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50+ Odd Baby Girl Names

If you find yourself blessed with a baby girl, you may also find yourself challenged with choosing a name that is not used often and is different, thus looking for an odd baby girl name. Not everyone wants to choose a traditional name when naming their child, and some people choose odd and unusual names simply because they don’t want their child to have the same name as a classmate. 

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When choosing a non-traditional name, you may find yourself dealing with opinions and judgements from others, as well as suggestions from other people so it is important to choose a name that you and your partner will cherish. It is essential that you don’t let others influence the choice of your child’s name as otherwise you may later be regretful.

Some parents like choosing unique names, however odd names take it just one step further as an odd name can affect the identity of a person. The word odd often means unique, eccentric or peculiar. Odd girl names are unusual and uncommon so they are often judged at first, however they can also be beautiful choices to name a daughter. 

I have researched and came up with a selection of 50 of the best Odd Girl Names and found out their meanings to help you make your decision. 

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Most Peculiar and Eccentric Girls Names


Axelle is a name of French origin and can be used for both girls and boys. The name’s meaning actually has more of a masculine tone as it means “father of peace”. The name has a strong presence as it is known as being the “source of all life”.


Couture is a name of French Origin. The meaning of the name comes from the occupational name for a tailor in olden days as they would consure (sew together). It also has a latin meaning of being a small garden. It is a popular name that now refers to high end French fashion.


Fantasia is a name of Greek Origin. This unique name makes reference to Disney’s Fantasia and means to use your imagination.  In Spain the name means fantasy.


Noe has many different origins: Dutch, English, French, German. It was once a popular surname that has transitioned to be used as a rare female name meaning “rest or reset”. Noe has been used more commonly for boys than girls in the past.


Aneira has Welsh origin. This airy name refers to wintery snow. This name is rare and has only begun being used in the twentieth century. It is also said to mean gold. 


Clover is a name of British origin and is very common in the Spring for babies born around St.Patricks day. The name means meadow flower and refers to the four leaf clover found in small meadows.


Emerald is a name of English origin. Emerald refers to the precious green gemstone that is often a precious treasure. Being in the possession of an Emerald is said to impart love. 


Haisley is a name of English Origin. Haisley dates back to the 12th century and was a surname for people who lived near a Hazel tree. It is now a first name and the meaning still refers to the Hazel tree.


Zosia is a name of Polish Origin. This feminine name refers to being wise, being talented, and acquiring skills to demonstrate their intellectual strengths. Can also be written as Zofia and is very rare in North America.


Libertree is a name of English Origin. This female name means freedom and is a strong powerful name and is a twist on the name Liberty.


Mackinley is a name of Gaelic Origin. This name was originally used for boys as it means “son of the warrior”, however it has begun to be used as a girls name in which the meaning is “learned ruler”.


Hadleigh is a name of British Origin. This beautiful yet odd name is a combination of the names heath and leah which refers to a clearing where heather grows, and has a traditional name origin of Hadley but has been twisted to be unique.


Lark is a name of British origin. This femine name refers to the songbird called the Lark that is playful and friendly. Lark can also refer to being energetic as pulling a lark in Britain means to be mischievous or pulling a prank.


Violina is a name of English origin. The name refers to being smart, strong in logic, and being of an active nature. Violina is a very gentle and soft name.


Sadako has a Japanese or Asian origin. The feminine name means “proper child”. Known as being a child of integrity, the name Sadako refers to the story of Sadako and the thousand paper cranes that have been known as being peaceful.


Rainbow has no known origin. This hippie name simply refers to the rainbow and being colorful in presence.


Kailani is a name of Hawaiian origin. The name means “sea and sky”, and refers to the tropical paradise of Hawaii.


Peony is a name of Latin origin. The name refers to the peony flower that is known for healing.


Tierra is a name of Latin origin. This femine name translates to meaning “earth”, that is fresh and untouched. 


Calliope is a name of Greek origin. This beautiful girl’s name has a historical significance as it is the name of a muse in poetry. The name means beautiful voice.


Raewyn has Welsh Origin. It is a combination of Rae and Wynn and means to have great strength.


Helena has a Greek origin and is a combination of the names Helen and Elenor. Helena does have a biblical reference to Saint Helena who found a piece of the cross that Jesus was crucified on when she traveled to Juraseleum. Helena means “shining light”. 


Gianna has an English and Italian origin. This feminine name is known for meaning “god is gracious” and is a name that is becoming more popular in the last 10 years but is still fairly unusual. It was often used as a nickname in Italy but has now transitioned to being a first name.


Sagittarius has a Latin and Greek origin and is the name of an astrological sign. The name references the Greek creature that was half-centaur and half-man and known as being the archer. It is a name that provokes the feeling of strength.


Tacita has a Latin origin and is a name from Roman mythology . Tacita means “goddess of silence”. This is the feminine version of Tatitus which can be used for boys. 


Yaritza has an Arabic origin and is a variation of the name Yara. The name means butterfly in many Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. While in Brazil it is a Christian name meaning “water lady”.


Patience is an English name that was created by the Puritans centuries ago. The name means to be enduring or forbearing. It is a fairly rare name for girls.


Xarissa has both a Latin and Greek Origin. It is a combination of the names Larissa and Xara and means to be bright, famous and have grace. 


Idalis has both a German and Spanish Origin. In the latin culture, the name is a combination of Ida and Elissa, while its German origin is originally from the name Ida and means to be strong and hard working.


Pacifica has a Latin Origin. The name means to be a tranquil peacemaker. It is the feminine version of Pacificus. 


Gaelle has a French Origin. The meaning of the name is ‘name of celtic or gaelic people”. It also means “to be blessed and generous”. 


Daleyza is a name of Spanish origin. Daleyza is a young, trendy name that means delightful. The name is said to be inspired by the Spanish name Delicio. 

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Benefits Of Odd and Unusual Baby Names

You want to make sure you really research the meaning behind the odd names you choose to make sure it isn’t something that a child will be teased for in future years. Some parents go as far as creating their own new names combining places and people of significance to create the name. 

Join the trend of picking a rare baby girl name to ensure that your child has a unique name that is not a duplicate in group settings. Often odd names are simply just a twist on a traditional name and are a change in the way the name is spelt making it more unique. 

So while Unique Baby Girl names can be unique you want to make sure it is still a name that you will love forever and that the name isn’t too weird!

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