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 13+ Easy Owl Crafts for Toddlers

Owls are one of the most interesting birds, they can rotate their necks at a maximum of 270 degrees with ease and with no pain. They also have binocular vision and are actually far-sighted. Owls are very charming animals, no wonder they are often featured in children’s books and shows.

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Have your toddlers started to really show admiration for an owl character or perhaps you have reached the letter O on the alphabet as you introduce them to letters, colors, and animals? Your kid probably even spotted an owl at night when looking out the window.

If that’s the case, these owl crafts for toddlers are fantastic activities you can work on with your child. From simple designs to ones that are a bit more complicated and require your assistance more.

Enjoy our list of the Best Owl Craft Ideas for Toddlers!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure for more details.

Snowy Owl Potato Masher

To make a snowy owl potato masher, you will have to prepare a few basic materials. This includes black, brown, and yellow construction paper, a round-shape potato masher, white washable children’s paint, scissors, glue, bowl or paper plates, and a white liquid chalk marker.

It’s best to start with cutting the shapes and creating the tree on the background paper. In the next step, your toddler can easily do it on their own. Simply pour the paint on the bowl, let your kid dip the masher in the bowl and leave a print on the background paper.

You will have to wait until the paint has dried before adding other parts of the owl. This craft is perfect to make during Halloween or quick afternoon activity.


Recycled Cardboard Owl

This design is so simple yet educational. Instead of throwing cardboard boxes, extra buttons, and old magazines, you can have fun with your toddler and make an owl out of it. Teach your child about recycling while being artistic.

Gather simple materials such as cardboard boxes, magazines, buttons, paint, glue, and a scissor. You can even get a string to make the owl fly afterwards. You only need to ensure that the body parts are glued together properly, after that, your child can be as creative and experimental as they want.


Handprint Owl

If you are looking for a really quick project to make, this craft is the right one. The materials are easy –  craft paper of different colors, glue, white paper, black marker, pencil, a scissor, and feathers. 

If you want extra features, you can make a tree trunk and branches out of a magazine or newspaper, brown paint, or simple brown paper. You can make the pretty owl sit on the branches.

Mark your toddler’s hand on the paper. After cutting the handprint, it’s time to add the eyes, beak, ears, and feathers. Let your kid name their owl and write it on their fingers.


Paper Plates Owl

This craft is just perfect for toddlers, it’s easy yet amusing to make. It also doesn’t require too many materials; some paper plates, buttons, construction papers in different colors (or foam craft), glue, fabric scraps or magazine pages.

While you cut the shapes needed, your child can paint the paper plate. Once that’s dry, you two can begin adding the parts such as eyes, beak, feet, and colorful wings.


Mixed Media Owls

Make a simple but really unique owl by preparing construction papers, newspaper, scissors, glue, markers or pencils, tempera paint, paintbrushes, egg cartons, twigs, and owl tracers.

This activity will really allow your kids to add multiple shapes and colors to the body of the owl. But you have to assist them in placing the eyes since it can be challenging to make sure it’s sturdy.


Flying Owl Craft Paper Plate

Owls don’t just sit on tree branches, they do love to fly as well. The next craft is a fun and quick design to make. With the help of paper plates, brown paint, a few colored construction papers, glue, black markers, a scissor, and a yarn – you are ready to start.

This should only take less than an hour to work on but you have to wait for the paint to dry. In the end, attaching the yarn will allow the owl to move its wings up and down, a really cool feature.


Soda Bottle Owl

Are you at the stage of teaching your toddler how to upcycle some items instead of throwing them? This project is a perfect sample of that. If you have soda bottles lying around, wash them off and dry them.

Then gather some materials like a craft knife, cardstock papers in different colors, printed scrapbook paper, scissors, tacky glue, a 2-inch circle punch, 1.5-inch scallop circle punch, and a pencil. 

Cut up bottles can be sharp, so as an adult, be in charge of that. The body parts might take a while to make but it’s so worth it. As a result, you will have an adorable owl that even has wings on its side.

Feel free to attach some string so your toddler can hang the owl as a decoration or make it fly.


Sponge Painted Owls

Make cute and colorful owls using printed templates, sponges, and paints. This is an exciting activity for children because they can make the owls as colorful as they want and positions the eyes in a charming or silly way.

Get some tempera paint (the more color variations, the better), dry and clean kitchen sponges, paper plates, construction paper in different colors, art paper or white cardstock, scissors, glue, and a printer.

Make sure to have plenty of sponges, dipping the same one in different color can really affect the craft’s overall outcome. 


Polymer Clay Owl Necklace

This owl craft is a little challenging but it’s super cute and your toddler can wear it too. Have polymer clay ready (various colors), polymer clay tools, a cutter (a cookie-cutter could work), jump rings, eye pins, jewellery cutter, and satin cords. 

Be safe when using pliers and other sharp tools. You should also let the clay cool as much as possible so the shapes and designs will stick.


Paper Cup Yarn Owl

This owl craft is perfect to make as a party material. They can be used as a party feature but can also be used as a proper drinking cup.

It only needs 8 items; colorful paper cups, rainbow yarn, craft feathers, buttons, white and yellow cardstock, sticky tape, and glue. You and your toddler should be able to make one cup in under 20 to 30 minutes, which means this can be an all-day project if you want to make multiple paper cup owls.


Snowy Paper Tube Owl

A fantastic and uncomplicated project to make, you only need to prepare materials such as toilet roll/tube roll, white paint and paintbrushes, white card, yellow card, scissors, googly eyes, and glue. 

Let your child get busy painting the toiler roll while you cut some parts like wings, a beak, and the face shape out of a paper. While waiting for the paint to dry, help your kid place the googly eyes and beak. When the tube roll is ready, it’s time to attach the other parts of your snowy paper tube owl.


Paper Pinecone Owl

Combine your toddler’s admiration for owls and pinecones with this charming paper pinecone owl. The materials it requires are inexpensive and easy to find. It also comes with a free printable which makes the craft much easier to make.

Get ready and assemble a  printer, brown cardstock paper, multi-colored card stock paper, pencil or pen, black marker, craft scissor, paper punches, and a glue stick.

The end product is much bigger than the other designs on this list which means it’s a nice piece of art to hang on the wall or add to the craft collection book. 


Owl Headband Costume

This is one of my favorite crafts on this list. If your toddler is eyeing a theme party related to birds or owls specifically, this is a great design to make. You and your toddler can make a few together and use them as party headbands instead of regular hats.

This requires fabric and sewing, so be mindful of that. If your toddler wants to use it for a party, the attendees can bring their headband with them home, it’s a great souvenir as well alongside party bags.


Shape Owl Paper Craft

This straightforward yet sweet craft is a great one to start with. The materials you will be needing are A3-sized black paper, various color of construction paper, gold or silver star stickers, scissors, glue, and a pencil.

You should spend time cutting the pieces first, and then your toddler can put them together using glue. In the last part, your child can place the stars anywhere they want and they can be very creative.



Owls might be hard to spot and if you live in a city, your toddler might not see one. But it doesn’t mean they can’t learn anything about them. While making these owl crafts with your toddler, you can even give some facts or practice how to spell the word “owl”.

Making crafts like this is not only about being creative and spending time together, you can make it enjoyable and educational too.


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