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22 Fun and Easy New Years Crafts for Toddlers

New Year’s Eve is a special time to celebrate with loved ones, and it’s also a great opportunity to get creative with your kids. With these easy DIY New Year’s Eve crafts for toddlers, you can make festive decorations that are sure to bring in the new year in style!

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These fun, simple crafts will help your little one ring in the new year while making lasting memories with friends and family.

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Salt Art Fireworks

You can’t have a New Year’s celebration without fireworks and your toddler is sure to love these easy to make salt art fireworks.

You only need a few supplies for this one, and you probably already have them all in your art supplies and kitchen. 

Party Popper

DIY Confetti party poppers
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Help your toddler celebrate the new year by helping them make one of these DIY party poppers for hour’s worth of New Year’s fun!

This simple craft only takes a few supplies and they can make them as simple or elaborate as they like. Pro tip: use the pom pom balls inside instead of glitter for an easier clean up and lots of fun without it looking like a glitter bomb went off all over your house! 

Glittery New Year’s Ball Playdough 

We all love watching the sparkling ball drop on New Year’s Eve to ring in the new year, so why not let your toddler get in on some glittery fun too?

This super sparkly, easy to make glitter playdough ball will provide lots of creative fun for your toddler. 

DIY Party Blower 

Party blowers are always a big hit with toddlers at birthday party’s so why not help your toddler craft a do-it-yourself party blower for New Year’s Eve?

You already have everything you need for this quick craft at home and your toddler is sure to love it!

New Year’s Eve Party Hats

It’s not a party without a party hat, especially if you are a toddler. These New Year’s Eve party hats could not be any easier to make.

Simply print them off and get your crayons, pom poms, and glitter out. Your toddler will love that they were able to make their own party hat! 

Sparkling Ice Cubes

Your toddler guests, and even your grown-up ones, will love seeing their drinks for the evening sparkle and shine with these glittery ice cubes chilling their drinks.

You will need to pick up some edible glitter for this one, but your toddlers can still help you to make these. 

Handprint Firework Craft  

Paper Handprint Firework - Super Easy New Year's Eve Kid Craft
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This is a super easy handprint craft that your toddler will enjoy making for New Year’s and you already have all of the supplies you need on hand.

You might even want to save this handprint firework craft as a keepsake. 

Pipe Cleaner Bubble Wand

Is there anything that you can’t do with pipe cleaners these days? Take some colorful, and maybe even sparkly pipe cleaners and form them into shapes for bubble wands.

Once they are complete, set out a plate of bubble solution and let your toddlers blow their way into the new year! 

Glow Stick Hide and Seek

Glow Stick Hide and Seek: a fun, spooky halloween activity
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Here is a fun game to play with your favorite toddlers! Get a few glow sticks, turn the lights off in one room, and then take turns finding the glow sticks.

Glow stick hide and seek is an easy, and very fun way to keep your toddler entertained this New Year’s! 

Paper Plate Noisemaker 

Your toddler will love making and using these paper plate noise makers to help ring in the new year.

Just a few simple art supplies you probably already have and a little toddler creativity will have them making music in no time. 

Magic Star Wand

Every new year needs a little magic so help your toddler to create some with one of these magic star wands.

These wands are easy to make and will provide hours of magical entertainment for your little ones. 

Styrofoam Cup Fireworks

These styrofoam cup fireworks are very easy to make and a perfect craft for small hands.

You probably already have everything you need on hand for your toddler to make the colorful firework craft. 

New Year’s Dot Painting

Does your toddler love to paint with bingo markers? If so, then they may really enjoy these dot painting worksheets this New Year’s.

Make sure to print extras so they can make more than one! 

Pipe Cleaner Crowns

These pipe cleaner crowns are easy to make and fun to wear.

If you like you can even have your toddler bedazzle their crown with beads. They will love being the prince or princess of New Year’s! 

Paper Plate Countdown Clock

Your toddler will enjoy making one of these adorable paper plate countdown clocks.

These are easy to make with items you likely have on hand, and your toddler can help to countdown to the new year! 

Fingerprint Firework Craft 

Toddlers may be scared of loud fireworks outside, but they will have a great time making these colorful fingerprint fireworks indoors.

You already have everything you need for this toddler friendly New Year’s craft. 

Paint Fortune Cookies

Let your toddler paint some fortune cookies for a fun craft and edible snack.

They will love being able to decorate the cookies and being able to share a fun treat with the family. 

Tape Resist Painting

Toddlers will enjoy revealing the new year ahead with one of these colorful tape resist paintings.

This activity does call for the use of tempera paint sticks, but you could easily use whatever kid friendly paint that you have on hand at home. 

Popsicle Stick Party Hats

Popsicle Stick Party Hats - Kid Craft
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Maybe your toddler doesn’t like to wear party hats but would love to make one. If that’s the case then these popsicle stick party hats are the New Year’s craft for you.

If your toddler is too impatient to wait for the paint to dry, you can also have them color the popsicle sticks with markers. 

Upcycled Noise Makers 

Noise makers are always a hit with the toddler set, so there is no reason that you can’t make more than one kind.

These upcycled noise makers are easy for your toddler to make, and they will love ringing the new year in with them once they are done. 

Celebration Playdough

Help your toddler to ring in the new year with this easy to make celebration playdough! Fun to play with and filled with glitter and sequins to make it a unique celebration. 

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