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22 Printable Father’s Day Crafts and Cards For Kids of All Ages!

Father’s day will be here soon and kids love making homemade cards to show their Dad just how awesome they think they are. Here are some printable Father’s Day crafts and cards for kids of all ages to use and show their love!

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Enjoy our list of the Best Printable Father’s Day Craft Ideas for Toddlers!

Printable Father’s Day Coupons

Gift dad a book of coupons for Father’s Day- all you need to do is print, cut and put together!

My Dad Rocks Paperweight

Looking for a gift that your older kids can make for dad that he can keep on his desk at work or his dresser at home? Then check out these “my dad rocks” paperweights. All you need are some permanent markers, rocks, and Washi tape, and then let their creativity do the rest! 

Make dad a whole family of personalized paperweight rocks for a fun Father's Day craft and useful gift with our my dad rocks craft!

Father’s Day Dad Lib Printable

Is Dad a jokester always looking for a way to make the kids laugh? Then you need this Father’s day Dad libs printable! Fun for the kids to fill out, and even funnier for Dad to read out loud on Father’s day! 

Father's Day Printable Fun Dad Libs - print out these fun Dad-Libs for your kids to fill in and give do Dad and Grandpa for Father's Day! { }

Super Dad Father’s Day Craft

All you need for this cute Father’s day craft is some cardstock, markers, the printable template, and Dad’s favorite candy bar! Your kids will love coloring and putting together this super dad craft!

Best Dad Printable Coloring Sheet

This best dad coloring sheet is a cute and easy project that you can print and have your kids color and fill out (or help them fill out) and give it to their dad on Father’s Day. These kinds of gifts are priceless because they are so much fun to go back and read as the kids grow up. 

Father’s Day Finger Painting

Print out some of these cute templates and let your kids fill them in with finger paint.

Printable Father’s Day Toolbox

This adorable printable Father’s day toolbox is perfect for kids of all ages to show their love and appreciation for dad. All you need is the printed template and some cardstock or white paper to print it on and have the kids get to work building the perfect toolbox for dad. 

Looking for a super cute, but quick and easy fathers day craft? You will love this printable fathers day craft for toddler, preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd graders. This father's day toolbox craft is such a fun homemade fathers day gifts for kids can make for their Daddy to celebrate Father's Day on June 21st. Simply print the Fathers Day Craft for Kids free template, cute, color, fill in and present your gift to Dad filled with sweet memories.

Printable Daddy Ties

These printable Daddy ties are cute and easy to make. Simply print out the ties and then have your kids fill out the rest, or help them if necessary. Dad will love reading the kid’s responses about him and all of the things they love about him. 

Printable Daddy Ties. Love these for Father's Day!

Father’s Day Candy Tie

This Father’s Day craft is a sweet treat for dad on Father’s day and the kids while they are making them! All you need for this candy tie is some cardstock, a clear sheet protector, candy, and a hot glue gun. Kids will need a little help with the hot glue portion of this project. 

The Best DIY Father's Day Card, A Fun Father's Day Candy Tie for kids to make for Dad, Create this Great craft idea for kids for The Perfect DIY Father's Day Card, Handmade Gifts are the best and everyone will love this sweet treat

Printable Father’s Day Fish Card

If Dad likes to fish then the kids might enjoy making him this printable Father’s day fish card! All you need to make this cute card is the printable fish template, card stock, some scissors, and a few markers. 

Father’s Day Goodie Bag 

These Father’s day goodie bags are easy to make and let you combine a homemade gift with some of dad’s favorite treats. You can put whatever you want inside like a new tie, or bottle of cologne, or just a bunch of his favorite candy! 

Printable Father’s Day Card Selection

If you are looking for a variety of printable Father’s day crafts for your kids then this is the link for you. Here you will find several different printable Father’s day cards that your kids can choose from to make for Dad. 

Grab one of these super cute printable fathers day cards to celebrate dad this year on Father's Day! There are lots of free printable fathers day cards to choose from to colour. From a funny mustache to a heart Dad mug, grilling dad to a Happy Fathers Day tie, and more! Use these printable fathers day cards to color with kids of all ages from toddler, preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd graders too. Simply download pdf file with Father's Day Card and you are ready to go!

Father’s Day Dad Glasses

Help your kids show dad just how cool they think he is with these printable Father’s day glasses! All you need is some cardstock to print the template on, some crayons or markers, and whatever your kids would like to decorate them with like pom poms, glitter, or sequins. 

Printable Father’s Day Portrait

Print out this cute frame for your kids to draw their version of dad! Super cute.

Dad You Rock Printable Card

If dad is a musician or a music lover then your kids might enjoy making this printable guitar “Dad you Rock” card. This card is super easy to make, all you need is the template, some construction paper, and some markers. 

'Dad You Rock Card' for Father’s Day with printable guitar template

Father’s Day Paint Craft

Kids of all ages will love this painted Father’s day craft. All you need is the printed Dad template, some paint, scissors, and paper. You can see here how this craft is easily customizable depending on the age of your children. 

Easy Father's Day Craft for Kids

Star Wars Printable Father’s Day Cards

Is dad a Star Wars fan? If so, then these printable Star Wars cards might be just what you are looking for this Father’s Day. Simply print them out and then have your kids write a sweet message about how awesome their dad is. 

Star Wars fathers day cards

Dad’s Token Tin 

This simple gift is one that dad is sure to love. All you need is a small tin, some cardstock, and these printable tokens that you can have the kids fill out with chores they will complete, back scratches, or hugs that they will give in exchange for a token from dad. 

Printable Father’s Day Donut Craft 

Younger kids will love this printable Father’s day donut craft, but older kids can make one too. All you need is the printable template, some cardstock, a picture of each child for the center of the donut, and some crayons or markers. 

These donut fathers day crafts for preschool are super cute and EASY to make!  This preschool fathers day crafts combines a free printable, your child's picture, and a clever donut you know I love you a hole bunch to melt Dad's heart! Such a cute fathers day craft for kids to make and give to dad on June 21st. Simply download pdf file with printable fathers day crafts and you are ready to celebrate Daddy with a fathers day crafts for toddlers, pre-k, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd graders.

Four Free Printable Father’s Day Cards

If you are simply looking for a printable Father’s day card for your kids to color and give to Dad then this is the place for you. All you need to do is print one of the four designs out and have your child color it for dad! 

Fathers Day

Handprint Father’s Day Grill Card

Is dad a grill master? If so, you might enjoy helping your kids make this cute Father’s day grill card. All you need is the printable template, and some card stock in black, orange, red, or yellow. Dad will love this personalized card! 

Handprint Father’s Day Grill Card main image.

Father’s Day Portrait 

This printable Father’s day portrait template is perfect for kids of all ages to make a portrait of dad. All you need is the printable template, some cardstock, and some crayons, paint, or markers. You could even frame their finished work to give to Dad. 

FREE printable craft for kids to make dad's portrait for Father's Day. Can be used in different ways, by drawing, coloring, making a collage or with playdough! Great for many different ages including toddlers and preschoolers!

Printable Father’s Day Coupon Book

Let the kids surprise dad this Father’s day with a printable coupon book. You can customize the coupons or use the premade set available. Let the kids color the coupons and the outside of the coupon book and you are all set for Dad’s special day! 

Father's Day Coupons printable

Now you have all of the amazing printable cards and crafts that you need to make this Father’s day a special one. Your kids will have a great time making these crafts and cards and dad will love their thoughtful efforts. 


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