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17 Pirate Crafts for Toddlers

Shiver me timbers with these amazing but simple pirate crafts for toddlers! It doesn’t matter if you are teaching about pirates or celebrating National Pirate Day, there is something for everyone on this big list of crafts. 

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If your little treasure hunter loves all things pirates, you will be able to keep them busy for hours with these easy craft ideas!

Enjoy our list of the Best Pirate Craft Ideas for Toddlers!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Free Printable Pirate Headband For Kids

Your little one can’t dress up like a pirate without a hat! Use the free printable and let them decorate and color it. Once they are done, just glue it together and they are ready for imaginative play. 

Handprint Pirate Craft For Kids

These little pirates are so adorable and require minimal supplies. Swap the googley eyes for a hand-drawn face if you don’t have any on hand. The tutorial uses traditional pirate colors, but you could let your toddler choose their own color scheme

Toilet Paper Roll Pirate Craft for Kids

All pirate fans will love working with toilet paper rolls to make their own version. Some of the pieces are a little small and intricate so you may need to help them line these up to glue. Once they are finished they can display them in their rooms!

Paper Bag Pirate Puppet

Arrgh matey! It’s time for a puppet show with this cute but ornery pirate shipmate! I like that the craft is made with felt, but if you don’t have any on hand you could always use construction paper instead.  

What Will Be In Your Treasure Chest

Go on a quest for pirate booty by making these cute little chests. You may need to make a run to the store, but they are adorable. The see-through portion is made from contact paper, then you fill the inside with glitter, feathers, sequins, or whatever you little likes! 

Super Colorful Paper Plate Parrot Craft Idea

A pirate can be without his parrot! Use streamers or yarn for the lower tail feathers, and have the kids decorate the body with paint, markers, or tissue paper. You can glue all of the pieces together, or use a stapler. 

Popsicle Stick Pirate Flags

Create your own flags by using popsicle sticks and paint! These are very simple to make but kids love it! You can use a piece of craft foam for the skull and crossbones, or make one out of paper. 

Cute Round Pirate Craft

These are not so scary looking pirates, and they are actually kind of cute. Use cardboard, paper, or wooden circles for the body, then make the rest of the decorations from craft foam or paper. To help out toddlers, I would recommend pre-cutting the pieces for them so they can glue by themselves. 

Rocking Paper Plate Pirate Boat Craft

The little ones can make their own pirate ships by using a little paint, paper plates, and construction paper. This is another fast and easy craft, so if you have time, pair it with something else from this list. 

Wood Spoon Pirates

These would be perfect when you are hosting a pirate party! The instructions say to use wooden spoons, but you could also use plastic. If you go with the plastic options, you may have to use acrylic paint instead of markers so the design doesn’t wipe off easily. 

Pirate Telescope

Search for treasure using this DIY telescope! The base is created from a paper towel roll, which we all have laying around the house. Let the kids choose how they want to decorate it. You can add pom poms, jewels, glitter, and even pirate-themed stickers. 

Five Little Pirates Pirate Craft and Printable

Talking about hours of playtime! Once you have the pirates cut out, the little ones can color or paint them. Then they can use them as finger puppets to play. There’s also a cute little rhyme that goes along with it. 

Cute Paper Bowl Pirate Craft

These may take a little more time to make, but they are definitely worth it. You can get feedback from your kids to see what kind of faces the pirates should have and help them draw those on. The hair is made from yarn, and outside of that, you will need the bowls, a little paint, and the template cut-outs.

Perfect Parakeets

These toilet paper parrots are made from toilet paper rolls, paper, and feathers. What I love most about this toddler craft is how they used a pipe cleaner to go through the bottom so they actually stay on their wrist when playing! 

Easy Handprint Pirate Art for Kids

With a handprint and a little paint, you can make a pirate in less than 15 minutes! This is quick and easy, perfect to celebrate pirate day especially when you need something that is last minute. The face is drawn on with a marker, but you could also cut it from paper as well. 

A Swashbuckling Build A Pirate Craft

Cut out the template for the little ones and watch as they build their own pirate! There’s a colored and black and white version. To add their own color, print the black and white template then let them use crayons or markers. 

Pool Noodle Boats

So these are super cool and actually float! The instructions use paper straws to hold the flag, but if you wanted them to able to play with them in the tub more than once, you could use plastic straws. The flags are made from craft foam and you can make a ton with only using half of a pool noodle. 

Next time you host a pirate party or celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day, you won’t need any other toddler craft ideas because we have you covered with this big list! You can also incorporate these when they are learning about the ocean. Spilt the week up so you can talk about pirates multiple days and they have a chance to make several crafts that go along with each other. Such as a parrot, a pirate, and something treasure-related. 

Once you are done with crafts, you could also make your own treasure map and play hide and seek around the house. Draw the map, hide the crafts, then help the little ones find their projects.


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