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20 Super Festive Holiday Drinks for Kids

20 Super Festive Holiday Drinks for Kids

Serve up these super festive holiday drinks for kids all season long! These are a perfect way to add in a nice treat that is out of the ordinary. If you are hosting a Christmas party where there are adult beverages, these make for a nice menu so kids have something to choose from too! 

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Enjoy our list of the Best Festive Holiday Drinks for Kids!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Easy Wassail to Warm Your Holiday Gatherings

This drink is a non-alcoholic warm cider that is red in color and bursts with holiday flavors. You can even make it in the crockpot so there’s barely any work involved. 

The World’s Creamiest, Most Delicious Hot Chocolate (in a Slow Cooker!)

You can’t go through the winter without a warm cup of hot cocoa. This version is super creamy, made in the crock pot, and you can keep it warm all day. It’s great for parties or cold snow days. Top it out with a dollop of whipped cream or some mini marshmallows. 

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Halloween Witch’s Brew Punch

All you need for this festive drink is Fanta, ice, and gummy worms! It’s so simple to make but kids sure do love it! If you are serving it at parties, stick some festive paper straws in for more color! 

Monster Milk

Kids will love making not so spooky monster milk! This idea is super creative, she makes the eyes out of marshmallows and black food dye. You can use other food coloring to die the milk different colors. 

Grinch Punch

Planning to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas? How can you do that without a glass of grinch punch! You will dye Sprite using green food coloring, then rim the glasses with red salt. If you wanted you could also use coarse sugar. So simple to make and you probably already have these ingredients on hand. 

Sober Santa Christmas Punch (Non-Alcoholic)

When you combine cranberry juice with grapefruit juice you get this tangy holiday combo. Rim the glass with salt or sugar and add a couple of ice cubes, and you have an easy kid friendly mocktail! 

Sparkling Fruit Punch Recipe

This fruit punch has an orangey red look, but tastes kind of tropical so you could actually serve it year round! Add some garnishes on the edge like orange or pineapple slices for an even more festive look. 

Cranberry Lime Mocktails

Use Bubly water, cranberry juice, and simple syrup to make this sweet and tangy drink. You can even add a few cranberries to float on top! It’s the perfect mix of juice and carbonation. 

4-Ingredient Lava Flow Mocktail Recipe

Even though the lava flow combines pineapple and coconut flavors, which make you think of summer; the color is candy cane red! It’s also a great way to use up frozen strawberries if you find yourself with an abundance. Easy to make and pretty to watch as it swirls when you pour.

Purple People Eater Drink

This drink is extra cute with the beautiful purple color and big eyeball on the outside. If you haven’t seen these, it will surprise you to see that there is a cake pop ice cream cone sticking out of the top. The purple flavor comes from the black raspberry ice cream, so think of this one almost like a float. 

3-Ingredient Grinch Punch Mocktail Recipe

Here’s another version of the famous Grinch punch. This one is layered with bright Green Berry Rush Hawaiian punch, whipped cream, and topped with a scoop of raspberry sherbet! This really makes me think of Cindy Lou Who! 

Candy Cane Punch

Despite the name of this kiddy drink, we aren’t talking about peppermints! This reminds me of a science experiment so you know the little ones will love making it! You fill a glass with 7Up soda and add a flavored candy cane to the glass and watch it change colors! 

Rainbow Sherbert Punch

You’ll need Hawaiian Fruit Punch, lemon lime soda, frozen limeade, and rainbow sherbert to create this colorful drink. It’s so easy to make, so perfect if you need something for a last minute party – just combine all of the ingredients! 

Cotton Candy Mocktail

2 ingredient cotton candy drinks are great to celebrate the New Year! They are bright, fizzy, and each glass is rimmed with pink sugar!

Homemade Eggnog

Would it even be right if we didn’t include this winter favorite! It’s thick, creamy, and made with pantry staples – so you probably don’t even need to run to the store! Top with whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon!

Santa’s Hat Shirley Temple

When you make these in a fancy glass they look so cute! Each drink is bright red and topped with a cherry. A candy cane hangs off the side of the rim, that is coated in coconut which looks exactly like the fringe on Santa’s hat! 

Mint Hot Chocolate

If your kids love mint chocolate chip ice cream, they will love this even more! It’s a light green cocoa with a hint of mint, topped with whipped cream, and mini chocolate chips! 

Creamy White Christmas Punch

Even though this is a thick and creamy drink, when you top the whipped cream with festive sprinkles, it has a whole new vibe! The key ingredients are ice cream and 7Up. Simply add everything to a large punch bowl and you are ready to serve! 

Disney’s Frozen White Hot Chocolate

Have Ana and Elsa fans? Then this holiday drink is the one you want to make! It’s bright blue just as you suspected, topped with whipped cream and snowflake sprinkles. These would definitely make a good party drink!

Creamy Apple Mock-Tini

Use your leftover eggnog to make this creamy green drink! For a milder version, you can swap the eggnog for vanilla ice cream inside. Rim it with red sugar and toss in a cherry! 

These festive holiday drinks are delicious and so simple to make! Every kid can enjoy them through the holidays and some are so easy they can make themselves! There are even a few that may be the talk of the party because of the presentation! 


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