chocolate covered pumpkin cheesecake truffles will melt in your mouth. They’re a delicious and easy to make Halloween treat everyone can enjoy.

No Bake Chocolate Swiss Roll Bat Cake

Use store bought Swiss Rolls to make these adorable bats that you can serve up as a simple no bake Halloween treat.

Halloween Muddy Buddies

This crunchy snack mix is loaded with peanut butter and chocolate and Halloween treats and colors mixed in. So fun for a party!

Marshmallow Popcorn Balls

Marshmallow popcorn balls are stuffed with Reese’s pieces and candy corn. The best salty sweet treat!

UBE Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

These Ube Halloween Rice Krispie Treats are easy to make and perfect for Halloween. The vibrant purple from the ube makes a great backdrop for festive sprinkles.

Frankenstein Smores 

You will love these Frankenstein Smores treats! It’s so easy to make and still no baking required!

Microwave Fudge

Microwave Fudge recipe is full of sprinkles and candy corn and is so easy to make! It only needs five ingredients and is the perfect simple treat for Halloween or Thanksgiving!

Frankenstein Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Frankenstein Rice Krispie treats are the perfect last-minute addition to your Halloween line-up – quick, simple, and made from just a few store-bought ingredients.

Ghost Marshmallows

These homemade ghost marshmallows are such a fun way to add a spooky twist to s’mores or a hot cup of cocoa. They are super cute and a fun way to jazz up your drink or can be eaten by themselves.

Halloween Snack Mix

Halloween snack mix is the perfect sweet and salty combo. Only takes about 5 minutes to put together!

Monster Popcorn Balls 

These fun Halloween Monster Popcorn Balls are a mix of melted buttery marshmallows and microwave popcorn. An easy to make snack that’s colorful, festive and tasty.

Hocus Pocus Milkshake

Serve up this bright and colorful Hocus Pocus Milkshake for your Hocus Pocus movie marathon. A great treat to go along with this family fun celebration.

Vampire Fang Cookies

Grab a package of your favorite sugar cookies or chocolate chip cookies and make these spooky Vampire Fang cookies! A fun treat and easy enough the kids can help in the kitchen.

Halloween Banana Ghosts 

Creative, healthy, and kid friendly. What more could you ask for in a Halloween treat! These Halloween Banana Ghosts are so cute.

Halloween Caramel Apple

A Halloween caramel apple is sure to be a hit for everyone. You will need a few items to make these, such as a candy thermometer, wax paper to catch excess caramel drip and of course the rest of the Halloween caramel ingredients.


Delicious ghosteroos packed with peanut butter, chocolate and butterscotch. Top them with little ghosts for the best kids’ Halloween treats.

Halloween Marshmallow Pops

these spooky marshmallow Halloween pops are easy to make and such a fun Halloween treat.

Mummy Rice Krispie Treats

This No-Bake Halloween Treat is a must-make! It’s easy and fun for kids of all ages to put together! Mummy Rice Krispies Treats are perfect for your Halloween bash or class parties.

No Bake Halloween Pumpkins

These No Bake Halloween Pumpkins are fun to make with kids and look adorable. They are made using wholesome, nutritious ingredients and taste as good as they look!

Halloween Candy Bombs

These Candy Bombs are so easy to make and even more fun to smash and eat!

Monster Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites

Your guests will be in for a surprise when they bite into these delicious monster pumpkin cheesecake bites when they see the bright orange of the pumpkin puree. A delicious and fun treat for a Halloween.

White Chocolate Halloween Oreo Bark 

For a Halloween treat so simple it’s scary, this White Chocolate Oreo Bark only takes 5 minutes and a microwave to prep. With a double layer of creamy white chocolate, holiday-themed Oreos, M&M’s, candy corn and sprinkles this bark is quintessential Halloween.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our list of 43 no bake Halloween treats. We can’t wait to see which ones you make!