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18 Camping Crafts for Toddlers

18 Camping Crafts for Toddlers

Toddlers love to go camping even if it’s just in the backyard or in a play tent set up in the living room. That’s why they will love completing some of these amazing camping crafts for toddlers!

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Here’s what it looks like:

Enjoy our list of the Best Camping Craft Ideas for Toddlers!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Foil Painted Campfire Craft

This foil-painted campfire craft is quick to set up and lots of fun for little hands to make.

All you need for this cute craft is some card stock, foil, and some red and yellow paint so that they can paint flames in the campfire. 

easy campfire craft for kids to make
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Pet Rocks

Making pet rocks is a creative and fun activity for kids of all ages, but it is perfect for toddlers too. All you need are some good-sized rocks, paint, paintbrushes, and googly eyes.

You can also add glitter or sequins if you would like to decorate them even more. 

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Marshmallow Painting

Nothing says camping like roasting marshmallows over a campfire, so why not let your toddler try painting with marshmallows? All you need are marshmallows, paint, and popsicle sticks or straws.

They will love this new experience, but you might need to have a few extra marshmallows for a snack!

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Tree Bark Rubbing

Trees are all around in the great outdoors, even if you are just camping in the backyard.

This simple toddler camping activity only requires some paper, some tape, a tree, and some old crayons with the paper removed. 

Tree Bark Rubbings
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Splat Painting Campfire

This is a really easy, but fun toddler camping craft activity. All you need is a paper plate, some red and yellow paint, some brown construction paper, and some glue.

Your toddler will love making this hands-on fire painting. 

paint splat campfire craft
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Popsicle Stick Smores

These adorable popsicle stick smores are the perfect camping-themed craft for toddlers. All you need for this craft is some popsicle sticks, paint, glue, and construction paper.

Your toddlers will love making these creative sweet treats! 

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Fine Motor Lantern Craft

Toddlers love having their own lantern for camping play and making this one helps them to practice their fine motor skills while they create.

All you need for this adorable lantern are cardstock, a hole punch, tape, scissors, and some battery-operated tea lights. 

Kids will love to make this fine motor lantern craft while working on fine motor skills like hand strength and scissor skills.
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Popsicle Stick Tent 

Your toddler will love making their own tent out of popsicle sticks with this simple craft. All you need are some scissors, construction paper, popsicle sticks, glue, craft paint, and brushes.

Your toddler will love putting their personal touch on this cute camping craft. 

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Bonfire Collage 

This adorable bonfire collage is a perfect art project for toddlers.

All you need is some cardstock, some tissue paper in red, orange, and yellow, glue, and construction paper to make your very own bonfire collage. 

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Torn Paper Mountains

Your toddler will love making mountains right at home with this easy craft. All you need to set up so that your toddler can make their mountains are a variety of scrapbook paper and some glue.

Now they can have a mountain range all of their own! 

Torn Paper Moutains - easy to do craft -
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Bandage Lightning Bugs

Toddlers love playing with band-aids even if they don’t actually have a boo-boo, so why not let them use some bandages to create these adorable bandage lightning bugs.

Have your toddler color a night scene on a piece of dark paper and then let them use the bandages to make lightning bugs, you can also use glow-in-the-dark bandages for this craft. 

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Nature Walking Stick 

Nature hikes are a popular activity when you are out camping so why not help your toddler to make their own nature walking stick? You can go on a nature hike to find the perfect stick and once they have completed their sticks you can go on another walk!

All you need is a stick, some paint, string, beads, and feathers for this camping craft. 

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DIY Camping Binoculars

Your toddlers will love having their very own set of camping binoculars. These binoculars are really easy to make and super cute too. All that you need are some empty toilet paper rolls, some scrapbook paper, paint or markers, and some hot glue.

They will need some help with the glue part, but after they are finished your toddlers will love taking them outside and playing with them. 

DIY Binoculars
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Nature Bracelet 

Toddlers love collecting treasures when they are walking outdoors so why not let them make an adorable nature bracelet so they can show off their finds?

These nature bracelets are super easy to make, all you need is some duct tape, some clear packing tape, a hole punch, some string, and whatever little treasures your toddler picks up in the great outdoors! 

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Paper Plate Camping Craft

Your toddler will love making this paper plate camping craft that they can change from day to night.

All you need for this craft is the template, paper plates, a fastener, some blue paint for the daytime scene, and black and white paint for the night sky.

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Glowing Campfire Craft 

This simple toddler-approved campfire craft is perfect for pretend play at home, or in the tent on your next camping trip.

All you need for this craft is a clear plastic cup, tissue paper in orange, yellow, and red, liquid glue, battery-operated tea lights, brown construction paper, a stick, and some cotton balls for pretend marshmallows. 

campfire pin
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Nature Suncatchers

Toddlers will love having a way to display all of the treasures that they find in the great outdoors with these nature suncatchers.

All you need for this simple camp craft is some clear contact paper, yarn, a hole punch, some paper plates, and all of the items that your toddler wants to display. Flowers, small rocks, sticks, and leaves are perfect for this craft. 

Use flowers and plants to make a DIY nature collage suncatcher!
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Toy Teepee

Your toddlers will love having these toy teepees so that their small toys can go on a camping trip too. These are perfect for imaginative play for toddlers and their toys. T

hey will need some help putting these teepees together but they can decorate them all on their own. You just need the template, some card stock, tape, scissors, kebab sticks, and crayons. 

How to make a toy teepee - free template
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These toddler-approved camping crafts are perfect for a camp-themed homeschool or preschool unit, or to help get your toddlers excited about an upcoming camping trip. You will both enjoy making all of these camp-inspired crafts together. 


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